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2007-06-20, 04:54 PM
Where are the rules on scribing multiple spells onto a single scroll?

On the random magic item table you can have up to 6 spells on a single scroll so I was wondering if anyone knew where the rules on this were. I know all spells would have to have the same caster level as each scroll would be a single magic item but I was hoping to find the actual spelled-out rules for it.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-20, 05:12 PM
Er. It doesn't say that all scrolls you scribe have to actually be on seperate sheets of paper.

It's all fluff, really. Scrolls are re-usable, too; when they're used, the writing vanishes, but the paper stays where it is.

They wouldn't have to have the same caster level, really. You don't even have to treat them as the same item. It's just fluff.

2007-06-20, 05:34 PM
So long as your piece of paper is big enough, you could have as many as you wanted. However many on one piece of paper is most unwise, what with the fragility of scrolls and the ease with which they can be destroyed...a vindictive DM could have much fun destroying the scroll you made of all your 9th-level spells...leaving you a bit :smallannoyed: .

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-06-20, 06:16 PM
You just pay for each spell as if it were a separate scroll. No problem there.

I think Complete Arcane (or maybe it was the FAQ) has suggestions for how long it takes to find a specific spell on particularly long scrolls.

2007-06-20, 06:36 PM
The only thing you really need to remember about scribing scrolls is that you can't exceed 1000gp a day in a single sit while crafting items.

This means that theoretically, you could scribe 80 Cure Light Wounds spells in a single day (at a cost of 12.5 gold per scribe). I don't know if 80d8+80 healing for 1000 gold and 80 experience is worth it for you, but regardless.

I myself have always wondered if you can take some scissors and cut the scrolls up into separate spells...

- Eddie