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2016-03-25, 11:16 AM
I want to take the Healer feat on my character, but I have difficulty thinking about what it looks like when my character uses it. A single action doesn't seem like enough to make much of a difference IRL, but this is a fictional superhero surgeon we're talking about; this person clearly is not bound by the limits of his real-life counterparts.

So what do you think? What sort of things would a character with the Healer feat do to restore hit points, using nothing more than a single action and some medical supplies? We can assume that our character has taken as much time as needed to prepare or modify his medical kit, and that he his supernaturally skilled at medicine. Suggestions both silly and serious are welcome.

I'll kick us off with a few ideas:
-Rapidly tie a specially-treated cloth and ointments around a wound, such that the wound is totally closed, cleaned, and immediately recovering
-Strike a broken bone and apply wrappings with such brilliance and precision that it not only sets the bone, but renders it effectively good as new.
-Push a handful of needles simultaneously about a wound's opening, and rapidly tie their strings together in one quick motion to instantly stitch it up
-Insert an acupuncture needle or thin tube, thereby releasing the area from pressure (could be from bodily fluids, internal bleeding, new-agey negative spirit energy, or poison), which alleviates pain and preventing tissue damage
-Administer an painkiller or stimulant that enables the patient to ignore some of his pain

2016-03-25, 11:29 AM
Saint Seiya has martial artist acupuncture, using only your pointed fingers and an extensive knowledge of how your star constelation maps on your body. A well aimed jab can restart the heart, stop hemorragies, help cicatrisation and allow you to get from lethal comics injuries to full health in a matter of seconds. No anatomical knowledge is apparently required but using a healing skill would make a lot more sense than using your monk BAB.

Joe the Rat
2016-03-25, 12:16 PM
Seeing as 5th edition lets you pick a lock in 6 seconds...

I've got a mad scientist mad doctor healer - he uses a lot of injectibles. Since hitpoints aren't meat, you could be using your special stim patches, or a little some thing special in the syringe to keep on keeping on. For D&D5, you also get to use the adrenaline ampules or smelling salts for that stabilize to consciousness trick.

Quick-roping a pressure bandage. pinch, press, wind. You could go with the bandage unfurling in loops, which with quick motions and a pull suddenly tightens in place.

Did you know Sovereign Glue was originally invented to close wounds?

I really like the acupuncture/pressure idea. We just need to justify why you still need the kit.

2016-03-25, 12:32 PM
Clerics tend to faith heal. The cleric in my group simply says a small prayer to bolster the characters confidence and give them the impression they can continue on. A lot of battlefield healing is raising morale to let them struggle on.

2016-03-26, 05:41 AM
As a Bard, I fluffed it as a minor insult to reinvigorate the character. Bascically "this is what you can do? My Mother fought harder than that in retirement!" Or similiar.

2016-03-26, 09:33 AM
One word: Leeches.

2016-03-26, 09:39 AM
One word: Leeches.

I can see from here that you have TOO MUCH BLOOD! Let's get you covered in leeches!