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Orcus The Vile
2016-03-25, 02:15 PM
In this game you play as _______ a Quantum physicist in the Sun country, an emerging nation with the potential of becoming an extremely advanced society.

You try to advance your research at the University of St. Balder(USB for short) while dealing with the problems of your personal life.

March 1st

"You are in a fancy penthouse apartment, surrounded by the bodies of all you despise. You have a gun in your hands, as you put it in againts your head and pull the trigger you hear a weird sound"

*Alarm-clock sound*

"You wake-up, as you look at the clock you notice it is 5:00 AM. Today is the great day, you have finished your machine at your personal lab and you can't wait to test it, but you need to go to work first. What should you do?"


-Name of the character

-Have breakfest at home.
-Go to a coffe shop.

-Skip work and go to your personal lab.
-Go to the University of St. Balder.
-Skip work and go to the park.
-Skip work and go to the museum.
-Skip work and stay browsing the web.

2016-03-25, 04:11 PM
1. Andrew Hecate
2. Go to a coffee shop
3. Go to the University of St Balder

2016-03-26, 01:40 AM
1. Joanne Newton
2. Have breakfast at home
3. Go to the university of St barber

Orcus The Vile
2016-03-26, 11:27 AM
1. Andrew Hecate
2. Go to a coffee shop
3. Go to the University of St Balder

Andrew decides not to skip work, after all you still need to pay rent.
You also decide not to have breakfast at home, it’s been a while since you had social interactions and perhaps talking to people would be a good idea.

After wasting sometime lying down trying to find enough courage to get out of your bed, you go to your bathroom, take a bath, brush your teeth, change cloths and look at the mirror, the mirror was a gift from your father, you and mother have always loved antique furniture, but your father engraved in the mirror frame the phrase, “Mens sana in corpore sano” Latin for "A healthy mind in a healthy body". Now it serves as a constant reminder that you hate physical exercise and your sedentary lifestyle will be your doom.

After getting dressed you exit your apartment. You live in the downtown region of the city called, Saint Balder, the largest and richest city of the sun country that despite the name is not sunny at all, but suffers constant thunderstorms.

The city is a huge metropolis, the area that you live used to be a place of luxury and economic development. The buildings have many styles and mix the Art deco, art nouveau and gothic architecture styles, but are now frail and pale shadows of their former selves, being mostly in ruins and terribly conserved.

The downtown region is now a dangerous place home of the unwanted and the miserable, with all the wealthy and influential moving to other regions of the city leaving many buildings abandoned. But despite being a depressing caricature of what it used to be you believe the place still has a special charm… And lower rents.

Your apartment is an old building with three classical statues of muscular men with animal faces holding the supporting pillars, the building next to it is abandoned and was taken by a group of homeless people, and they painted the walls with extremely psychedelic and colorful urban style art works. You feel like you are living inside an art gallery.

You plan to go to your Alicia’s café, she is your only real friend in the city, she bought the building form her grandmother and has transformed the place in a trendy coffee shop, using antique furniture mixed with pop art and modern machines. It is your second favorite coffee shop, losing only to the rabbit hole an Alice in the wonderland thematic restaurant.

As you walk through the alleys and streets you decide to stop by the newsstand near your destiny to buy something to read while you have breakfast.

Next to it there is a couple, they are in a terrible state, smelling and dressed in rags. They are victims of the new drug that has been popularized in the underworld and nightlife of the city. It’s called “satyr” by the media. This new drug has been said to be extremely addictive and that it turns the user into a zombie like creature that walks around aimless not quite alive but not completely dead.


1- What to buy in the newsstand?
2- Talk to the satyr addicts or go directly to Alicia's café?

OOC: Since we are at the beginning the first one to post will be the one to go, if more people start to post we can have the democratic way of the majority wins.

2016-03-26, 03:31 PM
1. Buy a newspaper, something with an interesting headline.
2. Go directly to Alicia's cafe.

2016-03-26, 07:28 PM
1) Buy a newspaper.
2) Investigate the interesting thing i.e. talk to the Satyr addicts.


Brian P.

2016-03-26, 09:29 PM
1. Buy a newspaper with an interesting title

2. Go directly to Alicia's cafe
What's there to talk about with drug addicts?

Orcus The Vile
2016-03-30, 07:25 PM
There are many types of newspaper in the city, most are extremely conservative others are more liberal, you pick one that is in the middle, most of the news are satirical and you love the comic strips.

You don’t talk to the addicts. They would not be able to answer anyway, it is like they look thought you. You know a bakery that serves food for the homeless but you guess it was pointless taking them there.

As you walk down the streets of the downtown region you notice that the day is quite nice and sunny for a day in St. Balder. The sky is blue, birds are flying and what is that? The shadow of a colorful aircraft passes thought. You remember hearing the news that some businessmen decided to use blimps and airships as an alternative means of transportation.

The traffic jam in this city is considered by many as the worst traffic in the world; the rich can use helicopters to go from place to place, but getting around town by cars and public transportation is a long a tedious task.

The pollution caused by the cars stuck in the traffic sometimes is so great that turns the sky grey even when the frequent storm clouds are away. The water is not safe either the rivers, once hold secreted by the native indigenous people are now filled with chemical pollution and trash.


As you arrive at Alicia’s café you notice that Rebecca, another professor from the university is about to enter the place. She is a doctor in archeology and one of the few fellow humans that you don’t find boring, quite the opposite you love her voice and ideas, she is quite interesting… Too bad you don’t really know how to start an interesting conversation with her.

She enter the place, after a few minutes you decide to go in as well, she is using her phone and end up tripping and falling over. As she gets up she looking extremely embarrassed.

The café looks really nice, it has some phonographs playing remixed classical music, old furniture and art work frames with pop art textures and paintings. The building is lit by many round glass lamps and filled with art deco golden metal work in the stairs and walls.

There is a room between the bathrooms called “Deutsch room” it was your idea. The room is filled with mirrors on all the four walls generating an infinite number of reflections, a popular place for selfies.

You also notice next to the window another professor from the university, Pavel, he is a doctor in psychology, not the classical Freudian “you wanted to sleep with your mother” type but a Behaviorist, the kind that put rats in boxes and gives it water every time it presses a bar and an electric shock every time it doesn’t, it may considered more scientific but you still don’t get it.

He is aright you guess. You both have the same age and considered talented and brilliant. Although you suspect he only got where he is thanks to his looks and an athletic gymnast scholarship. But you can’t deny his research on drugs is quite interesting.

Alicia is at the counter.


-Talk to Alicia.
-Talk to Pavel.
-Talk to Rebecca.
-Sit by yourself.

2-(If decided to talk to someone)
-What to say in order to engage in conversation.

3-(If decided to sit by yourself, What to order?)
-Use the wifi and check the internet.
-Read the newspaper.
-Watch others eat like a creep.

Sorry about the delay I though I had uploaded a long time ago and keep checking the page and saw only 6 posts… For some reasons my last post didn’t work and now I had to re-write everything. -_-

2016-03-30, 07:37 PM
1. Sit by yourself
3. Read the newspaper

2016-03-31, 01:42 PM
Let's start with the tavern keeper and work our way around to the profs.

1) Talk to Alicia.
2) Hi! How are things?


Brian P.

Orcus The Vile
2016-04-01, 08:42 PM
As the shy, reserved and socially awkward person you are you decide to sit by yourself. You like the mood of the place, the voices of people talking, the music and the smell of coffee but that is the limit of social interaction for you.

Although you really like this place and even helped decorating you feel like you don’t fit in here, this place is full of young, cool, outgoing, laid back and extrovert people, you feel like you are none of those things. Sometimes that is a good thing, makes you feel superior, other times it makes you feel like an outsider.

As you sit in a comfortable armchair and prepare to read the newspaper you bought, a waitress approaches, Alicia dismiss her and sit in front of you.

“So you decided to finally leave your ivory tower and grace me with your presence?”

She says it in her sarcastic voice, she is an extremely beautiful woman, her hair is frizzy, untamable and black as the night and her eyes are dark as Black olives. Her skin is the symbol for a history of suffering and slavery that many still try to ignore.

But she has never been thought any kind of real suffering, in fact she have only worked as a model and as an anthropologist scholar before setting up this place.

“I have sent you so many e-mails why you don’t answer me? A friend of mine got me two tickets for that art gallery with the Eric Vermilion exhibition; do you want to go with me? I can get you one more if you want to invite a friend from the university. Tonight after you finish your job at the university, what do you think? Sounds fun? You need to get out more after all you are only twenty three.”

You really love Eric Vermilion work, he is able to create bizarre yet lovable creatures, they are creepy monstrosities but you can’t help but feel empathy for the abominations this eccentric man creates.
But your machine is ready, you plan to test it tonight at your personal lab, if go to the art gallery you won’t be able to do it today. What do you say?

1- You agree to go and say that you will go alone.
2- You agree to go and say that you will bring someone.
3- You say you have other plans, but thank her for the invitation.
4- You say you have other plans and can’t go.
5- You say have better things to do.
6- You ignore what she said and make your order. What will it be?

2016-04-02, 12:24 PM
Say no, but thank her for the invitation.

Actually, if I have the option, I'd like to talk to the other two people first to find out what my options are, THEN decide what I'm doing tonight.


Brian P.

2016-04-04, 07:28 PM
"3- You say you have other plans, but thank her for the invitation."

No need to be rude with your only friend.

Can you elaborate what this machine and experiments are about?

2016-04-05, 07:37 AM
3: Say you have other plans, but thank her for the invitation.

Orcus The Vile
2016-04-05, 09:25 PM
“Thanks Alicia, it is really nice of you to invite me, although I will be rather busy tonight so I won’t be able to go I'm very grateful. Thanks for the invitation.”

As you say that you are able to notice the disappointment on her face.

“Oh ok… what a pity. Anyway maybe we can find some other date to go out together. Anyway, next time you get in my café try not to ignore me! That was so rude, I like to think you come here for my company not just my food. Anyway what will it be?”

2016-04-06, 07:01 AM
A short stack of pancakes with scrambled eggs and coffee, black.


Brian P.

Black Socks
2016-05-04, 03:18 PM
A tower of toast with a huge pile of bacon, sliced strawberries and a tall glass of milk.