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2007-06-20, 07:08 PM
here we go people

It is early morning you all awake in your respected regions. As you wake you hear a knock on your doors. And when you answer it a messenger with the crest of Hothmalor a golden ring with a dove and a sword adored on the talberd. He says hes has a message from the council of Hothmalor . He gives you a letter bearing the same crest as the man and as you read the message it tells you to go to the city farwell.

2007-06-20, 07:37 PM
Daiyanissa peers at the letter suspiciously, and skims over the neatly written lines. After deeming the letter true, she dons her Armor and grabs her sword and supplies. "Duty calls", she thinks, and looks over her one acre field. She sighs and leads her horse over the hill, with one last look at her home, with the grain come to harvest and the golden sun just peeping over the horizon. Another sigh comes to her lips, "Goodbye for now", and with that she heads into the city, looking forward to the reason she was called away from her home and family, but ready to accept that she was needed once again to rid the world of evil.

2007-06-20, 07:54 PM
Martin's eyes widen as he reads the letter. "Wow," he says to himself. "I guess when you go looking for adventure, adventure goes looking for you." He looks up to the messenger. "Off to Farwell, then!" Martin quickly packs up and heads off, skipping giddily towards his destination.

2007-06-20, 08:17 PM
Loge sighs, noticing the rather unwelcome visitor who just woke him up. " At least it's not the city guard this time," grumbles Loge, glancing up at the eerily enthusiastic messenger. Loge skims the letter hastily, eyes skipping over the unimportant parts. "Lets see... Hothmalor... Council... Farwell." Another sigh comes out of his mouth as his eyes travel upward to the messenger again. "Go tell your boss I'll be there in a day or so," says Loge, shutting the door and walking over to a cabinet. Unceremoniously, a rapier is shoved into the left of his belt, a crossbow in the right, and a large backpack, riddled with hidden pockets, slung over his shoulder. Grabbing a loaf of bread of a table and biting off a chunk, he leaves the house, locks the door, and begins the trek toward Farwell, wondering "Why do they want me?"

2007-06-20, 08:55 PM
Yorrick's heart was racing. Combat. His life on the line, sharp blades and spearheads dancing around in the dark. Near misses and staggering hits. Quick thoughts, quicker action. Frightening, yet thrilling. And Yorrick loved every minute of it.

He'd come to the Kobolds' lair with a companion, some kind of ranger, by the name of Roland. The ranger was like Yorrick; a wandering warrior, intent on ridding small villages from the menacing groups of monsters that plagued the area. Right now, Roland was like Yorrick in another respect; longsword flashing through the air, cleaving into a Kobold slinger who'd been aiming up a shot at Yorrick. The Kobold toppled over, screeching in its death throes as its body spasmed and then lay deathly still.

A quick grunt of acknowledgment for his companion's help, and Yorrick was back to thinning the Kobold ranks, one by one. In a few minutes, the only two left standing were Roland and Yorrick. After checking for any remaining enemies and wiping the reptilian' blood off their weapons, they began to limp back to the village, leaving the corpses to rot to the carrion.

As they came to the city limits, where the villagers were eagerly waiting for news from their newfound champions, a rider bearing a foreign crest rode up alongside the pair. "Hail! Do you know where I can find a fighter by the name of Yorrick Norhelm?" the rider inquired, wasting no time on formalities.

"Wot's yer business with him?" replied Yorrick, suspicious of the man's hasty demeanor and not wanting to reveal his identity just yet.

The messenger glared suspiciously at him and stated flatly, "That's for him alone."

Realizing he wasn't going to find anything out through cautious questioning, Yorrick quickly retreated from any verbal warfare this line of conversation would bring. He wasn't a stereotypically dumb fighter by any means, but bluffing and subtle information gathering? Not his forte.

"Aye then, you've found 'im. Wot's the message?"

"This message." replied the rider after examining Yorrick carefully. After looking him over for another minute or so as Yorrick stood in silence, he handed over an envelope sealed with the same unknown crest as the messenger bore on his chest. As Yorrick accepted the envelope, the rider wordlessly directed his horse around and made rapidly down the road he had come along.

As Yorrick pondered the contents of the envelope, he noticed that his companion had already made his way to the village. Yorrick slowly opened the sealed envelope and took out the letter inside.

Scanning it over quickly, he noticed some unfamiliar names and a map to a city he'd never heard of. As he looked over the map, he grunted in surprise. "Oi, that's a long way!" he thought, "Damn, that's gonna take some hard travel to get there anytime in the next week!"

"Well, it can't be helped. It's not like I'm doing much at the moment anyhow; it might be a distance away, but my curiosity's been piqued. Shame it's rather sparse on the details... Don't trust vague letters like this very much. Eh, if it doesn't work out, I can find something else to do in that area. It's off to Farwell I go!" he thought.

After mulling over a return to the village for supplies, he decided against it. He had everything he'd really need, and the lighter the travel, the better. With renewed vigor, he began to stride off down the road that hasty messenger had come down, off in the direction of the afternoon sun.

As he walked along, he spoke softly up the sky. "Well, Dad, maybe I can be like ye after all."

2007-06-20, 09:14 PM
When Daiyanissa arrived in the city, she was awed at the sheer size of all of the buildings, as always, and she felt a little intimidated. Brushing off the fear she walks to a local pub(the Spitting Horseshoe), tying up her horse to the pole located out front. "Stay and be safe", she whispers to her loyal mount. After assuring herself that her friend would be safe, she entered the pub and ordered a glass of water. She sat and scanned the room for anything out of the ordinary, 'Detect Evil' for good measure as well.

After that she looks down to her mug, which is covered in fingerprints and some sort of soot. The water is a strange brownish color as well. Pressing it aside she looks to her wrist to assure her holy symbol of Torm was still intact. She kisses it for blessing and waits. She does not know why she is waiting, only that something tells her that she should.

2007-06-20, 09:55 PM
Daiyanissa only

you sense a little evil but once you pin point the evil. BANG the door opens and out flys the evil creature a human man and then 2 men pop out of the tavern DON'T COME BACK HERE YOU CHEATER yells the 2 men then when they notice you Hello there who might you be

2007-06-20, 10:20 PM
Loge, incessantly muttering "Why didn't I get a horse?" to himself arrives at Farwell after a day and a half journey, bread long since consumed and back aching after sleeping on the ground. Despite his weariness, the city reinvigorates his spirit, if only because of the prospect of money, food, money, rest, and of course, money.

"Farwell? More like well and far. Hah." The futile attempt at a joke is not even funny to Loge, who starts sauntering toward the nearest tavern, an upscale joint called Rick's. He then realizes the distinct lack of money brought and the prospect of getting wasted quickly metamorphosizes into the dream of getting wasted.

"Three gold," he says, peering into his wallet, "Three. Bloody. Gold. Not even enough for a decent bottle of wine!" he moans disparagingly. Disenheartened yet again, Loge, with a reluctant sigh, begins to walk up to random passersby and ask "Oi, what's the cheapest pub around here, mate?

2007-06-20, 10:24 PM
that would be the Spitting Horseshoe pretty cheap but its kind of in the bad area thoughthe man points to the general direction

2007-06-20, 10:33 PM

As your walking along the path a caravan creeps up and the driver a old man asks if you would want a ride seeing that there are 3 men in armor lieing down died and one man that is breathing but out of conscience. GOBLINS they attacked us. me and tlaken are the only ones that made it.

2007-06-20, 10:37 PM
Martin arrives in Farwell, oblivious to the looks of the town and more interested in the goings-on. Less ready for adventure than he was a long walk ago, Martin looks for a place to rest. He nudges the nearest person sitting in the streets and asks him, "Hello there! Do you know where I could find an interesting place to stay in the city?" He eyes his light pockets and adds, "Um... an interesting and affordable place to stay, that is."

2007-06-20, 11:01 PM
"'Bad areas' are my forte," Loge days with a grin, and walks off in the direction indicated. A minute later, he stands in front of a dingy building, the walls plastered with dirt and dust. Tilting his head to read the lopsided sign, Loge remarks "I guess this is it," to no one, and opens the door.

2007-06-20, 11:34 PM
as you walk in you see a man on the ground and a women in armor with a horse outside

2007-06-20, 11:39 PM
ah yes for a cheap night there is a tavern i think its called Spitting Horseshoe or something been awhile though.he points to the general direction of the pub

2007-06-20, 11:47 PM
"Ah, thank you." Martin walks over to the Spitting Horseshoe.

2007-06-20, 11:53 PM
As your walking along the path a caravan creeps up and the driver a old man asks if you would want a ride seeing that there are 3 men in armor lieing down died and one man that is breathing but out of conscience. GOBLINS they attacked us. me and tlaken are the only ones that made it.

"Well met, mate!" Yorrick replied cheerily to the caravan driver's offer.

Staring off down the path, not turning to reply, he casually remarked, "I'd like that muchly, indeed I wou..."

Yorrick choked back his words as he turned towards the caravan and quickly noticed the man's disheveled nature. "Oi now, what happened to you?!" he called, urgency creeping into his voice.

"GOBLINS! They attacked us... Me and Tlaken are the only ones that made it..." the old man replied.

Thoughts began racing rapidly through Yorrick's head. "Damn goblins! Thought Roland said that this area was free of 'em! Can't leave these people in need! I do need to get to Farwell... But I'd be betraying my own code if I were to abandon these people. I must see them safely to their destination, or at least as far as I can get..."

"For the love of Sune, man, ye need some aid! Are ye and Tlaken wounded? Dying?!" Yorrick replied, his thoughts taking mere fractions of a second to congeal into a resolute decision.

"Ol' man, it'd be an honour to see ye to yer destination, under my protection! I'm headed for Farwell meself; if yer destination is beyond there, I'll find ye someone to aid ye further."

2007-06-21, 12:16 AM
nah thats where I'm going i have to give these supplies there.When you look at the cargo its all ale, beer, whiskey, rye and any other drink that you can think of

oh yah i made occ thread

2007-06-21, 12:23 AM
"Aye, then, let's git movin', providing o' course that yer wounds are okay! I may be a warrior, but I'd hate ta see a group of goblins that can down three guards! It'd be best if we can travel through the night, providin' the horses can take it; if there's anymore of those goblin scum around, we don't want to be sittin' around!"

Yorrick boarded the caravan and spotted the large cargo of alcohol. He attempted to make some small talk, if only to distract the old man from the depressing issue of the three corpses lying in the wagon. "Aye, I can see why those damn gobs'd want to take this cargo! Deliverin' to some taverns, are ye? Where d'ye hail from?"

2007-06-21, 08:10 AM
Daiyanissa only

you sense a little evil but once you pin point the evil. BANG the door opens and out flys the evil creature a human man and then 2 men pop out of the tavern DON'T COME BACK HERE YOU CHEATER yells the 2 men then when they notice you Hello there who might you be

She looks up at the two men, eying them carefully. Determining that they were of a good nature she smiled."Why, my name is Daiyanissa, Paladin of Torm. I was just stopping by for a drink. May I ask what that ruckus was all about?"

2007-06-21, 10:49 AM
oh this filth was cheating at poker, had cards hidden up his sleeves. I almost lost my house to him says one man. All of a sudden, the man on the ground gets up and runs away. The 2 men start to chase him yelling.GUARDS GET HIM CHEATER

2007-06-21, 11:49 AM
oh this filth was cheating at poker, had cards hidden up his sleeves. I almost lost my house to him says one man. All of a sudden, the man on the ground gets up and runs away. The 2 men start to chase him yelling.GUARDS GET HIM CHEATER

Daiyanissa Pulls out her Crossbow and points it to the cheater.

Shoots Nonlethal shot to cheaters knee.
Attack 15 + 0 (-4 non lethal) = 15
(sorry, lost link)

non lethal damage = 10


Daiyanissa puts away her crossbow and pulls out her greatsword, standing over the man.(if nonlethal damage put him unconcious, Heal)

Heal 16 + 7 = 23

"Why do you run?"

(Detect evil until i have more information on him)

2007-06-21, 11:57 AM
he falls down unconsonance

The 2 man stare at you, then pick up the man and drag him off to the jail. but first they grab the bolt out of the man and toss it on the ground

2007-06-21, 12:07 PM
Daiyanissa looks to the men, Muttering, "The thanks i get..."

2007-06-21, 12:16 PM
i disnt want to go to jail. its hard being poor then all of a sudden he kicks up some sand and dirt and throws it in your eyes
ref save so not blind for 3 rounds

2007-06-21, 12:20 PM
Reflex save roll 14 + 7 = 21

Grapple to grab his throat/collar
roll 11 + 6 = 17

"Now now, i think im being pretty lenient here, and you just go and throw dirt in my face. That wasn't very nice. Now i would like a few questions answered, ok?"

roll 19 + 6 = 25

(and how is my detect evil doing?)

2007-06-21, 12:28 PM
Loge, seeing the scuffle, thinks "Best to stay on the paladin's good side." and fires a crossbow bolt at the cheater.
Attack 14
If it hits:
Damage 8

"What do you have to ask?" Loge says to Daiyanissa. "He ran because one: getting caught cheating is frequently a death sentence. And two: paladins have a reputation around here for cutting off peoples heads as soon as look at them."

2007-06-21, 12:39 PM
"What do you have to ask?" Loge says to Daiyanissa. "He ran because one: getting caught cheating is frequently a death sentence. And two: paladins have a reputation around here for cutting off peoples heads as soon as look at them."

She looked back to see who assisted her,"Well I cannot be at fault for other Paladins actions. All i wanted to do was ask him a few questions before he ran away.", She looked to the cheater,"So, please, do tell, Why were you cheating?"

(And again, if he needs healing roll 14 + 7 =21 http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1114870)

2007-06-21, 12:44 PM
well to win and get money\

hes evil

2007-06-21, 12:45 PM
well to win and get money

"Why do i sense an evil aura around you?",she asks gently, "Who do you work for?"

2007-06-21, 12:47 PM
no one i spit at your question
he spits at you but misses

(going to ask him 3 times)

2007-06-21, 12:49 PM
"Who do you work for?"

"Who do you work for?"


Daiyanissa is getting a little irritated at the young man in front of her

2007-06-21, 12:56 PM
fine i can't stand been asked the same question 3 times i work for the shade guild

(guess where i got that from)

2007-06-21, 12:59 PM
fine i can't stand been asked the same question 3 times i work for the shade guild

(guess where i got that from)


"Ok then, What is the Shade Guild?"

(and if i have to ask three times for every question...)

"What is the Shade Guild?
What is the Shade Guild?
What is the Shade Guild?"

2007-06-21, 01:04 PM
ok ill talk
1st i do not know
2nd ill take it to the grave
3rd its a thiefs guild

2007-06-21, 01:09 PM
"Ok, now we are getting somewhere:smallwink:" she says to Loge, "Anything you want to ask him?"

"Where is the shade guild?
Where is the shade guild?
Where is the shade guild?"

2007-06-21, 01:13 PM
Not really. I just want to get to the council of whatever and see why they summoned me. I'm only staying 'cause it's amusing to watch this poor sap get interrogated. Although if there's any money involved I'd love to help out.

2007-06-21, 01:17 PM
"Unfortunately i cannot afford to pay you any money"

2007-06-21, 01:33 PM
With a dejected look, Loge mumbles "Pity." His face then brightens as he says "What about him," pointing toward the man. "Thieves guilds surely have money."

2007-06-21, 01:36 PM
OK to make this easyer hes about to tell you where the theif guild when

you 2 make a spot and listen check

2007-06-21, 01:39 PM
Spot roll 10 + 5 = 15

Listen roll 20 + 5 = 25

2007-06-21, 01:51 PM
Spot: 7+6=13
Listen: 16+6=22

2007-06-21, 02:05 PM
(OOC: Sorry for taking so long. I now turn "the messenger" over to the DM)

Somewhere far, far away, in an abandoned temple-fortress in the middle of the Desert of Dread, there stands a larger-than-life granite statue of a young man. A triangular shield emblazoned with a golden-white lioness rampant upon a crimson sunburst. With his right, he brandishes a khopesh, the broad-bladed sickle sword of ancient Mulhorand.

His drab traveler’s tunic and templar’s tabard cover a coat of banded mail--- all lovingly rendered in the ageless granite. The holy symbol of a now-forgotten god dangles forlorn upon his neck. His shoulders are hunched from the weight of a bulging backpack and you could almost hear the jangling of the metal plates protecting his thighs as he puts one foot forward.

The young man’s face is set in a grim scowl, the jaw muscles clenched beneath the plumed helm. Large, seemingly inquisitive eyes squint into the distance as if staring into the sun or facing down a sandstorm. Shard-strokes of the ancient, forgotten sculptor depict the scraggly beard and, nigh marring the stone are four jagged slashes across the left cheek, the scar on what might otherwise would be a handsome face.

At the statue’s feet a pedestal proclaims in ancient glyphs and archaic text proclaims,

“Gaze ye dark ones and despair
For here stands in eternal guard
Captain of Nimlot’s Guard
Hero of the Battle of Efer-nim
Last of the Templars Lightbringer
From the Time of Troubles,
From the Arising of Apophis
In the War of Shadows”

The forsaken fane glows with the radiance of the sun’s brilliant rays streaming in from an open window and some long, jagged cracks in the wall. The dawn’s wind sighs as it blows in new motes of sand and sunlight.

Slowly, ploddingly, the sound of footfalls climbs up, up the slope of the mountain of this temple-fortress. The footfalls stop outside a long-rotted, barely standing pair of huge, once-thick doors. A pair of shadowed legs stops just outside--- seemingly the sole bringer of gloom to a serene hermitage.

With the tip of a staff, the person outside opens the ancient doors. The long pent-up dust pours out and the traveler, or so he seems, coughs violently his burnoose.

As the dust settles and the man crosses the threshold, an unnatural wind blows through the chamber and he is forced once more to shield his face with a sleeve lest the sand and dust blind his eyes or choke him to death. Cautiously, he surveys the room and is shocked to find that it has been totally cleaned in a heartbeat.

With growing unease and awe in his heart at these surely supernatural happenings, the man reaches into his messenger’s satchel and withdraws a sealed scroll. It has the heraldry of the kingdom of Hothmalor a kingdom that had never before set foot in the Red Land.


The statue suddenly shatters in a massive concussive explosion, throwing the messenger back and showering him with razor-sharp shards. When the dust settles and the messenger finally dared to put down once more, his shielding arms, he is totally astounded and astonished for upon the olden pedestal, amidst the statue’s ruin and wreck, there stands the young warrior, greedily breathing in air that he had not breathed for nigh a thousand years.

For a while, he stood in dumb wonderment at his sudden liberation, blinking against the sun’s glare and yet seemingly exulting in the scorching heat. His dark, dark skin glistens in the dawn’s gaze and the bronze and iron plates of his armor shine as if they were newly polished and the blade of his sword is a long tongue of fire.

His teeth glitter pearly white against the ebon of his skin when he pulls back his lips in a near feral snarl of wrath and rage when he sees the devastation of what had once been his home. He pivots slowly around on the pedestal, taking it all in, his eyes streaming with tears, his god’s symbol, a winged all-seeing eye within a sunburst, flutters about on its copper chain.

And then, his eyes alight upon the messenger who is, by then, backing away toward the door in fear. As the warrior-priest’s angered gaze falls upon him, he tries to bolt for it, but is too slow.

The young man leaps and with a single blow of the blunt, hooked side of his khopesh, the sickle-sword, he trips the man and sends him crashing to the ground. He screams as the fiery-eyed warrior places a heavy foot on his chest, his shield forgotten, the sword raised high with both hands, ready to smite.

Through clenched teeth, he asks, “What hast ye done unto the Sanctum?! How didst thou destroy it? I know thou art but a messenger--- tell me swift thy master and I might spare thee thy miserable breath!”

The messenger regains a bit of his composure even when under such duress and retorts with as much dignity as he could muster, “What you call a Sanctum has been a ghost-haunted ruin for hundreds of years! Of all that you just called me, you are right at only one point--- that I am a messenger”

At this, despite the wrath that burns in his heart at the gross desecration, the black warrior knew, by grace of his master, Horus-Re and of his beloved, Amun-Ankhutar, that the man below was speaking truth. Also, despite his initial misgivings, he admires the other man for his courage and integrity.

He grudgingly helps him up and says, “I… I beg pardon for my ill-treatment of thee. Thou sayest thou art a messenger… wherefore hast thou here come? Surely thy missive could not be for me?”

“Yeah, ‘tis for you alright… though how my masters know you still live beats me. Here’s the world-ending letter, sleeper-in-stone”, he said as he handed the young templar the scroll.

He visibly struggles at first, with the strange new syntax, spelling and grammar of the language but eventually finds it much simpler than his usual fare. Upon finishing the reading, he hands the scroll back to the messenger.

The young templar turns around, picks up his shield, stares for a while at the ruined pedestal and adjusts the straps of his helm. He then turns to the East and bows down low, his forehead resting on the warm stone floor. Murmuring the last of his prayers, he turns back to the messenger and asks, “Where is this… Hothmalor? If my master, Horus-Re wills that I serve in this time and in this place, then so be it”

Unspeaking, the two headed out once more, out into the burning wastes--- to cross the sea of sand and by the grace of the gods, make it to the land of Hothmalor. It was along the way that the messenger finally broke the silence and asked, “What name do you go by, sleeper-in-stone?”

Smiling wistfully, the black-skinned templar replied, “Neshi. ‘Neshi’ shall do as fine a name as ever I had”

2007-06-21, 02:21 PM
nice intro do you like Egyptians alot. because it seems like it

rolls for hide and move SILENTLY.

hide 20

move SILENTLY 22


2007-06-21, 02:26 PM
Daiyanissa you hear a faint moving of a person and the twang of a bow and then the man dies when he says in the sew....errr
the man dies

2007-06-21, 02:45 PM
Zimdo was lying in bed dreaming of having a great battle against a BlackKnight. Parries and thrusts. Belittling him with insults and pranks. Ahhh. Then suddenly there were knocks on his door blending in with the sounds of his mace cracking the BlackKnight in his dreams. The knocks are getting harder and harder along with each blow. Until finally he conquers the Knight. And he screams in agony and the person at his door screams. "Hey! Open up! I have a message for you!" He finally snaps out of it and jumps to his feet. HE opens the door. "Sorry about that. Um, I was asleep." The man gives him his message. He goes back inside to read his simple message. "OOh, I am needed at Farwell. Seems I am finally noticed. Wonder what it's about. I better get going." He goes in his room and scoops up his snake familiar from his favorite spot. "Hey Bizt, we are to go to Farwell. We have to pack up and go right away. He then gets all his gear together and and jumps up on his warpony Gib. And starts his journey to Farwell.

Once he arrives in the gates of Farwell. He asks the local guard at the gate. "Excuse me I have this letter to come here to Farwell. Where should I go to await for my presence?" He shows him the letter as he asks him.

2007-06-21, 03:44 PM
ah yes we were expecting you i believe that you were suppose to go to the town keep but thats tomorrow. i recommend you stay at the spitting horseshoe if you don't have lots of money

2007-06-21, 04:25 PM
Another spot check please?

15 + 6 = 21

2007-06-21, 04:43 PM
you see a dark figure move away on a roof top about 30ft away then gets out of site

2007-06-21, 05:02 PM
Zimdo thanks the guard and makes his way to the Spitting Horseshoe. Once there, he finds the stables and hands 5 silver peices. "Here you go. Take good care of him. I don't know how long I'm staying. So, if you need more. I'll be back to pay you. Thank you."
Zimdo then enters the Spitting horse and makes his way to the bar table. "I'll take an ale please."

2007-06-21, 06:52 PM
sure thing sir As he hands you your ale you here ruckus outside

2007-06-21, 07:16 PM
Zimdo drinks his ale. He drifts off into a daze. Imagining what he was called to do. The ruckus outside doesn't sink in right away. After a few gulps. He says. "Wait a minute. Whats all that noise about?" He gulps down the last of his ale. And leaves a silver peice next to his empty ale. He then heads outside to see whats going on...Hand on his mace just in case.

2007-06-21, 09:09 PM
you see 4 people surrounding a dead corpse looking up at something

2007-06-21, 10:58 PM
Martin arrives at the scene, a bit taken aback by the corpse. He wills himself to go up to the nearest person surrounding the corpse and asks "Wh.. what happened here?"

2007-06-21, 11:37 PM
One man says that this man was cheating then this women caught him when he was trying to run away then she was interrogating him when he was shot by someone

2007-06-22, 06:58 AM
Zimdo arrived on the scene just as the explanation was said about the corpse. He loosens his grip on his mace once he realizes there is no danger at the moment. A bit disappointed that he missed some action. "Did anyone see what happened?"

2007-06-22, 08:04 AM
"Well this man was cheating at a card game, i wanted to speak to him as i sensed an evil aura about him. And of course when i approached him he ran, i took him down and the lout was finally ready to give some answers, then a strange shadow from on top of that roof" (she points to the roof),"Shot him with an arrow. And now you are all here"

She inspects them each with some regard, sensing no evil she continues.

"He was part of the thieves guild, the Shade Guild. He was about to tell me where they were located when he was shot... Something about the sewers"

2007-06-22, 03:49 PM
"Maybe he still can tell us. Metaphorically speaking," Loge says as he kneels down next to the body and begins rifling through his pockets, looking for a map, a card, anything with an indication of where the guild is. And also pocketing any money he finds.

(I'd like to take 20, but here's a search roll in case I can't)
9+7 = 16

2007-06-22, 06:34 PM
Sure you take 20 minutes but you find the following 7 aces,10 gp, paper that says meeting midnight in sewers, and a necklace with a hand on it

2007-06-22, 06:57 PM
Zimdo answers. "If the guy was evil. I guess he had it comming to him, then." He wonders, though, if this could be the reason for his meeting tomorow. "If he said something about sewers. Then there must be something down there somewhere. But, that could be anywhere, really. It's like a maze in sewers." With all that in mind. That would be to great a job on his own. So, there must be more coming to the meeting. He scans the group. Seeing that they are concerned or at least intrieged about it all. "By chance, does anyone else here have an invitation at the council of Hothmalor?"

2007-06-22, 07:21 PM
(OOC: Sorry to make an out of character post in the IC thread (still waiting for something more to go off of...), but "take 20" actually means that it takes the amount of time as 20 attempts would. So, it should take only 2 minutes (6 seconds/round * 20 rounds), not 20 minutes.)

2007-06-22, 08:47 PM
sorry my bad

2007-06-23, 09:12 AM
"Ok, well since this is all we know, how about we go back to that pub and ask a few questions?"

She heads back to the Spitting Horseshoe

2007-06-23, 10:29 AM
Yorrick you travel for 3 days straight and then you see the outline of a city
there it is farwell about time these horses wouldn't be able to walk for another mile. You are taken quickly to the temple of lathender and the wounded man is carried into the temple and healed The old man says that thogh won't be able to help unload the cargo would you mind helping

2007-06-24, 02:45 AM
Neshi yiou walk in the desert dieing in exustion when you see a bright light infront of you and then you hear in a familer powerful voice come my child take shelter in my realm i will that you to where you were summoned BAMMMMMM Neshi you are teloported to farwell and rested

2007-06-24, 10:00 AM
Walking, walking,
Walking in the light of god...

The old hymn hums itself through Neshi's exhausted heart. On and on he plods through the shifting sands. He curses the messenger for leaving during the night at the last wayfarer's house they'd stayed in for the seventieth time.

March, march!
Ptah didst make thy feet,
March, march!
We ain't in no North'n peat,
March, march!

His parched, bleeding lips smile in remembrance of his former seargent and friend, Khur-kol. He straightens his stance and resists the temptation to scratch his weary, sweat-drenched back and marches onwards, ever onwards.

Hold your head up high
Victory is nigh
Strike and smite
With sword and spear
Fight with Horus' might!
Fight on, ye've naught to fear!

Strains of the old battle song sing into his sand-clogged ears. He grits his teeth against the pain of the heat, sand-son though he is. He looks up to the burning sun and asks in a cracked, bleary voice, "Eaaastward, e-e-ever Eastward... to thy home, O Re my fa-aa-ather... Please... ever r-red, the sands shall be... Have I not found favor in thine eyes, milord? GRant thy servant a boon, that I might serve thee better..."

Then, he stumbles... Neshi falls through a sudden bright light. A thousand times a thousand myriad voices sing in celestial tunes. He feels he exhaustion drained from him and an ecstasy flow into the void...

And then he falls to his knees.


His bronze greaves clang against hard grey cobblestones. Dazed and wondering, he looks around but finds no sand except the grains that are now falling from his cloak and armor. He shivers in the suddenly cold climate.

Right in front of him is a pair of massive oaken doors. From within, he could smell the tantalizing aromas of foreign foods being prepared. His stomach grumbles within him. He also hears more than a dozen voices all speaking at once in strange tongues... but most of them sound like how the messenger spoke.

He looks up and sees a large rusty horseshoe beside the sign, reading, "The Spitting Horseshoe Inn". What is a horse?, he asks himself.


He turns around sharply at the strange sounds and is shocked to find a bustling crowd of people moving about on the busy street. But then, the greater shock to him is the beast and the vehicle it is pulling. A large, brown-furred, thick-maned beast, plods slowly onwards, idly chewing cud. Aha! It is a zebra without the white!, he belatedly realizes. A fenced "platform", laden high with goods for trade is harnessed to the "large black zebra".

(OOC: Yes, it's a horse pulling a cart)

Another marvel for Neshi are the spinning, many-spoked devices that connect the "platform" to the ground. Incredible! It hardly drags at all!

Finally, his jaw unhinges and his voice finds itself once more. "Hail! What manner of beast is that?", He asks the portly man in dirty clothes driving the "black zebra".

The man turns lazily in Neshi's direction, laughs and hacks up some spit but desists, seeing that the object of his derision is in fact well armed. Again, he laughs harshly and cracks awhip at the "black zebra".

"Hells!", he swears. "Ye daft foreigner! 'Tis bloody horse, damnit! Git, ya lazy bugger! Giddup, yo!"

Neshi's teeth grind as he restrains himself from cutting down the impudent peasant then and there. His hand strays to the hilt of his sickle... His blood is likely tainted with the blood of slaves. Filthy peasant! The vulgarity of such scum is unworthy cause to sully my family's blade. ... but he cracks his knuckles instead, in an exercise of discipline and self-control.

As the laden "rolling-on-circles-sled" passes and the traffic of people resumes in the direction of the inn, his breath catches in his throat. He gasps and his jaw hangs ajar and agape.

Shining in the brilliance of the midmorn sun, a woman approaches the inn, clad in resplendent armor. Her copper hair is afire in the breeze and her fair face radiates an aura divine.

(OOC: Yes, I am describing Daiyanissa)

Neshi falls to his knees and beings his forehead to the ground repeatedly, bowing many times in homage. "I adore thee, lady" He reaches out and grasps one of her feet and kisses it. Tears stream down his cheeks and into the puddles of sand that had fallen from his clothes as he sobs, "My lady Lightbringer! Beloved Ankhutar, methought thou'dst feart we'd never again meet in this life... oh!"

2007-06-24, 08:17 PM
Martin steps back, his brow creased and his left eyebrow raised. "Who... What's going on?" he manages to blurt out.

2007-06-24, 09:34 PM
Daiyanissa stops at the praise of a strange foreigner, looking down at the young man grovelling at her feet, she senses no evil, and smiles.

"Hello sir, while I am honored and flattered by your praise, i am not quite sure I understand. Ankhutar? You speak a foreign dialect, from a foreign land."

She kneels down to look at his face, holding his chin up, she began to study the lines, creases and scars that told of many lessons learnt. She noticed his darker skin, the colour of a deep tan, suggesting long days in the sunlight. Skimming over his features, she was caught by the intensity of his gaze, strong grey eyes full of passion and spirit. Unusually disturbed by them, she released his chin and stood up.

"Now, there is no more need for this. Let me help you, I have some water and im sure I can line up something for you to eat. And possibly some more appropriate attire, you must be cold."

She extends her hand to the young man on the ground, offering to help him up.

"While I'm not quite sure how you came to be here, I would like to offer you my services. I am Daiyanissa, Paladin of Torm. Let us go inside, as you are not suitably dressed for this climate, and I will try to answer any questions you may have. But please, do remember, I have been asked to come here, as a Paladin of the light. I have not met with the person who has beckoned me, but should the opportunity arise, I would be honoured if you would accompany me."

Daiyanissa shines a brilliant smile his way, and leads him into the Horseshoe, setting him up with some water, ale and a meal. Readying herself for the explanation to come...

2007-06-24, 09:36 PM
Martin steps back, his brow creased and his left eyebrow raised. "Who... What's going on?" he manages to blurt out.

Seeing that everyone was overly concerned about the death or in shock. He turns to answer the man. "What was just said was, the man was cheating. This lady stopped him from escaping and sensed EVIL in him. She was getting answers from him. But, was shot by a mysterious person from a rooftop as he was revealing something about the Shade guild..a theives guild and sewers. And like she said. Annnnd here we are."

He looks at everyone yet again. "Excuse me, my name is Zimdo. I am here for a special meeting with the council of Hothmalor. Perhaps I can mention this situation to them tomorow while I meet with them. Whatever information we find I can bring to their attension. I am sure they will have the means to take care of this."

2007-06-24, 09:49 PM
"So that poor fellow was shot with a bow, yes..." Martin replied, regaining his grasp of the situation. "But I'd really like to know why that odd-sounding fellow in the odd-looking armor is clutching the paladin's leg."

He stood in quiet thought for a moment and added, "I'd also like to know how many people got that same call from the council of Hothmalor so we can figure out why we're all here."

2007-06-24, 10:07 PM
"Odd fellow? What odd fellow?" He turns around and see the mentioned armored fellow. Not remembering if he saw him previously or not. He turns back. "That is curious, isn't it? So, wait a minute. Did you say that you had an invitation as well?" He turns to the others. "We should all go inside and get more answers and discuss the situation. And discuss about the meeting tomorow. I'm sure more of you are also invited." He tries to lead the others inside the Horseshoe Tavern.

2007-06-25, 11:04 AM
As Daiyanissa sits down beside the foreigner, she stares at him, trying to figure out why she has such a strange feeling around him, knowing she has a mission to follow through on, but drawn to this fellow. Her thirst for knowledge won out this time. She decided to go talk to the others in a while, right now, she wanted to know more about him...

"So what brings you here?", She takes a drink of water and looks him in the eye, some suspicion showing

2007-06-25, 11:55 AM
Neshi’s mind spins with the revelation of a whole new world. The strange beasts, the air that’s cool as a mountain spring, his having been dropped here by a god’s hand but of them all, it is the radiant paladin who boggles him most.

But this… this Daiyanissa and Ankhutar look exactly alike! They have nigh the same voice and the same hair and eyes. Their laughter is the sighing of reeds a-rustling at twilight and their smell is that of… of oiled metal, of soft spices and of a lotus in bloom…

Unknowingly, heedless of his confusion, his legs straighten and stand. When all the others have entered the establishment blest by a hung horseshoe, Neshi marches in with glazed eyes and military cadence.

With the grace trained into a former officer of a Nomarch’s royal guard, he lets the lady sit first before he himself sits down. As he sits down, he heaves a sigh and inhales once more the sizzling scents from the kitchen but then his heart quickens and pounds as his eyes focus once more and see her. By Hathor, she even smells the same as Lightbringer Ankhutar!

Making the sign of Horus the Vigilant upon his breast, he gulps and looks away, staring into the far wall just shy of Daiyanissa’s left ear. Concentrating upon that abstract point and summoning the strength that he had once only used during inspections and debriefings after a long and arduous march, he says, “Milady, I... do not know”

Seeing the suspicion dart across her face, he swiftly reaches into his bag, withdraws the scroll of invitation by the ruling council of Hothmalor, and presents it to her. His jaw clenches with frustration at his condition, but, after loosing a prayer on the wings of a falcon, he calms down and tells her, “Thou seemest sage and knowledgeable, wise in the ways of this world…”

His knuckles crackle and his jaw clenches once more. Through grit teeth, he continues, almost in a snarl, “Wise in the ways of this world… wouldst ye care to enlighten a pilgrim poor? I know not where I be, nor, nor... it cannot be... no!”

Gathering his courage, he unfolds his tale, with a grim light in his eyes, “I was once a warrior against the shadow hordes of Set...”

But then, for but a while, the gloom withdraws from his youthful face as he says, “A templar of the Sanctuary of Sekhmet, I was. ‘Tis the most wonderful place you could be in… the closest mortals could come to the Field of Reeds without dying”

He shakes his head, lines of pain streaking across his dark face. “This morning, I awoke in a sea of shards. All that remained of my home, my temple…” His voice quavers, and his eyes water. “…and all that I loved are bones, shards and a sea of sand”

Suddenly, his face contorts into a mask of fury as he shouts what seems to be a phrase from a song, “A sea of shards! Red, red, red, the sands do flow!” He bangs his gauntleted fist against the table, nearly hunches down to hide his shame and sorrow and tears but he straightens up once more.

With a bitter, defeated smile, he says to Daiyanissa, “I beg a thousand pardons, milady. I mistook thee for one I knew…”

I shall yet have your entrails, Apophis!

2007-06-25, 11:56 AM
The guards come by and pick up the cheaters corpse and takes it to the cemetery to get buried

2007-06-25, 01:10 PM
She stared, not blinking, flinching or reacting, at the internal struggle the poor man seemed to be having. The outbursts telling of loved ones lost, Fury, passion, and what looked to be a brief moment of peace. Seeing the pain, a deep sense of understanding and sensitivity overcame her. She started to reach over to comfort him, but held back at the last second, feeling strange. He wasn't of this time, or of this land, She didn't understand how she was mistook for another, her features were exotic for this land, her eyes a most strange blue, sometimes as vibrant as the sky, other times as white as the snow they ofttimes enjoyed. Seeing the renegade tear dance on his cheek, she indulged in her comforting instinct.

She reached over and rested her hand on his, shocked at the electricity of his touch. She tried to concentrate on current matters, focusing on his eyes, she started, "There is no need to apologize my friend. I'm sure that things will explain themselves once your calling has been answered, although I am sorry about your family." She stopped, wondering if her next question would be to much, but she had to know. "Did you leave the one you love behind?"

She reached out and pushed the meal she had ordered towards him, with water and ale. Not quite sure how to handle the situation, and noticing the the warrior was nearing the end of his reserves, she readied to get up to organize somewhere to sleep.

She stopped at the sight of a scroll, near identical to what she had received. Realizing that this young man must be destined for great things, she handed his scroll back to him.

With a smile, she says, "Well it looks as if you have been summoned, the same as I, and a few other adventurers. But first, I believe you need a bath, and some rest." She handed her key to him, "And I am sure you need those more than I. This establishment is close to full, so walk up those stairs," She points left,"And go to the 3rd door on the left. I will have your food and some appropriate attire sent up later. I will be back in the morning, we have a gathering to go to."

And with that she walked away, headed outside to check on her horse, and find out where the other adventurers were hailing from. Still suspicious of the electricity she had felt when she touched him.

2007-06-25, 05:46 PM
Martin takes a sip from his ale and listens to the conversation between Neshi and Daiyanissa. He eyes Neshi's scroll and turns towards Zimdo. "I'm guessing yours looks like that as well." Another sip. "I wonder how many people have that same invitation..." Gulp. "I read in a book about how a grand team of adventurers met each other, and it was nothing like this, let me tell you." Martin finishes off the rest of his drink and faces the whole group. "But we can at least get to know each other some now, right? We're not too tired and hungry for that I hope. My name is Martin. What are yours?"

2007-06-25, 07:18 PM
Martin takes a sip from his ale and listens to the conversation between Neshi and Daiyanissa. He eyes Neshi's scroll and turns towards Zimdo. "I'm guessing yours looks like that as well." Another sip. "I wonder how many people have that same invitation..." Gulp. "I read in a book about how a grand team of adventurers met each other, and it was nothing like this, let me tell you." Martin finishes off the rest of his drink and faces the whole group. "But we can at least get to know each other some now, right? We're not too tired and hungry for that I hope. My name is Martin. What are yours?"

Daiyanissa stops on her way out at Martin's voice, she turns back to the group and replies,"My name is Daiyanissa, Paladin of Torm, I believe that I have met some of you before" She looks them all over, pausing at Neshi, then continuing across the others,"You know... With the card cheat. We discovered something about a Shade guild, a thieves guild meeting in the sewers."

2007-06-25, 10:00 PM
Loge approaches the table, a newly bought mug of ale in hand, the letter in the other. "The name's Loge. Loge Codicus," he says in between sips, tossing his letter down onto the table. "And Martin, I hardly think any of us qualify as grand. From my count we've got an overly compassionate paladin, an optimist, some gnome with a mace, and one yet unnamed lunatic. And me. Hardly the grandest of cabals." Loge's speech ends as he quaffs his ale in one large gulp and starts walking over to the bartender for a refill.

2007-06-25, 10:21 PM
Loge approaches the table, a newly bought mug of ale in hand, the letter in the other. "The name's Loge. Loge Codicus," he says in between sips, tossing his letter down onto the table. "And Martin, I hardly think any of us qualify as grand. From my count we've got an overly compassionate paladin, an optimist, some gnome with a mace, and one yet unnamed lunatic. And me. Hardly the grandest of cabals." Loge's speech ends as he quaffs his ale in one large gulp and starts walking over to the bartender for a refill.

She sniffed at the remark, and glared at the newcomer. "Well please do not let me offend you with my compassion, I thought that it was a good quality. Rather then shooting first and speaking later."She looked him up and down skeptically,"And what do you bring to this party, if I may ask?"

2007-06-25, 11:01 PM
"I'm not offended, you just seem to overdo the caring thing. As for what I bring to this party..." Loge walks back over to the table and loudly slams four large tankards of ale on the table with a grin. "Beer"

2007-06-26, 10:08 AM
He breaks from Daiyanissa’s gaze and drops his eyes to the table. Long he stared at the woodwork, pondering the doom that had befallen him. His mind is confused and his thoughts dart hither and yon with a thousand questions and lamentations.

Some rays of sunlight shine through the far window and shine upon his holy symbol and the key that Daiyanissa left for him. He takes the eye-in-sunburst in his hand and heaves a sigh. As you will, my lord Horus.

He looks upon the key once more, takes it and stands. He marches over to Daiyanissa and gives it back to her. Still holding himself back Neshi does not meet her gaze with his own. He stands at attention, salutes her by thumping a fist against his breastplate and says, “Far be it from me to displace a lady such as thee” Sweeping his arms around the inn, he continues, “If this wayfarers’ house is of stone wrought and of wood, then this is rich fare indeed. Fret thou not, milady, for I have slept on far worse places than this--- nobles’ outhouses, nomads’ camel corrals and broken steppes and red sands..."

His face darkens once more. Neshi's brow twitches and his lip quivers. He shivers as he whispers, "Red sands, milady. You asked of my beloved... I awoke this morn to find all... all shattered. I awoke to a sky of shards and a sea of red sands... sand and shards..."

Snapping out of the pit of his gloom, Neshi sips from one of the proffered tankards and blurts out, “What sort of vile camel’s spit is this wrought of? There seems to be barley in here!”

Restraining his rage, he composes himself and says to all seated at the table, “I apologize for my rash words. I offer my thanks but shall decline. My Order only allows alcohol on New Moon festivals and Harvest-tide”

He reaches to his belt and brings forth his waterskin. Uncapping it, he takes only three reverent sips. Gazing into the eyes of the “party”, he boasts, “This, this be liquid gold! Life, it gives and withering rot, prevents”

The aroma of the food placed before him beckons once more. Turning once more to Daiyanissa, he asks, “True, is it, that ye’d not mind the giving of thy food? Certain, art thou? ‘Tis but half-eaten--- I feel like a fool if I’d take it from thee thusly… But then, starving men should not be choosers, true, but… I can still subsist upon my trail rations” At this, he reaches once more into his pack and takes out a fistful of black, withered strips of meat and smiles as he presents it to the gathering. “Is any amongst you desirious of dried snake?”

2007-06-26, 11:48 AM
Daiyanissa, confused at all that was said, tried to hold back a smile at the looks of disgust upon the others faces. Not succeeding, she Bursts out laughing.

"Hahaha! Well first of all young warrior, this is not the most luxurious of establishments, so take back this key, believe me, I can find a soft place to sleep, I would rather not leave my horse alone anyway. I have been trained well, and I am used to and more comfortable in a stable rather than a bed of feathers anyway. Second of all, while that may look half eaten to you, that is the size of our portions, for this establishment anyways. I haven't eaten a bite", She tries to hold her smile, and stop from laughing, a few more deep chuckles emerge from her throat, "And I apologize for my comrades, but they are not used to the fare of snake. You should put it away for now, You might wish to save them for the task to come. Accept thy fare, as I am offering it to you, one nights rest in a comfortable bed will mean the difference between a kind word, and a coarse one. Please accept, for more offers will not come from the likes of our society."

She turns to looks over the rest of the group,"As for the rest of us, I believe a good nights rest is in store, tomorrows council will be expecting us rested and at the ready for anything they might throw at us."

With that statement, she tosses back the key to Neshi and walks over to the Bar keep. She hands him a gold coin and 5 silvers ones, and directs him to send up a new set of travelers clothes, as well as a bath to the room where she had previously directed Neshi. She exits the tavern, and leads her horse to the stables, where she makes herself comfortable for the night.

2007-06-26, 07:11 PM
(OOC: Sorry guys, my internet went down and I couldn't post. Forthcoming later on, and sorry for posting in the IC thread; can't find the OOC right now, no time.)

2007-06-26, 08:39 PM
Sitting up in the hay that she hoarded into the corner of the stall, Daiyanissa stretched her arms and leaned back. Finally alone she smiled and looked around, pleased to be back to basics. She started to unload her weapons, finishing with her crossbow. She pulled out a rag from her effects and started to polish it. Always happiest while working, she began to whistle.

Many thoughts running though her mind, why was that man transported here through time, and from a different land. There are so many with the same scroll as she did. What is going on? She allows herself to think back to her family, lovingly remembering her childhood. Playing in the cornfields with her brother, chasing one another in a game of tag.

'I wonder when it will be that simple again...'

Continuing to whistle she rubs her crossbow spotless, working into the morning...

2007-06-26, 09:39 PM
Meanwhile... "I'll have some of that vile camel's spit if you don't mind, Loge." Martin pours himself a small glass. "I guess I was a little forceful before. We could all use a day's rest, and since it seems we're meeting up tomorrow, we can all make better introductions then." Martin finishes the ale with a refreshed sigh, waves and remarks, "Oh, try not to use the word "extraordinaire." Like Loge said, we're not that grand, at least yet."

Martin walks and stumbles back to the room he rented, trying to shake from his mind the dead cardshark and the grieving foreigner. If only the camel spit worked the way I wanted...

2007-06-26, 10:33 PM
The morning comes and at the tavern there sits a man wearing the same crest as the messengers had. He comes over to all of you. I am Drakon i am here to show you to the council.

2007-06-27, 03:28 AM
Martin yawns and looks around, checking who's at the meeting. "Well, I'm ready to go see what this is all about, and I'm sure you're all as curious as I am. You just don't show it as much. Let's go."

2007-06-27, 07:10 AM
Daiyanissa packed up her supplies, and walked her horse out of the stable. Tying him up outside, she entered the Spitting horseshoe. She went to the bar to refill her waterskin, noticing the messenger speaking, she sprinted upstairs to remind Neshi about the council meaning.

She knocks on the door...

2007-06-27, 10:56 AM
That morning…



Dogg-dogg-dogg… (OOC: Yes, this sound effect ALSO stands for Daiyanissa's heavy footfalls as she "sprints up the stairs")

The boulders that Khur-kol and his men had set to fall thundered down the ravine and crushed hundreds of the undead horde that was pursuing them. And yet they still came on, a seething, inexorable tide of darkness and death.

Captain Neshi nigh despaired but he knew that if he lost hope, then so would his men. In his heart of hearts, he wanted to be in the frontlines, to lead the charge, to take the fight to the enemy and die in a glorious rush but knew that the longer they held this horde at bay, the longer Lord Nimlot had to fortify the city.

He twirled his scintillating blade and called out, “Steady, men! Khur-kol, fall back! Lieutenants Hotep and Akhere, rearguard! Bring up the reserves. Wings, fold in--- steady retreat, cover ‘em wi’ slings! Center, hold steady! Steady!”

Looking over the heads and helms of those in the frontline, he glimpsed the scabrous ghouls and damned, dishonored dead break into a shambling charge. He bellowed, “Pikers and axemen, forward! Brace for a charge!”

Flpp-flthh-thhhh… (OOC: Yes, this sound effect ALSO stands for Daiyanissa's clothes and feet rustling outside the door)

Suddenly, the lines broke. Winged fiends and jumping corpses had scaled the heights and plummeted into the midst of the regiment and were then wreaking much havoc.

Neshi was about to charge when something foul and heavy slammed into him and sent him crashing into the nearby canyon wall and rattling his sword out of his grasp. Rocks rained down on him but his shield held them off. He stood unsteadily but recoiled at the sight of the leathery-winged, fire-skulled, scabrous fiend that had assailed him.

Its legs bunched for a lunge and Neshi tried to dodge and reach for his fallen blade but moved too slowly. The fiend slammed into him and grasped his head with both hands in a grip of unnatural strength. Neshi did not scream when the fiend smiled as it was about to bash his head against the rocks but tried his utmost to reach his khopesh and at least die with one final blow…

TOK-TOK-TOK! (OOC: Yes, this sound effect ALSO stands for Daiyanissa's knocking on the door)

Three loud knocks startle Neshi from his nightmares. Bloodshot eyes snap open and he rips his khopesh from its hasp. He leaps from the rock-strewn floor and slashes at the door with a mighty roar. “NYARGH! Die, foul abomination!”


The ancient, master-wrought blade punches through the woodwork of the door in a shower of splinters. The impact travels up Neshi’s arms and jars him into wakefulness. His jaw drops in shock and his eyes widen in fear but swift, they drop for shame of what he had done.

Through the jagged hole in the door, he sees Daiyanissa’s fair face recoil at the sudden violence.


Creeeaak… Tok-tok.

His sword drops from nerveless hands and clangs discordantly against the cold floor. He drops to his hands and knees. Sobbing, he genuflects repeatedly in apology and at every bow, hits his forehead on the floor.

Slowly, the riven door, jarred by the force of the blow, drifts open on loose hinges to reveal Neshi prostrating himself once more before Daiyanissa.

Yesterday evening (OOC: Here comes a little bit of comedy)

The others left soon after Daiyanissa did. Long did Neshi but stare at the food and the key. He pondered many things within his heart, but most of all, the dilemma that Daiyanissa left for him. I displaced a lady AND took her uneaten meal--- how much more dishonor shall I suffer this night? No. She gave them of her own free will… but, how fare shall she? And what did she mean by ‘a bed of feathers’? Why in blazes would beds be wrought of feathers?

But then, his body decided the debate for him. His stomach growled and he frowned. “May the blessed Bast consecrate this meal. So mote it be”, he prayed.

With that, he took one of the strips of snake meat and ripped off the head in one mighty bite. He chewed it slowly, letting the bread and beans that had been stuffed into the snake upon its preparation come to the fore. “The Madness of Seth seizes those who are not moderate”, he recalled his grandfather’s saying.

Finally, Neshi’s hunger and curiosity overwhelmed his discipline and he took a tentative spoonful from the trencher of food that the kind paladin left. He distinguished by sight and smell of the onions, the beans and the lettuce, but it was the strange, red meat that truly intrigued him.

As he bit in, his eyes suddenly lit up and his nostrils flared with the sudden heat. “GWAH!” he gasped. Fumbling with the cap of his waterskin, he guzzled rapidly the liquid gold within, seeking to quench the fires that had sprung within his mouth. Once the exotic spice was quelled, he practically dove into the dish and finished it with all a soldier’s alacrity in under a minute.

He drops two coins of gold on the bar and says to the barkeeper, “Ho, thou tavern-tender. My compliments on the cooking--- ‘tis excellent fare ye have. Hast thou but nine candles I may use?”

The scrawny man in the grimy apron looks at him askance and bites into both coins to check their authenticity. Then, suddenly, he holds them to the light and turns them every which way. He beams at Neshi, his gap-toothed grin radiating greed. “Haaail, mighty traveler. Dese ‘ere gold be more’n hunnerd years ol’. Where’d ya gettem?”

Neshi looks at the little man quizzically and frowns. “Aye? I had them yesterday. And the day ere then and the day ere then…”

“Yeah? Well keep yer secrets then. Dese ‘ere pieces ye gives meh, der worth more’n a year’s wage, methinks… damned hells! Take ninety candles iffen ye wanna!” He drawls, then winks, saying, “Heh, looks like I owe the paladin a refund…”

“The nine candles shall do me fine enough, sirrah” Neshi relaxed his frown and said, “Well, mayhap if sometime, of a favor I am in need, I shall come to thee and thou’lt pay thy debt”

“Yeah, yeah, gerron wivvit alrea’y”, the taverner drawls as he hurries to pack the nine candles into a small burlap bag.

Neshi takes the bag of candles from him and checks if he had gotten the key to his borrowed room. His face flushes as he pats himself down and swears beneath his breath, “Misbegotten son of Seth!”

He leaps back to the table and prays a thousand thanks that it was still where he’d left it. What are ‘keys’ anyway, and, by Djauwety, are these things magical? Nodding his thanks to the scrawny man exulting in his ancient gold, he hurries up the stairs. Third door on the left… was that what she said?

He arrives at the third door on the left and stares at the doorknob and the lock mechanism below. He stares at it for a long while, then crouches and cranes his neck, inspecting it from every angle. He tries turning the knob but the door won’t open. He fumbles with the key and, after several tries at inserting it into the keyhole, finally succeeds. He turns the key with much trepidation in his heart and leaps back, gasping and astonished when the door opens. It IS magic!

He enters the room and finds that it is an affair made mostly of wood. Curtains dance from an open window and Neshi shivers with the night air. There is a large copper tub and a copper chamberpot in one corner. There are only around five square feet of open floor space. Pushed up against one whitewashed wall is a massive bed… or at least that is what it seems to Neshi for all that he had to sleep on back in the Sanctum were slabs of stone.

He inspects the bed more closely and is shocked to find that it is covered in various cloths and sheets of linen. Truly, these folk are rich beyond belief to afford so much linen but… how strange. Where is the neck-rest?

He tries sitting down on the bed and is shocked once more to find that he sinks into it. He pokes it with one finger and feels the softness of the fabric. He takes his dagger, cuts a small hole in the soft, fluffy thing near the headrest. He peers in and suddenly sneezes. Dear Djauwety! She spoke true, then--- ‘tis, ‘tis full of feathers! Most strange, these folk are, indeed…

Neshi frowns and drops his pack on the floor. He then takes off his all his arms and armor except for his ancestral khopesh. These he lays carefully on the bed, piece by piece, ending with the shield and helm on top of the neat pile.

He lays out eight of the candles in a circle. Taking his flints, he painstakingly lights every candle and murmurs a litany over each. Neshi continues his prayers as he puts away the flints and, cradling his sickle-sword on his lap, he settles into the center of the bright circle and begins to meditate in earnest.

“Hail to Horus-Re, King of Falcons
Praise Horakhe, Lord of Virtue and Vengeance
Honored be the Lily-born, Son of the Sun’s Scion
Gracious and loving, wonderful and mighty is
Horus-Aton the Sun-Sword and Scarab-Shield
Hail to Horus-Re, King…”

2007-06-27, 04:33 PM
((OOC: Oh dear...hahaha.. im sorry, but that was so cute! (read spoiler) ))

Daiyanissa's face drained of all its color at the sight of a sword slashing through the wooden door, and the anger and pain twisting the once handsome face of it's wielder. She stepped back, to allow the door to open, only to find a quick change in the warrior. Once again... he was prostrating himself at her feet.


She tip-toed closer to him, until she was beside his shoulder. So absorbed in his misery, he didn't even notice her movement until she touched his shoulder to rouse him from his sobs, when he jumped near 3 feet in the air in surprise. The corners of her lips turned up just in the slightest, trying to ignore the fact that he was near naked and that he cut the door to pieces.

"My My you are high maintenance, come on, get up," She grabbed his hand and assisted him to a standing position, Turning away to blush at his missing clothing."Umm, I hope you do not think me coarse or rude, but... would you like me to leave for a moment....while..you..." She clears her throat and looks to the Travellers clothes that she had sent up last evening, "Umm... put on some clothes?"

She moved away to turn around and looked at the room for the first time since she saw it the night before, gasping, she walked over to the bed and looked at the rips in the pillow and mattress. Looking at the 8 candles on the floor she was confused and angered.

((OOC I note that She is overreacting in the next few lines of speech))

"What the hell did you do in here last night!? Why is the bed torn to shreds?!", She turned to look at him with pure annoyance in her eyes, Turned to a metal grey in her anger and misunderstanding."Oh goodness, and there isn't even enough time to sew it back up.... We have to get going soon for the council meeting..." She took the covers and abrubtly tried to cover up the mess while Neshi got dressed, mumbling, 'Well i guess i owe the barkeep an extra two gold for this...'

2007-06-27, 10:34 PM
(OOC: Crash! Wait, was that the fourth wall breaking?:smallwink:)

Blazes of a thousand fires! I knew that she should have kept this room... a worm such as I is unworthy of such luxury... but then, at what price is this luxury... one's soul?

Neshi stands dumbfounded at the sudden turn of events. One moment he was slashing at a fiend, the next, he'd chopped right through his host's door and nigh into his benefactor! Truly, he feels wretched in his state of disarray.

"Stan' straight to attention!" He heard his father's voice, whipping him back to his senses and forcing him to attend to the task at hand. He quickly grabs a sleeved tunic from the top of the pile of Northern clothing that the maids had given him last night and ties it around his waist. Fumblingly, he takes a pair of breeches--- one that already had a gaping hole in the crotch, and thrusts his arms into the pant legs, struggling with his head. Finally, he gets a kilt and dons it over his head and on his shoulders like a coif.

"Report, damnit!" Neshi could practically feel his father's spray of saliva as he roared out at new recruits.

"I..." He starts. "I comply by thy request, milady, but for the life of me, I cannot decipher the mystery of the clothing of the North"

With that, he gathers up his kit and dons his armor... albeit clumsily, for the novelty of the new clothing is still quite an obstacle. At every item that he picks up, he murmurs soft prayers and bows toward the Eastward window. Finishing, he takes his holy symbol and waves it many times over the mangled bed, chanting in a strange tongue.

His preparations complete, he scrapes up the candle stumps, replaces them in the burlap bag that the taverner had provided him. His back hunches as he creeps through the door.

It is only when he is out the door that he tugs at Daiyanissa's arm and pulls her away from the room. Neshi struggles to control a shudder born of genuine fear as he whispers to her, a near-manic, frightened light in his eyes, "Cursed! That bed is accursed! It sucks you in and lulls you to the slumber of doom. It is cursed! Cursed, like the dreaded K'wek nar D'nas 'tchar! Cursed, I tell you, cursed!"

2007-06-27, 11:06 PM
after all of you are dressed drakon takes you to the council of Hothmalor.

You are lead into a big room in the center there is a huge table with men and women of all the good races. A old man sits in a bigger chair than the rest of the consoleGreetings greetings I am Norros Vanridge head counsel men of Hothmalor I foretold of great things of you and great things are about to happen. He tells everyone the story of Malindor. But the kingdom needs help before the Malindor comes.

2007-06-27, 11:16 PM
Daiyanissa looked suspiciously at the man, "So...What exactly do you need us to do?" Her brow raised

Before the Council meeting....

Watching Neshi try to don the Travellers clothes, Daiyanissa held her hand up to cover her mouth as she chuckled. 'Poor man.. maybe I should try to help...' She couldn't help the grin on her face as he continued, to shy to suggest how to put them on in actuality.

((OOC: Did i misunderstand? Did Neshi take off the new clothes and put on his old ones? I must have read it incorrectly))

She picked at the kilt, smiled and shook her head.

Her smile vanished however, when she took a closer look at him. She noticed that his face was void of colour, his eyes wide and searching hers for comfort, or a little understanding. She immediately regretted her laughter, her face filled with remorse upon realizing what this man must be going through. Allowing him to lead her out of the room, she looked at him and asked, "What's going on? What happened with the bed? Why do you say it's cursed?" She stopped him before they descended the stairs, and faced him, lifting her hand to feel his forehead, and then ran her fingers over his hair while searching his eyes to find out how to comfort him. They were still wide, shocked at all of the changes that happened in the last 24 hours. "I don't know what I did to you, but don't worry, everything will be fine.." Her hand rested on his neck as she tried to smile to give him the courage he so sorely needed, she rested her cheek on his while she gave him a brief hug for comfort,"It's ok", her voice but a whisper floating past his ear, "It's ok".

Shocked at herself for her behavior,she left him standing at the top of the staircase and walked down to speak with the messenger. "Duty, one thing I can always count on," she thought grimly.

She was silent on the way to the Council meeting, in wonder of her companions' reactions to the everyday things that she was used to...

2007-06-28, 12:59 AM
There is a rumor that there is a hobgoblin outpost to the north of the city and this would serve as a good chance to see if you have what it takes to save the world

2007-06-28, 01:20 AM
"Ok, what else do we need to know? what's the rumor say?" She looks around to her comrades...

2007-06-28, 01:25 AM
there are rumors that they will attack the the outskirts of the citys and surrounding farms. They are held up in their cave.

2007-06-28, 01:26 AM
"Is there something important in the outpost, or are we going there just to..." Martin's head lowers.

2007-06-28, 01:27 AM
"So what do you wish to learn about the hobgoblins? do you want us to interrogate them? or just slaughter?"

2007-06-28, 01:42 AM
"And why do you care if we have what it takes to save the world? As I pointed out earlier, we're hardly the paradigm of heroism and I'm sure this place has a decent sized army that could wipe out that Malindor guy in an instant, to say nothing of a few goblins. I'll help fight the goblins they surely have something worth taking but why are we so important?"

2007-06-28, 02:08 AM
"Oft 'tis, that the greatest empires were founded on rumors, suspicion and fear", Neshi declares, his grey eyes boldly locking Norros Vanridge's gaze. "But then, my lord Horus-Re, the mighty Son of the Scion of the Sun would not have sent me to this strange time and this strange place unless it was truly of grave importance"

He then spits onto his palm and grazes it with the edge of his dagger. Unflinching, he waits for the blood to flow and then he smears in on the blade of his sword. "The signs from heaven have been too numerous and wondrous to not be believed. Thou hast mine bond so long as no wickedness or corruption or deception come from thee and thine"

By fire and flame! I pray to ye, Horakhe and Ankhutar-Sekhma, I pray that true and right is this, mine pledge.

And then, suddenly, something clicks into place in Neshi's memory, something ancient and terrible. Hoping against hope, he asks with a suddenly-dry mouth, "Milord Vanridge, didst thou say, 'Malindor'?"

He repeats, "'Malindor'---didst thou say 'Malindor'?"

2007-06-28, 08:53 AM
"I believe he did...why?"

2007-06-28, 11:52 AM
((OOC: I sincerely apologize if this may have “stepped on the GM’s toes”. Sir De-trick, please PM me if I have gone too far with subplot recap and summon exposition))

Neshi’s jaw is set in a grim line as he gathers himself up. “Back when I was but a boy, my homeland’s Northern reaches were hard pressed against hordes of fiends and undead under the command of a ruler, dark and great. His name was Malindor and his power was vast and terrible”

He pauses, letting the words sink in. “And then, all of a sudden, his dread armies withered away for it seemed that his hand was withdrawn. Upon Mulhorand, my homeland’s hour of need, Malindor’s might simply disappeared and we routed what little was left of his once-glorious hosts”

A thin smile of patriotic pride tugs at the edges of his lips but the tidings of terror that he bears are too great for the memory of past glory to overcome. “Our greatest diviners were not able to see what caused Malindor’s downfall, but they foretold that, let pass a thousand years and Malindor shall once more arise in might, far greater and more terrible than ever before”

His teeth ground together as he continued, “They prophesied that he would usher in a new world order--- one of death and decay, despair and doom. Doom!”

Blood runs down the hilt of his sword from his scored palm as he clutches it in a white-knuckled grip. He unconsciously wipes it clean on his tunic before he hefts it high. The morning sunlight scintillates on the curved blade. “Behold! I am Neshi of Nimlot’s Nome, former Captain of the Guard, veteran of the Battle of Efer-nim and the last Templar Lightbringer of the Sanctum of Sekhmet. Malindor is a misbegotten son of Seth the Shadowlord and heir of Apepi the Night-Serpent”

Shaking his sword, Neshi continues, “The path is clear now, but the road is still fraught with storms of searing sand” He sheathes his khopesh and doffs his helm, baring his scars for all to see--- four massive white streaks slash across his dark-skinned face, one nearly gouging his left eye out. “Yea, I was not unscathed from my treacherous travails and, verily, I bear the scars of that awful time of troubles. But I survived.”

He pauses, drawing a deep breath before continuing, “In those Times of Trouble, the people forsook the All-father, Ra. And then Apepi, the Serpent of the Night grew stronger, feeding off the fears and furies of the people. Apepi arose in might and devoured Ra, the Sun-Scarab. Without him, there was no sun, no stars, no day. Without him, the other gods were either swiftly overcome or fled they far afield. For an age of terror and despair, the darkness was unending and the night was eternal. The netherworld opened its maw and the dead arose and ate the living. Fiends flocked in the black skies, flocked like vultures over a dying man”

Neshi gathers himself once more and slowly spins around, addressing both the Council and his companions. He gathers his courage and even shows a hint of a nostalgic smile, recalling the few times that he’d delivered a sermon to acolytes and travelers at the Sanctum. “But then, there were those faithful few, who hung on to the old gods of Light and persevered despite the tribulation of the Time of Troubles. Lo! A savior arose from the marshes of the South, yea, from beyond the Wastes of Wesat’ta. He was born of the Lotus, Horus-Re, the Falcon-Lord who defends the world with his Wings of Salvation. He roused gods dead and slumbering alike and led the rebellion against Seth and Apepi”

Neshi gasps and bites his lips. Uncapping his waterskin, he takes a sip and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before continuing. “It was then that I… died. I know not how I died but it was in a great searing light, a mighty fire…”

He looks at his audience once more and with heaving chest continues his tale. “Well, methought I had died.” He stomps on the floor for emphasis. “But I awoke but yester-morn… I awoke to find my beloved Sanctum naught but a sea of bleached bones, shards of stone and crock… and a sea of red sand… I awoke in a sea of sand and shards!”

He points a quivering finger at the Council and nigh shouts, “Thy messenger came to me and bid me come here… but midway on our journey here, he betrayed me and left me to die in a desert! It was the hand of my god that plucked me from the sea of sand and placed me here in thy city most fair. And now here we are…”

Neshi turns once more around and about, addressing all and meeting the gazes of his companions, his eyes lingering on Daiyanissa’s. “The path is clear but the road is still shrouded in storm and shadow. We must sally forth as champions of Light and Goodness and lay low the minions of Malindor and mayhap that king of fiends himself. We must sally forth and once more with sacred swords slay Seth’s servants of Shadow! Methinks… nigh a thousand years have passed and the day of doom that has been foretold is nigh, when day shall once more be darkened and dread shall fill the hearts of men. We must sally forth lest doom and damnation take us all… we must sally forth and strike at the heart of darkness… and slay once more the Malice of Malindor!”

With the final syllable, Neshi tries to stand at attention but fails for he had put too much effort into his speech. He walks wearily over to the nearest pillar and indulges himself by slumping against it, drained.

2007-06-28, 12:06 PM
Wow.....Just... wow... I was caught up in that speech myself, I applaude you and your Writing skills, i applaude you!

Daiyanissa Looked at Neshi's worn out body, slumped against the pillar, shocked at all that she had just heard. The sheer evil of what had happened to him had incensed her paladin senses. She was angry, her eyes flashing with a murderous glare, from blue to white, she tried to calm herself in front of the council, taking a deep breath to halt her need to scream.

"IS THIS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST? YOU PLAN TO SEND US OFF TO FIGHT THIS?" She took another deep breath, "And just thought to tell us little bits and pieces, you know, Those little adventurers don't need to know anything, just send them off to do errands..." She sneered, and turned away to go check on Neshi, walking a few steps and turning her head to face them again. "I'll do it, but only because so much evil sickens me, not, i remind you, because you demanded I do so. Tell my comrades the location of the Hobgoblins and what you plan for us there, Im going to check on Neshi, and make sure he's all right." She turned and walked purposefully towards the exhausted warrior, kneeling down to hand him his waterskin. She gives him a softer look, but continues to glare at the council.

2007-06-28, 12:43 PM
I'm giving everyone some roleplaying xp for the sheer length of Nexus and Daiyanissa, but im giving everyone 1000 roleplaying xp goodjob roleplaying

it is 3 days trip by horse we will proved anything you shall need in the journey including horses and food

2007-06-28, 03:44 PM
"Well... You better!" Martin exclaims, picking up on the tone of anger in Daiyanissa's voice. "We'll need everything we can get to battle a force that great." Martin pauses, brows furrowed. "I suppose the hobgoblins are connected to Malindor, which means they're an incredible danger to everyone. I guess I feel better about the mission now, though a more sensible part of me feels worse."

Martin walks over to Neshi, a bit fearful of the slumped figure. "Are you all right?"

2007-06-28, 03:48 PM
WOOO! GO XP! ((PS....forshadowing....))

"He should be fine, Martin, I just gave him a drink. I think he might need some fresh air though. I'll take him outside and check everything out. Would you help me help him to his feet?" She asked

Martin obliged her request and assisted Neshi to a standing position.

"Thanks, i'll take it from here. Could you see if you can get anything else out of that Council?" She asked as she turned Neshi aroud towards the door.

Walking out of the Council's depressing hall, Daiyanissa leads Neshi outside for fresh air. Calling her horse over with a whistle, she goes digging through the saddlebags for something. Chatting away about trivialities to take his mind away from the seriousness inside, she pulls out a little Vial of what looks to be water. She looks at it, handling it gently. Her features soften as she holds it up to the sun, Showing Neshi that it was more than just water. It sparkled, clearer than the sky itself, so clean and pure that the Gods themselves could not wish for it any other way. She brought it down and handed it to him, resting it in his hands.

His questioning look told her everything she needed to know.

"This was blessed by the Lord Torm, The Loyal Fury, himself. His light gives one strength, it gives one a feeling of calm, and it helped me through a hard time in my life. I think that you need it now. I know HE is not one of your Gods, I know you do not worship him. But I do, and He will look over you in your time of need." She smiled as he took the vial, and turned it over to inspect it. "I promise, nothing will happen with this, it is just a personal talisman that I pass to you."

She turned and packed up her horse. "You might want to get your things ready, it looks like we will be leaving shortly." With that her face turned blank again and she lead her horse to a patch of grass. 'Looks like we are going to have fun...'

2007-06-28, 04:02 PM
Taking the Paladin's request to heart, Martin turns and faces the council with a grin.

"So, we get all the horses and food we need. But how much are you really prepared to give to save the world?"

2007-06-28, 06:24 PM
ANYTHING THAT WE CAN SPARE, we are trying to gather all the money and soldiers we need incase we have to fight in a war with Malindor.

2007-06-28, 08:44 PM
"What, exactly, can you spare? Not yet could I speak for the rest of my newly acquainted comrades, but I'm sure they could use some finely-crafted equipment." Martin looks away, lips pursed. Well, I should at least ask. He looks back up with a smile, "And maybe... we could take a look at any magical treasuries and stockpiles?"

2007-06-28, 09:23 PM
"I second Martin's question. After all, If we are supposed to fight this magical menace we will need equally magic weaponry. Crossbows and swords don't exactly cut it against a world destroying evil creature.

2007-06-28, 09:53 PM
(OOC: I dropped the accent, since I've rethought this character a bit.)


The steel-clad warrior slowly began to pick himself up from the gutter.

Intense pain resounded throughout his body. He could feel each muscle, for they cried out in agony. He could feel each joint, for they protested loudly as he rose. His head... Oh, his head was throbbing, pounding out a primitive rhythm as the blood surged through his body, awakening more and more pain with each cycle. His throat burned with the intensity of a thousand noonday suns and, as he swallowed, he choked at the pain. As he attempted to push himself to his feet in his staggered state, his arms locked up and he toppled down again. Unfortunately, he didn't fall backwards, instead diving headfirst into the gutter.

He took the opportunity to sample the olfactory excellence of the gutter. Well, not out of choice. But, his face was covered in the muck now, so he figured he might as well figure out what was on it. Luckily, he seemed to have not ended up in a latrine, instead seeming to be wallowing in market waste. Pig's blood was quite a bit preferable to human offal, he decided. Still, he didn't feel much like swimming in a mixture of market byproduct and rainwater gone rancid, so he rolled himself out of the gutter. He again attempted to lift himself off the ground. "Attempted", since he did not succeed on his second try. Nor on his third, fourth, or fifth. Finally, after around two minutes of struggle, he was upright; although, just barely.

"Lathander, give me some of your vitality, if you could....." he groaned as he stumbled around, his eyes adjusting to daylight. The pounding in his temples was picking up tempo, akin to a slavedriver mercilessly setting a suicidal rhythm for the rowers of a ship. The man thought wryly to himself, "Ah, now that's a beat you can dance to." He refrained, however, from setting some new musical trend, since he figured he'd end up back in that gutter in an instant.

"By Tempus, where in all the hells am I?!", the groggy warrior shouted out.

As if to answer his query, his vision slowly became less blurry and he began to take in his surroundings. He could see a market stall, some sort of fishmonger... Ah, so it wasn't just pig's blood, then. No, wait, the market stall was ahead. To his sides, two buildings loomed over him, thatched roofs and all. Behind him, a city wall. Ah, so this was an alleyway of some sort.

"Flawless victory!" he chuckled to himself, the pain lessening somewhat and his mind beginning to sharpen. A second later, he choked again, the dryness in his throat getting the better of him.

Shielding his eyes against the sun, he stumbled out into the market. Ignoring the myriad of strange looks that he earned from passerby, he sallied forth in search of water. He came to some sort of fountain, one with a statue of a maiden with an amphora pouring water from an unknown source into the pool below. After first rinsing his hands somewhat, he began to drink as much as he could from the man-made waterfall. As the pain in his throat finally subsided, he noticed a cadre of city guards - grim, serious men, clad in scale and leather, spears with wicked tips pointed skyward. They seemed to be marching towards him, most likely because his appearance was causing some noble discomfort. Deciding it wasn't a good idea to spend the next few hours being question by overzealous lawful guardsmen, he shifted his pack on his shoulder and began to run as fast as his stiff frame would allow him.

As his steps became more fluid and his speed increased, some of the muscular kinks and afflicted joints that had been so troublesome earlier subsided in intensity. Instead of the sharp, acute stabbing pain of before, he now felt only the dull, aching pain of tired muscles and day-old bruises. "A tad preferable." he chuckled to himself, his legs pumping quicker and quicker.

He threw open the door to a tavern. Well, to be more accurate, he threw open the door to a tavern, misjudged his ability to brake, and slammed facefirst into the road. Luckily for him, the guards hadn't been particularly intent on pursuit, and seemed to have better things to do than chase the warrior. As he picked himself up and made his way into the tavern, he once again noticed a number of people staring at him. This time, the intent of their stares was different; respectful, cautious, and... fearful? The warrior had no time to contemplate, as the innkeeper, a portly older chap with extremely disheveled hair and a panic look in his eyes, quickly shouted at him to "GET OUT, AND NEVER COME NEAR THIS PLACE AGAIN!"

As the man quickly complied with the livid innkeeper and began to walk slowly down the street, he gathered his wits about him. What had happened in the last few days? Wait, who was he, anyway?

Ahh... Right, this one was easy. He was Yorrick Norhelm, a wandering warrior who, until the events of the past few days, had spent most of his time slaying goblins, kobolds, and other such minor menaces in an effort to protect the towns of an underpopulated region about a weeks travel from here. Where was here, anyway? Ah, right, Hothmalor or something like that. He was here, why, again? Ah, right, some sort of letter... And an old man?

The gears in his mind finally shifted into place, and the full extent of his memories flowed back to him in a torrential downpour of images and audio, the sights and sounds of the recent past. He'd gotten a letter summoning him to Hothmalor and had ended up protecting a caravan headed there, after their guards had been killed by a ravaging goblin horde. They'd encountered some sort of scouting party and, while Yorrick had dispatched them quickly, they hadn't rested at all for fear of ambush. For days, he'd had no sleep, as he tended (with the most basic of battlefield first aid) to the merchant who'd been wounded by the goblin attack that had killed the guards and had kept watch night and day.

They'd arrived at Hothmalor in short order, thanks to the constant travel speed, just as the horses seemed ready to collapse. After dropping off the wounded man at a local temple, he'd helped the other merchant, the old man from his memories, offload the caravan at some place called the "Vomiting Horseshow"... Or something like that. He was informed, after he'd stacked all the crates of alcohol in the backroom of the inn, that they had no more rooms - some strange foreigner had taken the last one; or was it a paladin of Torm? Either way, he'd been out on the streets in a strange city, something that hadn't been much to his liking.

He'd wandered into a tavern, "The Belching Boar" or something equally vulgar, with the intent to ask for a room. That was the tavern he'd just been kicked out of, now that he thought about it. Then... What had happened?

Images of flying fists and broken tables fluttered through his mind like a hummingbird flitting from nectarous flower to nectarous flower. Ah, a public house brawl. Some misanthropic trogdlyte had brought a woman there, perhaps a lady of the night judging by her clothes and mannerisms, and proceeded to heap verbal and physical abuse upon her. Ah, right, the guy had been some sort of underworld bigwig around here. Yorrick had picked a fight with him, slugged him across the face for the way he was treating the woman. He'd been jumped by some of the guy's minions, while some other patrons leapt to Yorrick's side. Carnage ensued, broken tables and chairs flying through the air. Yorrick had taken a hit from a chair to the back of the head. Ah, that's where that particular sore spot was from. Weapons were brandished, knives and daggers, and the fight became bloody. Eventually, the guards had come along to break it up, and Yorrick, on the ground thanks to the hit from the chair, had slipped away during the confusion. He'd staggered through the city aimlessly, and then passed out in that alleyway thanks to exhaustion and the injuries he'd sustained in the brawl.

"Hmph, good thing nobody took my gear." Yorrick thought, patting the pack affixed to his back. Aside from the injuries and muscular exhaustion, the rest of his earlier pain could probably be attributed to the famous mistake of falling asleep in armor. His recollections satisfying his curiosity about his present state, he turned his attention to the letter that had brought him here in the first place. Council of Hothmalor, right, he'd better find them.

Be it fate or plain luck, Yorrick came across a man bearing the same crest as that messenger from a few days past. "Good sir!" he called out, "Could you tell me whereabouts I could find the Council of Hothmalor?!"

The man eyed him up and down, and then briskly walked by. "Oi, then!" Yorrick shouted to him, "Give a fellow a break!"

"You're standing about a hundred feet from the council hall, idiot!" the man shouted back. "Do you expect to get an audience looking like that?!" he added, but Yorrick had already turned away and was jogging towards a rather imposing building he assumed to be the hall where he was supposed to go.

Outside the building, he came across a strange pair. One was a kind-faced young lady with striking blue eyes, some sort of holy warrior, judging by the divine symbol she openly displayed. The other was some strange-looking man, a foreigner of sorts, seemingly in a bit of emotional distress. Yorrick's eyes were immediately drawn to the strange weapon girded to the man's belt - something Yorrick had never seen in all his encounters with foreign warriors. This man was from far away, most certainly. If Yorrick didn't know better, he'd say that the man was from a different era.

Yorrick pulled out his letter and began to walk towards the pair. "Hail!" he grinned at the duo, "Would you happen to know of the Council of Hothmalor?" he inquired, gesturing towards the letter and seal he held in his hand.

Regrettably, Yorrick had neglected an important detail. He had not looked in the fountain's pool when he had been fetching water for his parched throat. In his mind, he thought he was flashing a disarming smile at the two that would hopefully win him some information. In reality, he looked nothing of the sort. His normally long and flowing blond hair was gnarled, matted, and filled with dirt and grime. His armor was covered in the muck from the gutter and the small amount of blood that had not already been baked on in the sunlight was running down his chest and pooling in the grooves of his weather-worn protective suit. His face was streaked with mud and more blood, his eyes looking wild and his normally clean-shaven face marred with dirt-blackened stubble. With the grin on his face, he looked perhaps more like a demonic warrior of the undead, rather than any friend of those in trouble. He might have even looked like he was about to murder the pair where they stood if they answered the wrong way.

"Yorrick, my name's Yorrick Norhelm." he grinned once more, his hand outstretched.

(OOC: PHEW, I think I'm finally back in the story. Damn internet. And, yes, those two are Daiy and Neshi. Pardon the quality of this, I may have rushed a bit to finally get it done.)

2007-06-28, 10:42 PM
Daiyanissa looked up to the sound of a scratchy male voice, only to see a very disheveled man. He stood tall, with ratted hair that looked to be blond at one time, with blue eyes that spoke of a good nature. He looked to be a man down on his luck.

"Daiyanissa,"She replied, "Paladin of Torm, Protector of the Light."

Detecting no evil, she looked him strait in the eye and directed him behind her.

"There, but you are going to have to wait, they are in a meeting right now." She turned her blank stare at the stranger, suspicious of what he needed with the council. "But I am betting you are here for the same reason as I. You have a summons?" She raised an eyebrow with a hint of a grin, and extended her hand, waiting for the parchment.

Looking a little shocked, he gave her his parchment of summons.

"Yeah, looks like your with us." she gave a silent sigh, "One of two options, go and get yourself cleaned up, as we leave shortly for the outskirts of the city, or get in there and make yourself known to the council, as they are providing you all horses and other equipment. I suggest you go introduce yourself, Tell them I sent you in and not to worry."

She sent the disheveled man away into the hall she was so eager to escape from, and returned to brushing her horse.

2007-06-28, 10:57 PM
we can give you a small amount we have a empire to run too
( 500 gp max)

2007-06-29, 12:38 AM
"We'll take whatever you can provide." Martin steps turns around, addressing the council back turned: "I just hope your empire can afford the costs of surviving an undead onslaught while still... running smoothly." He winks to his compatriots.

((500gp per or total?))

2007-06-29, 01:31 AM

(also who has that hand on a necklace)

2007-06-29, 07:21 PM
Waiting patiently for the rest of the group to exit the hall, Daiyanissa tried to focus her attentions on anything but Neshi. She was confused about what was going on inside her, urges to comfort and shield from the evils of society. She allowed herself a peek at him, feeling warm and tingly when she caught his eye.

She didn't know why she was trying to fight it, or what she was trying to fight. But Paladins never had time for personal relationships, that was the first lesson in Duty, first year of Paladin training. She never understood why they pushed that so far into their minds until now. She realized what a distraction caring for another person's wellbeing could be, and what if something happened? What if She lost that special friend while they were out looking for the Evil Being? She never dealt that well with losing, and she never dealt well with death. She knew that when she took her vows to become a Paladin. But losing someone important? She shook her head to get the disturbing thoughts out of her head.


'...You are meant to be here, at this time for him...It is my will...' a deep, throaty, Ethereal sounding voice whispered in her ear. A female voice, she sounded wise, she sounded like she was ready to give up on something she had never thought would die.

'Who was that?', Daiy wondered.

'I am you....I am who you were a thousand years ago....... Do not push him away......he has many things to teach you....'

Daiyanissa shook her head to send away the voice. It sounded to familiar, it sounded to haunted...It sounded...sad. She couldn't get the thought of the voice out of her head. She wondered what had happened, many situations played in her mind, making her eyes moist with sadness.
A single tear danced upon her cheek, glistening in the sunlight.

Turning to tie up her horse, Daiyanissa started to walk away, lost in her own thoughts....

2007-06-29, 10:44 PM
(OCC spend your GP now)
you receive your equipment you requested and are showing to the north gate also you are giving 2 heavy horses and a wagon for things recovered in the cave.

2007-06-29, 11:24 PM
Martin reads over his newfound treasures. "These will definitely come in handy." Martin delicately places the scrolls in his pack and whispers into his shirt pocket, "You stay scared, because we're going to be in real danger now." For a moment, Martin's heart sinks. "I hope we don't end up like the thief."

((Er, was there a post in front of mine?))

2007-06-29, 11:37 PM
((OOC: And what of the Necklace? what of the necklace...))

Daiyanissa pockets the gold for a rainy day. She swings herself up onto her Warhorse, Sir Micheal, and rides up in front of the group. "If I may make a suggestion... Should any of you slow down, get into the cart. Save your strength for the battles to come. I will stay up front, and warn you of anything that I might see."

She looked over the group, not very impressed with what she had to work with, she began to explain, "If we are attacked, As i will be out front, I will be picked out first, so get into your positions. Don't worry, I can handle a few Hobgoblins. What I cannot handle is incompetence. So keeping that in mind, I want you all to ready your weapons and be aware of anything unusual."

Guiding her horse closer to Neshi, she spoke as her rank, not as Daiyanissa. "Neshi, keep an eye out. I realize this Land is all new to you, so I will try to explain things as we go along. In the event of a fight, I am sure you can handle yourself." She gave him a quick smile. "BUT, even the most experienced Fighter can be caught unawares." She backed up and addressed the group as a whole again,"So we must stick together! I will not lose any of you to a selfish act in battle! If a comrade falls, or needs help, get the hell over there. When fighting against evil, they cannot break our bonds of valor and good if we stick together!" She yelled passionately, throwing a closed fist into the air.

Finishing her speech she started to turn Sir Micheal to go to the front, her plump lips set in a thin line,"...and I will make sure of that." she stated evenly in a controlled and confident voice.

2007-06-30, 12:08 AM
(occ someone searched the cheater and was a hand of the mage)

2007-06-30, 01:09 AM
(occ new guy joined my friend be nice)

2007-06-30, 01:45 AM
Daiyanissa as you check joesph one saddle bag is bigger than normal when you onen it you see a gnome sleeping in it

wingover gimble
2007-06-30, 01:51 AM
Out of nowhere comes a voice, "Where am i? Uhh i supposed to be at some court thing but all i remember is being offered another beer and always excepting. WHAT THE HELL! ITS DARK!! Then you see one of the palidins saddle bags flip up and a small head looking out. A strange thing too becuase the gnome has odd golden eyes and green hair and is wearing just a plain shirt and pants. He stares at the adventuring party and says ,"This is akward. Ooh whos saddle bag is this and-WOW what a horse!as he looks over the edge. He climbs up onto the saddle and you see he is incredibly short even for a gnome. He is smiling and his face is quite fine but blod is on his front shirt and it is obviosoly not his. He looks around,"So does anyone know about a court and where it is? wait, where am i? oh yeah nice to meet you all i am Chuck Norris.Smiling at the party and looks kinda worried when he looks at the palidins holy symbol.

2007-06-30, 02:40 AM
Martin stares at Chuck, dumbfounded.

((Two things: I'll give up blue text if you want it, and ... Chuck Norris?))

2007-06-30, 03:36 AM
Loge stares likewise at the odd gnome, taking solace from the fact that there is actually someone he can, literally, look down upon. Loge, always the opportunist, walks over puts his arm around the gnome's shoulder.
"Greetings! The name's Loge Codicus. And I am here to enlighten you!"
Loge puts his arm around the gnome's shoulder, guides him off to the side, and leans in conspiratorially.

(Whisper to Chuck)
"Now Chuck, I'm guessing that the court you mean is actually the Council of Hothmalor back there," Loge whisperers to him. "They've just recruited us to go hunt down some goblins up north. I'd advise you to come along, especially since the paladin has a violent streak and you were just found in her saddlebags." Loge jerks his thumb at Daiyanissa. "She acts nice but don't let that fool you. You seem smart; stick with me and we'll be bound to get something nice, and by nice I mean expensive, out of this."
((OOC: I found the necklace and what class are you, wg?))

2007-06-30, 04:07 AM
((OOC: Greetings, Wingover. I apologize for Neshi's reaction--- he is very jumpy, to say the least...))


“Shards of…!” Neshi swears abruptly as the gnome, ‘Chuck Norris’ pops out of the paladin’s saddlebag. He just barely manages to restrain himself from drawing his sword at the strange, small creature. His brow furrows as he tries to make sense of the gnome’s fast-talking.

He frowns at the unsavory story and scowls at the bloodstains across Chuck’s shirt. Neshi draws his khopesh slowly and gets off his donkey. He throws a glance at Daiyanissa and asks, “Milady, is this thy slave or thy captive?”

He tightens his grip on his weapon and further inquires of the gnome, his nostrils flaring, “Or art thou a fugitive criminal, fleeing the chains of justice? Shalt thou tell us that the blood on thy tunic is but pig’s blood and ye took a tumble through the market? And saith thou that thee’d took some ale yestereve… be thy judgment flawed, then? And what manner of creature art thou--- never have I seen nor heard of thy kin nor thy kith…?”

A little earlier…

As Daiyanissa pumped her fist in the air, the steel of the gauntlet caught the noontide sun and gave off a dazzling shimmer. Neshi blinked against the sudden flare and then…

The lush green grass at his feet shriveled away and the rich soil choked into motes of dust and a sea of sand. The bushes became briars and the strange-smelling trees lost many limbs and became majestic palms.

His current companions’ complexions grew dark and bronzed and in mere heartbeats become like his own. Their clothing became loose cloaks and burnooses and veils and masks, the better to guard against the suddenly searing sun.

Glancing over at Daiyanissa, Neshi gasped as her fiery, copper-hued hair suddenly glowed with a golden light and doubled in length, the very tips of it brushing her knees. The sword across her back grew curved like his own and Neshi’s jaw dropped when she glanced at him for her face was alabaster-fair and glowed with divine radiance.

He almost reached out in an embrace, whispering, “D… milady Ankhutar, thou hast returned!” But then he stopped when her mount, a massive hawk-headed sphinx whinnied, snickered and bent down to chew a stray tuft of grass.

The present flooded back to Neshi and he snapped to attention rather awkwardly. His face was grim once more as he slammed a fist into his breastplate in salute. “I shall follow thy lead, milady.” Then, he turned to his companions and said, “If ever ye be injured, I pray thee come unto me and gladly receive the healing light of Horus-Re most holy”

Just after the Council Meeting, browsing through the Royal Armoury…
...Sorry. Please wait. This part is still under construction.

2007-06-30, 08:45 AM
((I apologize as well. Daiy is in a mood...))

Daiyanissa, shocked to find a gnome in her saddlebags, reached out and wrapped her delicate fingers around his neck in a tight grip. Leaning closer to him she growled,"What the hell are you doing in my bags?" still angry, she didn't even try to detect evil ((ooc: i don't know your char's alignment)), and threw the gnome to the ground. "I will thank you kindly to stay the hell out of my stuff. AND off of my horse" She turned and mounted.

2007-06-30, 12:08 PM
Not evil class( special monk like class)

also you see the same summons as every one has in the pocket of the gnome

2007-06-30, 03:29 PM
After Her group was at ready, she noticed a parchment sticking out of the Gnome's pocket, similar to her own. She sniffed at the realization that he was now one of her group. So be it. But she was keeping an eye on him.

"Let's be off!" She commanded, and went to the front of the group to Lead. She started to go through the North Gate when she had an odd feeling course through her veins. She quickly looked back at the men following her, oddly nervous about some of them. She knew Martin was a good fellow, and Neshi. But That Loge fellow was a very suspicious man, and the Gnome gave her a shiver. She was still undecided on Yorrick, he seemed a very nice young warrior, not afraid to get dirty, She liked that. But Not enough was known about the man.

She continued to Guide Sir Micheal up the slight slope of the road. Deep in thought, but continuously looking for something to go wrong, she contemplated the drastic turn her life had taken in the past two days. 'Some Change is good...', she reminded herself warily.

wingover gimble
2007-06-30, 10:08 PM
"So... can i have a horse? Can i have a drink, man im thirsty is that a bar!! Lets stop thier! Why isnt anyone listening to me. why do you all talk slow and whats with the armour i dont need armour im too slick. Thats right im a pro at fighting. HIYAH!As he leaps off the palidins horse straight towards the dirty warrior.

2007-06-30, 11:29 PM
As the procession heads through the gate Loge takes up his rightful place - sitting in the back of the horse drawn wagon provided by Hothmalor. As he begins to get comfortable he sees the ever-eccentric Chuck resume his antics.
"Oi! Dai! Is there a map or something of where we're heading? It's kind of hard to hunt for hobgoblins if we have no idea where we're going, and we'll obviously need a plan." Loge yells out, half legitimate interest, half trying to distract her so she doesn't kill the resident fool.

2007-07-01, 12:21 AM
"So... can i have a horse? Can i have a drink, man im thirsty is that a bar!! Lets stop thier! Why isnt anyone listening to me. why do you all talk slow and whats with the armour i dont need armour im too slick. Thats right im a pro at fighting. HIYAH!As he leaps off the palidins horse straight towards the dirty warrior.

Irritated, Daiy's left eyebrow began to show a slight twitch. 'Calm down, Calm down. One of the Lord's creatures, he is not trying to kill your senses with his stupidity...' She looked back to see him jumping around, bragging about his fighting abilities. Having heard about enough, she turned her horse towards the jumpy gnome. "Ok, So your fighting skills are top notch, eh? How would you fare against a crossbow bolt? Or an Arrow that you don't even hear coming? Did you think that you could challenge them to a bar fight? Ready to knock those pieces of wood out with your fists? Surely some kind of armor could not go amiss, even for a gnome of your abilities?" She said sarcastically, Ready to throttle the little ball of annoyance. She looked him in the eyes with confidence and challenge, "And might you consider hushing your shrill little voice? We are in Territory that could be filled with Hobgoblins at the ready to kill us all, and I am not going to let them down one of us, not while Im in charge. If you keep this up though, I may have to rethink a few things." She whispered harshly. Giving him one last cold look, she turned and went back to the front.

She took a few deep breaths to calm herself, and replied readily to Loge, "The Council said up near the North Gates, in the Caves. As far as I know, there are only one set of caves up this way. We can wing it farther then that, For the Hobgoblins anyways."

2007-07-01, 01:12 AM
Neshi keeps his khopesh at the ready, wary of the shady character that the gnome presents. Nudging his donkey lightly with his knees, he hums an old marching shanty...

Ho! Day
Shall come
Keep faith!
And march!
Ho! Day
Shall come
Keep faith!
And March!...

Onwards, ever onwards he marches, following the maiden of light.

2007-07-01, 02:32 AM
Well, if he really is as good at fighting as he says, then we've received some much-needed help. If not, his noble sacrifice in battle buys us some time... Why am I thinking like this?

Martin hangs his head and concentrates on how to win the upcomming battle.

2007-07-01, 04:41 AM
Neshi blinks against the westering sun and heaves a sigh.

So much had changed in the ages that he had slept in stone and yet, it seemed that much more had remained the same. Avarice and wickedness still abounded. As always, it was an uphill battle for the forces of light for 'tis easier for one to destroy the light within than to defeat the darkness without...

Shards! Is it in pondering these questions of conscience that one falls from grace, or is it the will of Ra made true by the hue of Djauwety that mortals should upon these inquiries wonder... for how else could we discern the difference from light and dark?

And so 'tis that knowledge of this new world, this new age, I seek... but whom shall I ask?

He gazes over his companions and tries to gauge who of them will most likely yield the most moon-truth.

At the prospect of asking the quirky gnome, he snorts… and then rethinks. Did he not mention that he was good at fighting? To fight, and fight well while that small… but then, ‘tis not of fighting that I seek to ask…

The small fellow, the one called Loge, lounges in the sled-that-rolls, his mop of brown hair bouncing every so often. He was the one who procured beer that tasted like camel’s spit back at the wayfarers’ rest-house. Looking him over, Neshi judges him adept at sneaking and scouting… but then, he smells like a scorpion…

At the head of the column, astride her stripeless zebra, Daiyanissa’s stance is rigid and alert. Ever and anon, her head moves, her gaze likely scanning the horizon for signs of an ambush. “Never interrupt a superior officer, boy, especially when they be on point! Only ask questions in the tent of the high-ups, never on the field!”, he heard his father’s voice shouting in his ear.

Neshi’s eyes drift to the broad back of the fighter who called himself ‘Yorrick’. He was surely a man of might and a wandering warrior with as many glorious tales as he had scars. Neshi smiles nostalgically, reminiscing that in such respects, Yorrick is not unlike Khur-kol of old. His smile swiftly turns bitter when he suddenly realizes that Yorrick is no Khur-kol, just as Daiyanissa is no Ankhutar...

His heart rebukes his reason and his mind turns away in shame. His last meeting with then-Captain Khur-kol flashes before his eyes.

It was a windy morn and Re had yet to rise. Neshi looked up into his tall friend's eyes, shadowed within the burnoose. They clasp arms in the manner of affable warriors and Neshi's elbow suffers from the bigger man's iron grip.

“So, this is it, then, Captain?” he asks, releasing Neshi’s arm.

“Aye. No more do I find mine zeal under Nimlot’s banners but beneath those of a higher power, Horus-Re. But still, I cherish mine memories and am proud of when I served Nimlot’s Nome” Neshi replied, squinting against the rising of both sand and sun.

“If anything I’ve learned, here at Sanctum, ‘tis that salvation is true and there is power in prophecy…” Captain Khur-kol punched his former commanding officer’s shoulder and said rather jokingly, “But methinks we shall meet again. Though pass a thousand battles over strange lands, we shall meet again”

The memory passed and then he recalled once more, but yestereve or so it seemed to him that he was torn from the world in a flaring fire. He recalled Lightbringer Ankhutar’s last despairing words to him as he had gasped his final question ere he died--- whether he will meet her again in this life or the next…

Hers was the last voice that he heard before he embraced an eternity of oblivion. “Perhaps we shall… But if we do not, and my claws tell me that we shall not… live your life, Neshi! Love on, for love is the one true light!”

But then, is it mere coincidence that two whom I loved, now seemingly arisen like the scarab from the worm, now walk and speak and act almost as… as had they a thousand years gone?

Neshi shook his head and made the Sign of the Falcon upon his breast. The heart oft knows doom ere it falls but the mind knows what doom it be, or so saith the old proverb. Am I then a fool for trusting mine heart over mine mind? Is Daiyanissa a reincarnation of milady Lightbringer and is Yorrick the same of Khur-kol? But then he pushes aside these grave thoughts and turns back to examining his current companions and seeing which would most likely yield the most wisdom of this new age...

Two men are there left. One seems to be absorbed in his own thoughts, the one they call ‘Zimdo’. ‘Tis best to leave him to his rest, methinks…

And so that leaves Martin. Neshi does not know whether it is a mirage or sweat that blurs his vision of the man called Martin. Recalling what he saw of him earlier in the day, he recalls a the attire and speech of a man of wisdom, a mage, mayhap…

Neshi decides and nudges his loudly-braying mount to where Martin is and says, “Hail to thee, Martin. I see thou art some sage or man of wisdom in these parts. Wouldst thou mind if I make of thee some inquiries regarding our quest?”

2007-07-01, 11:42 AM
After a long day of riding, Daiy decided that upon the dusk, resting would be a good idea. She had pushed them hard today, and they needed some time to camp. "OK Folks! We had a good day today! Let's set up camp!", She stopped her horse and turned around to face them all, "The faster we get this done, the faster you get some sleep. Ok, Loge, you and Chuck go get some firewood. Yorrick, brush down the animals, Martin, make a site for the fire to go in, and once they get the wood, get it lit. Zimbo, go look around, maybe there's some rabbit or something for a fresh dinner. Neshi, you're with me. We are going to set up the Tents and bedrolls" She looked intensely at them all, "Ok, move on!"

She dismounted Sir Micheal and led him over to a nearby river, unloading him herself and brushed him down. She carried his saddle and bags back to the camp, leaving him on his own to roam. "Don't worry Yorrick, I can handle him. You might want to let those other animals out to pasture as well." She went up to scratch under the Donkey's chin, "They won't run"

She went back to where Neshi stood, Smiled and picked up a tent. "Im not sure if you know these or not, but we are going to set them all up, I'll show you." They spent the next little while laughing at his attempts at her modern tents, but eventually got everything set up. "You can have my tent" she told him as she stood up.

Not sure if you bought a tent or not... if you did i apologize... same with knowing what they are...if you did, im sorry.

"Well, you all can do what you wish, I'll stand watch tonight." She walked over to a Log and sat down. She withdrew her sword and polish and started to clean it. 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' she thought as she worked in silence.

2007-07-01, 03:56 PM
Martin looks up at Neshi and smiles. "I guess you could call me that. What do you need to know?" A man of wisdom. I like that. Neshi inquires as to the nature of 'hobgoblins,' and Martin responds, "Well, I've never actually seen them myself, but I've read a few tales involving them. If I can infer anything from those old tales, hobgoblins are a tough, wicked race who fight hard and well. Then again, they always seem to lose to the valiant heroes..."
Martin haphazardly makes the site. I think I know what I'm doing... After a couple of minutes of guesswork, Martin successfully completes the task and awaits the firewood. I hope one of them has some way of starting this fire...

2007-07-01, 10:28 PM
If Neshi's complexion is but a tad fairer than dark clay, all would have marvelled at his beet-red flush. He grinds his teeth both in shame and frustration.

How much longer shall the lady suffer for my incompetence? How much more dishonor shall stain my blood from depriving her of what is hers by right?

The plates of his armor jangle loudly as he stalks up to Daiyanissa's seat. His scowl deepens as he ponders how best to put forth his case. "When in doubt, charge", he heard his grandfather's voice advise him.

And so it is that he sits down heavily at her side, heaving a mighty sigh.

Shhhhkpp... shhhkp... shh...

The fair hand with the rag stops polishing the blade of the great sword. She looks up at him, her gaze enough inquiry.

Neshi averts his gaze and cracks his knuckles nervously. "Milady," he starts.
"I have been a soldier since my thirteenth Flood. 'Tis nigh unto ten years that I've marched and fought under my... former lord's banners"

His pace picks up as he reflects on his memories. His confidence builds as he recalls a past age of glory. "My father served in Nimlot's Guard, as did my mother. His father before him served the great Nomarch faithfully and well... as did his father before him, and his father..."

Neshi nods and smiles ever so slightly at his family's pride. "I began my duties in the Guard as a Sentinel at the camel corrals and then as a grunt in the soldiery. At eighteen Floods, I was promoted to Captain over the Third Scorpions Division and then the Amun Corps"

He blows another sigh through his wide nostrils, marvelling at the cold air that turns his breath into mist. "My point is, milady, I am no longer a green grunt who complains at every foot-prick. I was a captain and a veteran of the War of Shadows. Of course I can take care of myself!"

He places his hand over her hand and her sword. "Mayhap I can help thee with thy leadership... and perhaps other things as well?"

(OOC: Dialogue coloring for later)

2007-07-02, 12:10 AM
He places his hand over her hand and her sword. "Mayhap I can help thee with thy leadership... and perhaps other things as well?"

(OOC: Dialogue coloring for later)

She looked back down to her sword, his rough, dark hand in such contrast to her small fair ones. A small smile crept on her lips, barely noticeable to anyone who might look upon the scene. Her eyes threatened to mist, she blinked it away and looked up to him. His kind gray eyes full of pride and frustration, trying to help her. She was torn inside at his offer, she knew not of how he could defend against their evils, but she wanted to trust him. She gave a slight nod to him, and looked back down to her sword. She tried to speak, but she hesitated. Focusing on his hand she tried again,".....What do you mean, other things as well?" she asked quietly.

She studied his hand, her eyes following the lines and traces the old cuts and scars that told of his life in the military. She wondered if he felt anything from their touch, she wondered if he was as distracted as she was.

She may not have spent her whole life in training with generations of family in the military, but she knew what she was doing....sort of. She was winging it, Knowing that the group needed a leader, someone to take charge of this ragtag bunch of misfits. She didn't have his obvious concentration or training, she COULD use his help. But to show weakness was not in her blood, weakness could only end in challenge.

And yet....

She wanted to trust him. She wanted to forgo all of her training that told her not to trust, to protect but never to trust. Her mind was screaming to stop, to retreat to go back into blank nothingness. But her very soul urged her to act like a human being. Her emotions wanting to break free of her tight rein on them, her heart wanting to trust. Her internal struggle was not very apparent, other then her silence.

She wanted him to know. That was it. She couldn't let herself be torn apart by rules and arguments from within.

"You know what?" she asked quietly, but with an inner strength she pulled from deep within her. "I think I need a little help. I don't know what is going on right now, I am feeling many different emotions. You aren't like most people, are you?" She quickly looked up to his eyes, and shot down to his hand again, answering her own question immediately, "No, of course you aren't. But the real question is why." She was silent for a moment, then starting "And I can't answer that. So i guess what i want to know the answer to right now is, Why do you want to help me, with other things??" She raised her eyes to meet his, an eyebrow raised in skepticism.

2007-07-02, 02:07 AM
Martin lies next to the site, gazing past the dusk sky and into his memories.

Rolling hills, peace and comfort. For some reason, I can only remember my home in black and white. There is no vibrance, no warmth, no nostalgia to cling to. With this comes some relief and some disturbance. Disturbance... Someone's coming.

As Loge and Chuck return with firewood, Martin stands up to greet them. "Ah, one of you must have a light! Quickly now, let's get this fire lit before Daiyanissa and Neshi return."

2007-07-02, 02:07 AM

"Daiyanissa. Paladin of Torm, Protector of the Light.", the woman had replied, after sizing up Yorrick and judging his appearance to be inconsequential to his nature. She did not accept the proffered hand, instead choosing to look him straight in the eye.

The state of his appearance finally dawned on him. Covered in blood and market waste from the gutter, bruised and battered from last night's brawl, and eye sockets sunken from days of little rest. "Ach. Well, I never was good with these... finer details of social situations. Don't blame her for not shaking m'hand!" he thought to himself, chuckling a little.

The paladin, Daiyanissa, was saying something about the council being in a meeting. Yorrick's attention rapidly faded, his focus fluttering away from the woman before him, soaring upwards through the sky, breaking through the roof of the clouds, and then plunging back down to earth; resting upon the strange weapon girded to the belt of the still-silent foreigner. The strange "sickle-sword" fascinated Yorrick, and he wondered how it would be wielded in combat. The blade seemed to be based on the sickle, and yet the edge was on the outside of the curve. A quick flicker of sunlight lit up the blade, showing off its wicked edge for all to see. A passing cloud blocked the sunlight, and Yorrick was snapped back to attention as the sky darkened momentarily and the blade became luminous no more.

As his mental flight ended and he returned to the paladin before him, he was momentarily startled to notice that her hand was extended. "What did I miss?!" he thought, panicked that she might take offence to his drifting mental state. "Ah, the letter!"

Recovering with as much grace as he could, still hoping that the paladin had been too caught up in her own words to notice his fickle sense of patience, he handed over the letter after a brief pause.

"Yeah, looks like your with us." she said, sighing silently, "One of two options, go and get yourself cleaned up, as we leave shortly for the outskirts of the city, or get in there and make yourself known to the council, as they are providing you all horses and other equipment. I suggest you go introduce yourself, Tell them I sent you in and not to worry."

"Haha, I'm not one much for meetings! I just noticed I'm in rather great need of a bath, shave, and a nice, long armor polishing, so I'll pass. I doubt they're not going to notice I'm here; after all, they found me out in the middle of nowhere with me leaving no indication of my whereabouts. Either they've got an uncanny knack for finding people that don't want to be found, or they've got a pretty sizable information network. I'm fairly sure they ain't gonna miss me not coming into the council chamber. I'm sure they know I'm around anyway." Yorrick replied, slightly bemused by his own laid-back approach to the whole affair. A realization flashed through his head, perhaps a little late, that his approach towards things weren't going to win him any friends. This insight was, indeed, a mere flash, as he proceeded in his series of bizarre remarks and musings.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find a fountain to dive into."

On that note, Yorrick took his leave of the scene; or, it should be said, attempted to. The pause he had taken to talk to his new allies had proven to be fatal for his battered body. As he swiveled around and lifted his right foot to step, a sharp pain knifed its way through the muscles of his leg, from hip to ankle. An attempt to gingerly favour his foot did not go well, and the impact of boot against cobblestone sent rippling shockwaves of pain clean through his right side. His reflexes failed him once again, but his fall was slow. So slow, that he could see the ants scurrying over the cobblestones to get out of the way of the falling warrior.

"Not again....." he groaned, picking himself up slowly and limping back off in the direction he had come.

Before they passed from sight, he turned around and glanced back at the pair. Something tugged at his heartstrings, pulse rapidly increasing for a fleeting instant in time. A sense of familiarity shocked his consciousness, akin to a series of rapid, crushing blows from a sword. Mentally staggered, he stumbled, not able to rebalance his mind and heart. Was it a friend? Friends? He had no such thing, did he?

And, just as quickly as they had come, those alien thoughts passed from his mind. All that was left was an overwhelming sense of loss, and he could not puzzle out why. A lone tear trickled down his cheek, for all he could feel now was sadness, an empty hollow inside his heart.


"Nor... th... gate! North... gate!" Yorrick gasped. His lungs were on fire as he took multitudes of breaths, legs pumping in a mad sprint towards his destination.

After cleaning himself off a bit in a nearby fountain, much to the distaste of passerbys, he'd dropped in quickly at the council hall to find out what exactly he was doing here. His clothes were still soiled from the gutter and days of nervous perspiration, but at least his face and armor looked a bit more presentable.

"Heh, that councillor looked a little... confused." he thought. "Suppose he's used to more competent fellows than myself!"

"But, really, why am I here? I've been wandering with no purpose for that long... But, somehow, being here feels... right."

He passed through the gates with no incident, the seal on the letter apparently granting him ease of passage. Sprinting as fast as he could for a sustained period, he rushed to catch up to his erstwhile allies.


Blazing sun. The smell of death.

No. The smell of undeath. The sickly smell of necromancy, the tainted air surrounding the bound spirits of the dead.

His vision cleared, blur fading to sharpness, revealing the scene before him. He stood in a ravine, a mere dozen warriors at his side. Before them advanced a fearsome horde, many score of fiendish constructs, decaying bodies risen from the dead to wreck havoc amongst the living. This would be their final battle, assuredly, and they would fall here, in this ravine. They could only hope, through their valor and through their bravery, that they might delay the hordes long enough for the refugees to make their way to the city.

Ah, the fair city of Efer-nim. He knew he wouldn't see it again, but that their sacrifice had saved the lives of others was reward enough. He knew that the city would remain ever-engraved in his mind; he had no need to see it again. The only family he had left were those that stood ready by his side at this moment. His truest friends were by his side and they would go down together, fighting for their people; he would not ask of the gods, even if they were alive, for a better death.

As his comrades; no, his family; readied their khopesh and shields, he tightened his grip on the strange two-handed weapon he wielded. A three-foot wooden shaft connected to a long, curved blade at the end. A strange sword, perhaps a polearm, he could easily split a shield in twain with it. His captain, his truest friend, had laughed at him for it; but his doubts had been silenced when they had gone toe-to-toe in training. He had to grin at the memory; the shock on his friend's face had been too much!

The undead charged forward. The sound of scores of skeletal limbs and decaying feet thumping against the desert ravine floor was deafening. The red stone beneath became dust, massive red-tinted clouds rapidly obscuring the sun. He lunged forward at the first attacker, his hook-sword crunching through the infernal construct before him. As shattered bone flew through the air, he spun around to face his next opponent. His hook-sword swished through the air, cleaving the decaying body before him, sickly flesh flying in the air.

He spun around once more, and a sickly sense of realization sunk into the pit of his stomach. The dozen had been surrounded already, and there was little that could be done now. He felt the cold, cruel iron bite into him, again and again, shallow slash upon shallow slash, slowly wearing him down. In the end, he could hardly stand; blood loss and the constant pain threatened to overtake him. He could no longer hear the sounds of battle; all he could hear was the thundering beat of his heart, the liquid vitality of his remaining blood. The sick thrill of battle was the only thing keeping him alive.

But, just as all seemed lost, a searing flash of white light blinded him, as if a star had fallen upon the battlefield. When his eyesight was restored, there was not a single fiend before him. Gladly thanking the dead gods, he fell to the ground, collapsing from his wounds.

Yorrick paused to shake the strange thoughts from his mind. "... What was that?" he thought, as he resumed his sprinting.


A musical sound. Chirping. Birds.

The man opened his eyes. Above him was a glorious oak tree, branches filled with leaves of lush green. Many birds were perched atop the branches, small little things, fragile, white-headed and blue-breasted. Their song was so sweet; it reminded the man of the dream he had been having.

What was that dream, again? For some reason, his memory was retreating from him. He lunged for it. It took flight, soaring ever higher in the sky. All he could do now was to grasp at the few feathers of enlightenment that remained. He gathered them up greedily. But, try as he might, he could not piece together the bird from the mere sheddings it had left behind.

Mission. Purpose. Darkness.

He could not gather any more. He could remember a voice. But he could not remember the sounds it had made, nor the tone, nor the pitch, nor the intent.

He tried to remember, to remember something, to remember the past. He could remember nothing. He couldn't remember a name, even. All he could feel was loss.

As he picked himself up slowly and began to trudge out of the forest, perhaps towards civilization, if such a thing existed, he began to cry. Not a single tear, but a multitude, a downpour of melancholy and regret. He was not one to cry often, that much he knew. But he could not stop the tears, no matter how hard he tried.

He forced himself to speak. The will to speak cut through his sobbing, and the words flowed off his tongue without incident. "I can only hope my purpose will become apparent."

With those words, he felt reassured; he knew he had a purpose, a mission, some reason for who and what he was. It would be revealed to him, sometime, someday, somewhere, he knew. And perhaps his past would be shown to him too.

He smiled and walked on.


Yorrick had managed to rejoin the group eventually. Instead of announcing his precense, he had simply slipped into marching behind them. They'd notice him eventually, he was sure of that. He was just thankful that the running was over.

He could not bring himself to approach the adventurers that would be his allies. Whenever his first memory invaded his consciousness, he could feel nothing but sadness. Perhaps he had been optimistic then, but how could he feel that way now, a year later? He was a man without a past. But why? Had he forced himself to forget it? Had he been a vile fiend in his previous life? He had nothing. Nothing to go by, nothing to mold himself. He had only himself and his convictions, his moral code that he had snatched from his retreating memories. He had not found the mission, the purpose. He had found only a name given to him by a dying old man, and the natural aptitude he had found with his sword.

When the march stopped for the day, Yorrick stopped with them. He received his orders from the paladin gladly, enjoying the chance to spend time with the animals. He was not one to ride, preferring instead his own feet. But he did enjoy animals, for reasons unexplained. Much like those birds, those white-headed blue-breasted birds, he felt some sort of kinship; perhaps it was simply that they seemed to understand him. Perhaps they knew something about him that he didn't.

As he completed his task, he looked towards the foreign warrior. He wondered if the man was like him, without a past, without a purpose. No, he seemed like he knew his place in the world; he was driven, knowing. But why did he seem so familiar, like a kindred soul? No. Stupid thought. He was nothing at all like Yorrick. Nothing at all. No one could be. They were just fellow warriors. That was all.

"Right?" he thought to himself. He returned to the brushing, concentrating at the task at hand, a wistful half-smile on his face.

(OOC: Fixed missing text.)

2007-07-02, 11:22 AM
Neshi's face twists in bafflement and answers her question with a question, "Why not, milady?"

This time around, he gathers the grains of his courage and turns, locking her blue eyes with his own grey ones. "A storm that in the heavens brews, is naught but a raised sword upon the earth" so did go the sage saying... But then, do I... should I expect a fight? She seems blest by Ankhutar herself and yet "Ever must a warrior 'ware and worry"... Shards of the abyss! Unto the breach, sally I once more...

Rallying his resolve against a tide of doubts and falling back up on the teachings preached at Sanctum, he says to her again, "Why not? Why should I not help you? Do folk in this day and age need reasons for... hospitality and virtue?"

His momentum building, he continues, "Milady, if thou wouldst not take mine offer of aid as 'tis, then, mayhap..." He winks good-naturedly then, recalling the contestation of but last night, "Mayhap I'll help thee perforce... like how thou didst coerce me into accepting thy chivalry but yestereve"

"Of... other things, well, give me some menial labor thou'dst fain pass on or art weary of and I'll gladly take thy task for thee", Neshi concludes.

"Blessed Bast!" He suddenly swears with a peal of barely suppressed laughter following shortly thereafter. "How I ramble... I hope I disturb thee not, milady"

Neshi smiles and says, "Thou'd asked why 'tis that I help thee" He leans back with the contented sigh of one who enjoys telling stories. Bringing out the phial of hallowed water that Daiyanissa'd presented him, he brings it to the light, swirls it delicately then puts it back into his pouch. "When thee this gave, thou said thy patron, Torm, is the 'Loyal Fury'. Mine lord, Horus-Re, has a title akin to that of thine--- 'The Lord of Vengneance and Virtue'"

Licking his cracked lips, he pops open his waterskin and takes a sip, swillng the water slowly, then swallowing the small gulp. "Methinks that Horakhe's full tale must await a time not of trouble, a time when we are at ease and we are not within the realm of dread foes. Suffice it to say, milady, one of the tenets I was taught was that of, 'Why seek vengeance upon thy foe if thou hast not proven thyself worthy through virtue? If thou art virtuous, why seek vengeance at all? For valor and for honor, 'tis"

Neshi heaves another sigh that condenses into mist in the cold Northern air. "Forgive me mine loquacity, milady. The High Ones at Sanctum had always said that I would make a better templar than a minister"

He shrugs with a rueful grin. "Well, I tried. How about we settle on the ageless adage, 'Virtue is its own reward'?"

2007-07-02, 07:45 PM
Finally breaking out in a smile, she turned towards him with her white teeth sparkling in a radiant smile. She broke out in a few giggles and looked him in the eye. "Well I guess I can't say no if you put it like that. Although I never shied from hard work. I guess I've been a bit of a grumpy guss as of late, am I correct?" Still smiling she looked over at Yorrick, "Does he seem familiar to you? I feel like I know him" She started polishing her sword again, happy to be doing something with her hands.

"You know that feeling? The one that you feel like you know someone you've never met? It's strange, i feel like i'm a different person, not much different mind you, but feelings." She shook her head slightly, her smile smaller now. "I guess I'm just rambling, never mind me." Her face was growing redder by the moment at her revelation. "Maybe I will take you up on that help. We can alternate guard duty, Alternate sleeping in the tent maybe? I still don't mind sharing."

She folded up the rag she was using to clean her sword, and sheathed the sword. Done with that she pulled out one of her trail rations. "Want to share? I can't finish these things." She smiled and handed him a bar. "It's ok, you're not putting me out. I honestly can't eat everything that they pack for me" She stuck out her tongue playfully after she took a bite out of her bar.

2007-07-02, 11:01 PM
who's taking watch and who ever taking watch make listen and then a spot

wingover gimble
2007-07-02, 11:39 PM
I'll take watch. Ooooooh ooooooh cani take watch? im really good at watching things and i'll fight it too unless it has cake. Do you think it will have cake? ahh who cares, well maybe i do but, before we all go to sleep does any one wanna spar? i got a quarter staff around here either that or its a walking stick. How bout it? How bout you umm yorrick is it? We can have a freindly spar but no pointed blade put into skin unless you get called a name.If not Sigh* i guess i could just watch the camp so i can protect you all" He flexes and then looks at everyone. Then looking around for a qaurter staff or stick that would serve as the same thing for a qaurter staff is basically a stick. When finding one he looks back ready to fight and his A.d.d actions goes from his eyes and you see many years of wisdom shining in his eyes and he looks dead serious.

I think of myself highly for i dont think of the cup half full or half empty i merley think of the glass itself i do not care of others expectations. Thats how you can live a good and self pitty life! Without pitty you may battle for longer becuase you care not if you do wrong yet you strive for your own expectations. So thats what i would like to do know please. In a battle ready stance he is looking to see if anyone wishes to spar.

2007-07-03, 12:04 AM
Sure is a fast talker... I bet Daiyanissa wouldn't trust him on watch alone, but then she'll get annoyed by him all night.

"I'll stay on watch with you, Chuck. I'm afraid, though, that I'm not much of a physical fighter, so you'll have to find another sparring partner."

SPOT: [roll0]
LISTEN: [roll1]

Martin was too busy watching Chuck, it looks like.

wingover gimble
2007-07-03, 12:26 AM
Damn you cant fight... you a spellcaster? I can cast spells too.did you know that any who come on yorrick bring it. Show me what you got, im ready. Please Daiy dont brake this up, this is as serious as your code of honor for your palidinhood, and if you question my style of fighting its like me questioning your faith. It truly hurt me when you used sarcasm on my fighting. I was trying to be protective of my freinds. I thought freinds didnt make fun of eachother daiy??Looking serious at her with so many years in his eyes that he seems double his age and he then looks to yorrick "Come on big guy show me what you got, no lethal damage though.

2007-07-03, 12:36 AM
Letting Daiy react to the paladin comments, Martin focuses on what piqued his interest. "You cast spells? Of what kind?"

2007-07-03, 12:40 AM
Chuck forgoes his spot and listen

as chuck goes into his fighting stance 4 javelins fire and

damage [roll1]
damage [roll3]
damage [roll5]
damage [roll7]

3 hobgoblins appear and start running toward you but are 5 feet away from both of you

2007-07-03, 12:42 AM
chance of critical


if critical


2007-07-03, 12:49 AM
((So we notice seven hobbos. Can I get a general layout of everyone's positions? My action depends heavily on the positions of our assailants. Anyway, I assume it's time to roll initiative.))

Assuming those javelins are thrown at Chuck, as a free action, Martin yells "HOBGOBLINS!" as loud as he can. Assuming some are thrown at him, he instead yells "AHHH!!"

Initiative: [roll0]

2007-07-03, 01:05 AM
"TO ARMS!" Neshi yells out as he leaps up to engage the sudden threat. Food forgotten, he rips his khopesh free of its hasp and brandishes it wildly at the snarling, green-skinned hobgoblins.

He strides toward them, yelling curses and whirling his sword to draw the foes' attention away from the grievously wounded Chuck. "Ha-garakk! Come to me, thou vile craven knaves! Come unto me, blighted spawn of Seth! Come unto me and meet thy doom!” Faint starlight glints off the curving blade as again and again it slashes through the air, like a bold silver serpent challenging the coming jackals.

Neshi kneels by the wounded Chuck and places his hand on the spurting wound. He feels the warm blood flowing, the small face growing pallid. Nobody dies on my watch! He stabs his sword into the ground and then grasps his holy symbol. “Holy Horus, I beg of thy healing for this pilgrim, unjustly wounded”

(Exchanging Create Water for a Cure Light Wounds: [roll0])

2007-07-03, 01:55 AM
N = nexius
C = chuck
D = Daiyanissa
M = martin
Y = Yorrick
L = Loge
H = hobgoblin
Z = zimbo
__ H___ H
N __H___ H
C __H___ H

people not on copy map and place where are you remember you were sleeping

roll initiative
(if anyone has a map thing that they could give link would help)

2007-07-03, 02:09 AM
((Ah, clever way to show the positions. Much obliged. My mediocre initiative roll is in my previous post, and I don't know exactly what I'm going to do until it's my turn. Also, to streamline, you might just want to roll initiatives for people who might take a while to respond. That's just my opinion, though. Oh, and what about Zimdo? Anyway, as for now, here's another free action!))

Regaining his composure, Martin jokes to Neshi in the heat of battle, "Well, I guess this is the best way to learn about hobgoblins!"

2007-07-03, 02:24 AM
hobgoblin initive


and we wait here till tomorrow

2007-07-03, 02:38 AM
((Well, assuming none of the hobbos drop (and no one is foolish enough to stand in the way of a sorcerer) I can describe my action now and roll later.))

Martin sees the cluster of hobgoblins in front of him and quickly formulates the best course of action. He attempts to cast color spray, leaving himself open for one of the hobgoblins to strike. If successful, an intense rainbow spray shoots from Martin's hands, briefly engulfing five of the hobgoblins. Afterwards, he moves twenty feet directly away from the hobgoblins.

Area of effect, as per DMG 15 foot cone:
___ H___ H
N __H___ H
C __H___ H

In case you need to resolve this while I'm not here, Martin's AC is 13. His concentration modifier is +7, assuming he takes damage and needs to roll to see if the spell fizzles. Finally, the DC for the spell is 14, and its effects are described here. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/colorSpray.htm)

2007-07-03, 05:33 AM
[roll0]---Neshi's initiative roll

2007-07-03, 06:44 AM
((OOC: Hey chief de-trick! Sorry again, if I step on your prerogative here. Artistic license is nice, sometimes)

"Ho, Martin! Thanks for the advice earlier, but apparently, I have met and fought their kind before... except that they were called the 'Masaw-mosid'" Neshi calls to Martin.

Tink! Tak-tak! Zzzzg-TINGGG!

Neshi whirls his khopesh and one of his adversaries' blades merely slips off his tricky, curved blade. The foul creature snarls and readies another blow. On his other side, another hobgoblin batters his shield with brutal blows. A masterstroke from the third scrapes down the length of his sword, sending up a shower of sparks before they lock hilts and Neshi pushes him away.

Neshi does not rue challenging the hobgoblins to attacking only him for by doing so, he shields his comrades from the danger. The dark-skinned warrior suddenly pivots, throwing his weight into a brutal backhanded stroke aimed at the legs of the hobgoblin nearest Martin.

Trip attack: [roll0]

2007-07-03, 08:11 AM

Sorry, did it wrong the first time; did rollv instead of roll.


So, I go after Neshi and Daiy, but before the hobgoblins; good to know, I'll work from there.


2007-07-03, 08:25 AM
((OOC: sorry guys, sleeping! Daiy's been awake the whole time!))

Upon the attack of Chuck, Daiy stood up and withdrew her sword 'Damn, just cleaned this thing too'
She charges into the fray of hobgoblins, noticing Neshi healing the gnome.

__D H___ H
N __H___ H
C __H___ H


Charge w/ Greatsword
1d20+8 = 17

If a hit
[roll1] +4 (Strength mod) = 11

If crit (19/20 x2) Times dmg x2

2007-07-03, 09:05 AM
The innane blabbing of the strange little gnome was getting on Yorrick's nerves.

The little creature had an obsession with battle, it seemed. Like an insane little lemming, the bizarre character of this "Chuck" seemed focused solely around combat. Yorrick knew better than to be sparring at a time like this; the warrior would need his strength for the battles ahead. While keeping one's skills sharp was important, and Yorrick did such a thing frequently before resting for the night, it was better to drill onself rather than hold back while sparring.

"It's difficult to hold back when you're carrying a greatsword!" he thought, silently chuckling to himself. "While control is important, it's pointless to be practicing using the flat of the blade; the point of a slashing weapon is to cut, not bludgeon!"

He walked away from the hyperactive gnome wordlessly. The little fellow seemed quite desperate to prove himself and, while Yorrick could sympathize with that, he'd be better off conserving his energy for a day of marching. He didn't like rebuking the smaller warrior like that, but he knew it was for the best; any knocks and bruises from sparring would be felt in the morning, and they'd likely need all their strength for the trials ahead. He promised himself, however, that he'd give the gnome the fight he was so keen on when they got back to civilization; provided they all survived.

He pulled his bedroll out from his pack, the effort from lifting cloth construct weighing a bit on Yorrick's tired and still-aching muscles. He spread it on the ground nearby to where he'd dropped his pack earlier, a patch of soft, springy ground that would give him a decent rest. "No need to be uncomfortable; a good rest is always important." he thought, no qualms in his mind about choosing the best spot to sleep rather than prove some sort of toughness. Someone... someone had told him that once, Yorrick was sure of it. Somewhere in his past. Some sort of march in some far-off land.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, he settled into his nightime routine. He drew his sword, feeling the weight of the blade. He bowed to his imaginary opponent, tonight some strangely-garbed warrior from a far-off land. "Heh, looks a bit like that Neshi fellow. Must be invading my subconcious."

Put all thoughts aside. Focus on the breathing. In, one, two, three; hold, one, two, three; release, one, two, three. His mind calm and his body relaxed, he began. Short, shallow slashes, in quick succession. To the arm; then, to the chest; then, to the legs. Swings, now. Chest; arm; leg; repeat.

"That was too wide!" he groaned to himself. He still had a long way to go to being any sort of master of the blade.

His training was interrupted by a loud shout. "HOBGOBLINS!"; the cry rang throughout the camp, jarring Yorrick out his practice mindset and sending the blood coursing through his veins. The shout raised his hackles, and he tensed up, his grip on the hilt of his sword tightening.

"No, no, calmness is key. Fluid motions. Relaxed shoulders." he rebuked himself. Relax. Breathe. "Okay, now I'm ready."

With a shout, he began to sprint in the direction of the cry.


Yorrick's position (based on Daiy's position):

__D H___ H
N __H___ H
C __H___ H
M_______ H

The one attacked is the one directly before me, in Bold.


Charge (+2 to Attack, -2 to AC for next round)

Attack roll: [roll0]

Threat roll if 19 or 20 (Critical damage x2): [roll1]

If a hit: [roll2] (Strength bonus of 5 * 1-1/2 for two handed, rounded up)

Since we have a critical, 36 damage... Wow. Overkill.

Yorrick raced towards the battlefield, seeing his allies already engaged in combat. The spellslinger appeared to be readying himself for some of his arcane tricks, the overly talkative gnome had sustained heavy wounds, and the foreigner was wielding his strange sickle-sword, the blade still managing to catch a few rays of the setting sun. The sky was blood red that eve, a fitting environment for the combat ahead. The sight of the sickle-sword in action staggered Yorrick for a moment, making him pause his mad dash. Why did the sight seem... so familiar? He had not faced hobgoblins in his earlier travels, and he had never seen the sickle-sword before.

He turned his attention back to the scene before him. Quick thinking was necessary; distractions were unneeded. He loosened his shoulders as he surveyed the situation. The two other warriors seemed to have the initial three attackers held at bay; the four javelin-slingers appeared to be the only ones unimpeded at the moment. Choosing to distract those four, hopefully buying time for the wounded gnome and the spellslinger to act without impediment, he picked a target, the closest one to him, and began to charge.

"FOR EFER-NIM!" he called, conscious thought pushed back and his battle-memory taking over.

The grey-skinned goblinoid had fear written all over its face as the charging warrior beared down upon it. It had no time to react as the blade came swinging towards it. There was no clash against shield or armor, no parry; there was no sound, only the swishing of the blade through the air.

Then, it connected. Cleanly, the massive blade cleaved through the neck of the hobgoblin. The life left its eyes instantly, as the force of the blade carried the separated head far from the body. The creature had stood no chance; for the strike was as true as it could be, that of a veteran of many wars rather than that of a relatively inexperienced wandering warrior. Perhaps it was the hidden memories, the buried warrior within; either way, the cut was true, and the lifeless, decapitated body toppled away from Yorrick, landing on the ground with a thud.

His balance slightly off after the charge, he recovered as best he could in anticipation of the inevitable counterattack.

(OOC: Um... I just rolled two 20s in a row. :smallbiggrin: )

wingover gimble
2007-07-03, 09:28 AM
looking toward neshi the gnome says "Thank you. then you see his pupils disappear as he looks to his enemies.
for the first action like before initatives I use surge which counts as a free action i get +20feet and a +2 to AC as a haste bonus which it makes my AC a 21.it lasts 7 rounds. I charge the hob closest to me with my quarter staff spinng i bring it up under neath him to hit [roll0] if hit damage [roll1]

wingover gimble
2007-07-03, 09:31 AM
Oops initative for next round is [roll0] damn forgot to mention i get a +1 to gobliniods so i do 1 more point of damage

2007-07-03, 10:17 AM
"FOR EFER-NIM!" he screamed, conscious thought pushed back and his battle-memory taking over.

The scream cut through the twilit air as surely as the warrior's greatsword clove through his opponent's scrawny neck.

By the thousand hells! Could it be...?

Neshi shakes his head, unwilling to dream. He focuses on the swinging swords of his three assailants but is inable to hold back the flood of memories from seemingly yesterday and yesteryear. He grinds his teeth in resistance but to no avail.

And yet he takes up the battle-cry, "EFER-NIM! HOLD 'TIL DEATH! FOR EFER-NIM!"

A sudden fire courses through his veins, bringing new strength to his sinews amd courage to his heart. A thousand images fleet before his eyes... his last glimpse of his home city of Efer-nem, the last stand in the Roaring Ravine, his anointment as a cleric of Horakhe, the departure of his friend, Khur-kol and the fire that ripped him from his beloved...

His features contort for the briefest of moments and then resolve into the cold calm of the captain of old. He raps out orders that come swift into a commanding warrior's mind. "Kh... Yorrick, hit the rear! Daiy, right flank! Zimdo, Martin, Loge! Stay back and support with slings and bows!"

Glancing down at the still-bleeding gnome, he yells, "Chuck, geddahells outta here, damnit! Yer injured! Get back to the support squadron!"

He flashes a hateful, triumphant grin at the hobgoblin he'd tripped and spits at his feeble attempts to rise to his feet once more. Neshi turns his attention to his adversaries who still stand. I didn't join the Scorpions for nothing... these masaw-mosid are fierce fighters and wicked warriors but are possessed of a certain pride that can be wounded...

Calling upon his previous training in the famed Scorpion Scout company, he clashes his sword against his shield. He then thrusts his shield arm back, exposing his chest to them, daring them to strike then thumps his chest with his fist. Speaking in the language of his assailants, he roars at them, "Had-mokkar!" He grins and spits at them. "Gavakk P'dral vad dar Mok! du-Qa Yed-narraj!"

Goblin-Common Translation: "Whoreson jackals! Your ancestors are worthless bags of bones and your swords are rusty!"

wingover gimble
2007-07-03, 10:42 AM
while in mid swing and about to hit the hob in te side chuck says"My freind you will never learn that i dont leave freinds in the heart of battle i so dearly desire. So i shall Fight to my best and may the god s be with you and may this hobgoblin get the worst in the firey depths of hell as we kill his brethren. Still looking as if he were relaxed as ever he seems to move faster and his hits seem to be more cordinated as if he seems to be knowing what he is doing when fighting hobgoblins. For the strangest reason his speed has increased and he can easily dodge out of the way of things. "Hobgoblins are strict and disciplined you must start to get them away from eachother. alone they fall and together they stay strong. think of it like an army, then you shal be winning the good fight. By the way i guess this is my sparing partner.As he slams his staff into the hobgoblins side.

2007-07-03, 11:08 AM

you hit the hobgoblin and says best you got Ill make a meal of you


strenght check for trip [roll0]
falls down prone attack of opportunity
killed my hobgoblin
[roll1]made it some how

2007-07-03, 11:21 AM
__D H___ H
__N H___ H
__C H___ H


daiy gets attacked

neshi gets attacked

chuck gets attacked

martin attacked
damage [roll7]

and 2 at Yorrick
1st [roll8]
damage [roll9]
damage [roll11]

wingover gimble
2007-07-03, 11:47 AM
ok that hurt a plenty but you gotta stop rolling 21's becuase thats like your 3rd one. microwaved dice derek, lol jk. ok so im going first i'll hit the hobgoblin back and hopefully kill him. damn modified hobs. [roll0]

2007-07-03, 01:40 PM
((Uh, don't the hobbos get separate saves? Also, as part of my action, I moved out of range. I'm guessing that was part of the attack of opportunity))

Martin reels from the hit and staggers to a retreat (as part of the last action).

As for this action, Martin mutters to himself "It's time to be brave...," wheels around the rest of the way behind the hobgoblins and casts another color spray.

__D H___ H
N __H___ H ___ ___ M
C __H___ H

I think I'm showing it right. Basically, I affect all the hobgoblins, and there's a square in between the closest hobbo and Martin.

2007-07-03, 01:45 PM
Lucas critical miss yeah for me!!!


Chuck goes to attack and looks like he is going to kill the hobgoblin. He jumps in the air and extends his foot but he is unbalanced making him fall and break his outstretched leg.

2007-07-03, 01:59 PM
ill do sperated saves from now on, but not your turn yet

post only on turn


2007-07-03, 02:06 PM
((I won't be here for 4-5 hours, so I thought it would be best to post my action now. If that's not the case, I'll refrain from it in the future.))

Yorrick spoke like Neshi for a second there. Weird...

2007-07-03, 05:49 PM
Daiy laughs as the goblin's javelin clangs off of her Greatsword. She yells with a smile,"That all you got? Bring it on bitch!" Startled to hear the language of the enemy spout from her friend's lips, spared a quick glance in his direction. Seeing the three goblins prepared to attack Neshi and herself, she put her all into the next attack.

__D H___ H
__N H___ H
__C H___ H

Flanking with Neshi, she goes after the same goblin as before. "You want a piece of this?" She sends a confident look to Neshi, flashing a huge grin at him, then turning back to the Goblin, "I eat babes like you for breakfast!" She raises her weapon, bringing it down with confident might!

Attack Greatsword


P.S. My AC is 19, even with the -2 to it it is still a 17. No hit babe!

2007-07-03, 07:15 PM
(i know that was not a hit i just left it so you knew you were attacked. I did that for everyone)

2007-07-03, 09:37 PM

The hobgoblin directly in front of Neshi lunges forward in a streak of grey and green. Neshi is unable to parry or dodge in time and his opponent's well-crafted blade darts forward in a vicious arc and clangs violently against Neshi's helmet, jarring him for a moment into dizziness.

The next moment he recovers and grins unsettlingly at his foe and barks "Uv guvvar-dak rum'det!"

His foe staggers aghast and retorts, "E'mat guvvar-dak'ka Lek'ri dunreh sn'Amuh!"

"D'na lau'l hatt ovrep Kelwi!" Neshi brags and laughs deep and bold.

The hobgoblin snarls and sputters, "Lek'ri ke'ouy! Stug em grah!" Upon the last word, he hacks up a throatful of phlegm and spits it, missing Neshi's face but hitting his shield instead.

Neshi looks down at the sigil of his beloved thus despoiled and he snarls in rage. "You spat on my shield..." He brings down his khopesh, intending to split his foe from chops to nave. "YED!"

He feels the resistance of a suit of strong chain-mesh, of mayhap flesh... and was that spurting blood, or was it spittle that spattered against his breastplate? Neshi paid no heed, lost in rage as he is, at the sacrilege of Sekhmet-Ankhutar's sigil...

In the split-second when his blade left the hobgoblin's flesh, his training. Two foes bleeding be better'n one foe not breathing

But then, he hesitates, his chivalry warring against itself. Neshi ponders whether better it would be to protect the lady or protect the small man. One glance at Daiyanissa, encased in armor and wielding a massive sword with the greatest of ease and than a look at the small, bleeding form of Chuck, armed only with a staff and his bare fists, decides the matter for him.

Neshi winks at the paladin and mouths "Forgive me" and then he spins to the right, hacking at the flank of the hobgoblin attacking Chuck. Must protect the weak

He catches himself after the second strike and looks up. Neshi staggers back, barely deflecting the counterattacks of two angry hobgoblins.

"O-ffal!", he curses at his own clumsiness.

Attacks: [roll0] if hit, damage: [roll1]. If first hobgoblin dies, Cleaving-Power-Attack against hobgoblin attacking Chuck: [roll2] if hit, damage: [roll3]

Goblin-Common Translations:

"Thy great-grandsire was a pot-drummer!"

"My great-grandsire killed a hundred humans!"

"That makes him equal to me? Tchah!"

"I'll kill ye! I'll have yer guts for garters!"


*Hey, nothing wrong with in-fight banter, right?

2007-07-03, 10:08 PM
so far this round

chuck breaks his leg
neshi misses
daiy kills her hobgoblin

then martin

then me

2007-07-03, 11:58 PM
((OOC: BOO YEAH! And I am posting my next move in case im not here for it in the morning))
((Oki Doki Lindgren! I switched Gobs))

Happy to down another possible injury cause, Daiy goes to help Neshi and Chuck. (5 ft step) Moving towards the Farthest goblin from the group,
__D H___ H
__N H___ H
__C H___ H

She attacks the goblin that has been fighting, to distract it away from Neshi's attempts at protecting Chuck. She swings her greatsword at it's shoulder, to take on the attacks it would spend.

Full round Attack greatsword


She yells over at Neshi and Chuck, "Hey! How you guys doing over there? I guess we don't get that one last nice relaxing night i had expected, eh?" Her Northern accent thickening in the heat of the battle. She flips her sword around threateningly towards the Goblins, playing with them. Still in a playful mood she grinned over to Yorrick, "Come on babe! You're missing out on all the fun" She pointedly looked at him with a cocky grin. Making a second attack she swings around and slices at the goblin's head.

"By the Loyal Fury Himself, I Smite thee to the 5th layer of the demon pits!"

2nd Attack Greatsword - SMITE
7+8=15 +3(smite) =18

7+2 = 9 + 2(Pal Lvls-smite) = 11

(Take a -2 to AC for Full Round atk)

2007-07-04, 12:03 AM
((Allow me to correct myself: I'm doing something which might knock any or all of them unconscious, so you might have to describe your action after mine takes effect. I guess we're waiting on Yorrick, though.))

2007-07-04, 12:51 AM
Note to Daiy: Full round attack is not -2 to AC, as far as I know. You don't get any extra attacks from full round attack anyway, since your attack bonus isn't high enough.

__D ____ H
__N H___ H
__C H___ H
M_______ Y

Technical bit:

5-foot step forward (free action)
Full-round attack on Hobgoblin in bold:

Attack roll: [roll0]
Threat roll (if 19 or 20): [roll1]
Damage roll (if hit): [roll2]

The javelin came hurtling towards Yorrick. Spiraling through the air, it whistled as it bore down upon him. Caught off-guard after his charge, he knew he could not react in time. He braced himself for the impact, preparing himself to take the full brunt of the blow, mentally readying himself to fight through the pain.

The javelin, indeed, struck Yorrick. As it hurtled towards earth, it's trajectory placed it right in line with Yorrick's chest. As time slowed in anticipation of the hit, sudden realization dawned on Yorrick; he was wearing armor. A tentative smirk grew into a wide grin as the javelin bounced off his well-protected torso.

Still a tad off-guard, the second attack was nonetheless anticipated. The hobgoblin, perhaps intimidated by the rapidly souring situation the raiding party was finding itself in, had thrown the javelin shakily. It hurtled through the air, worrying Yorrick for a mere moment before burying itself in the ground at his feet. His grin turned to laughter as the thrill of battle overtook him. They had command of this situation, the adventurers did, he was sure of that. The flow of the battle was in their favour, and it was only a matter of time before the grey humanoids were slaughtered or fleeing.

He silenced his laughter and turned his intent towards the hobgoblin before him. This fellow had been the calmer of the two, and his had been the projectile that had concerned Yorrick. He would soon know fear, Yorrick pledged, and inched forward towards him. His feet moving in synchronized fashion, a single beat instead of a drawn out step, he was in striking range within instants.


Yorrick's heartbeat quickened. Where had he heard that before? From his own lips? From another's? It seemed so distant, this Efer-nim, and yet so close. A firestorm of doubt filled Yorrick's heart, taken aback by the foreigner's strange cry.

"Kh... Yorrick, hit the rear!"

The flames were quenched in an instant, and his battle-training took over once more. "Aye, Captain!" he cried, not knowing why. It did not matter now; this was the battlefield, and there was no time for thinking. There was only Yorrick and his opponent. That was all.

He swung as he lunged forward, using his hips to power his strike as best he could. He felt the satisfying crunch of a well-placed hit, and he knew that he'd struck true. As his massive sword connected with the side of the grey-green goblinoid, the look on its faced changed rapidly to one of shock, and then to one of horror. It could see its death on the horizon; like any creature connected to nature, it knew when its time had come. Greatsword met armor; greatsword emerged the better of the two. As it tore through the leather, it cleaved into the flesh underneath. A grievous wound sustained, the blade traveling inches into the hobgoblin's side, it stumbled, staggered by the force of the blow.

"BY EFER-NIM, NEVER BACK DOWN! FORWARD EFER-NIM!" Yorrick screamed, the thrill of combat infecting his spirit with excitement and energy, his subconscious taking over in the symphony of battle. The crescendo was not far off; this much he knew. As the hobgoblin writhed before him, and appeared close to toppling, he stood ready and on guard, prepared to face down the remainder of the hobgoblins.

2007-07-04, 03:25 AM
Ah, they are taking losses. It's time to clean up before I take another one of those hits!

Martin still runs around the group and casts color spray on the hobgoblins.

__D ____ H
__N H___ H ___ ___ M
__C H___
________ Y

2007-07-04, 07:55 AM
Yorrick hit on hob but not dead

2007-07-04, 07:56 AM


2 archer hobs fail and 1 attacking chuck failed

2007-07-04, 08:15 AM
(OOC: Wow, super hobgoblins (max hp is normally 10). Still, it seems fairly certain that I was close to killing it, thus the flavour text; damn, should have used power attack.

Also, can you please describe the effect and show which Hobs on the map are knocked out by the colour spray? We need to know which two are still standing and which ones we can just coup de grace.)

2007-07-04, 10:24 AM
((OOC: It's a crossover! They're Dhakaani, or at least Darguunish hobgoblins from Eberron! Heh, joke))

Neshi heaves his sword high in salutation to Martin. He scans the field of battle and sees that the only foes left standing are those facing him and Yorrick.

He calls out calmly, "Troop! Stand down. Give quarter! Spare those who surrender!"

Addressing the hobgoblins who remain, he says "Yol drenas r'm-d'kas! Otre'g n'turlh!"

"H'reg e'mt drenas?" Neshi's opponent snarls and spits. Laughing, he mocks the dark-skinned templar. "Kel-gnw'ada khavolaar okhaan'ra!"

"Kel...? Ad tem, bar-konath yol Wodrakal khavolaari. Yol baraka okhaan'ra!" Neshi retorts.

"Vok" The hobgoblin's prideful visage pales and then flushes at the implication. He repeats his concession, this time more forcefully. "Vokkal Wodrakal"

Somewhere to the right, Yorricks adversary sags, clutching the gaping wound in his side. Neshi's fist tightens around the hilt of his khopesh and he raises his blade, preparing for a final strike as he propounds the question once more. "Hreg drenas r'm-d'kas?"

Goblin-Common Translations:

"Lay down your arms and you will not be harmed"

"Surrender? We will never surrender to a weakling like you!"

(OOC: Yeah, I was the only one not to hit anything except on the Trip attack. Heh, shouldn't have wasted it on a trip. If I'd gone on a straight attack then, I might have managed to Cleave through both! Hehehe for mistakes, eh?)

"Weak? You call me 'weak', you who attack when your foes are asleep? Cowards and defilers of rest! You'll be cast out from the Halls of Honor!"

"Yes. Yes indeed"

"Save what honor you have left. Do you surrender?"

2007-07-04, 01:05 PM
(i made them advanced)

Hobgoblins surrender ha I laugh at you.We rather die you human.



only one not hypnotized is one in front of chuck.

2007-07-04, 02:43 PM
((If they have 2HD or less, they're completely unconscious. Then blinded and stunned. Then blinded. If they have 3-4 HD, take out the 'completely unconscious' portion of the spell. I'll roll for how long and assume they were advanced only 1 HD.))

"They'll be like that for only a short while!" That may have been a death sentence for my helpless foes...

I'll roll for 4 unconscious hobbos, but if there are only 3 affected, disregard the last roll:
Hobbo1 is unconscious for [roll0] rounds, stunned and blinded for [roll1] rounds after that, and then stunned for one round.
Hobbo2 is unconscious for [roll2] rounds, stunned and blinded for [roll3] rounds after that, and then stunned for one round.
Hobbo3 is unconscious for [roll4] rounds, stunned and blinded for [roll5] rounds after that, and then stunned for one round.
Hobbo4 is unconscious for [roll6] rounds, stunned and blinded for [roll7] rounds after that, and then stunned for one round.

Bold is the only one I assume is up.

__D ____ H1
__N H3__ H2___ ___ M
__C H5__ H4
________ Y

2007-07-04, 06:04 PM

Why? Why do you give up the chance at redemption?

Neshi sighs as he swings his blade. "Then die, fool".

The khopesh flashes through the air and misses wide, plunging into the soft, grassy soil. Bent over thusly from an overextended strike, Neshi realizes his vulnerability and tries to evade the avenging strike.

But then, he hears a groaning at his feet, an agonized wail of moaning. It is the injured Chuck, clutching his broken leg. Neshi then brings up his shield and prepares for the hobgoblin's onslaught, taking consolation in the fact that by staying there, he'd take a blow that might otherwise end the life of somebody helpless.

2007-07-04, 06:56 PM
Daiyanissa sheathes her greatsword and dives at Hob 3, pulling at the rope hanging from her hip.
Use Rope check
[roll0]+3= 14

"Come on everyone! tie them up before they awaken!" she yelled.

wingover gimble
2007-07-04, 11:11 PM
Chuck loking strangly calm at his leg says, "Well its broken but not bleeding and as for not surrendering hobgoblin you may die a warriors death, or i with you! As he brings his staff in a side arc towards his hip.

[roll0] -4 becuase im prone
As he swings he hopes to the gods they guide this blow for not letting this innocent adventurer be injured for his falt. I only get people hurt when i know they are of evil orgin.

2007-07-04, 11:22 PM
Martin looks a bit worried and yells across to Daiy,

"I don't have rope!"

Not too heavy for me now...

wingover gimble
2007-07-04, 11:42 PM
Chuck looks towards martin and says "I know from experience that if you break thier legs they are not going anywere or if they are going to get away then you should kill them while you can. then after a readuring smack against the hobgoblin then he says "I dislike my luck but you know what, we are going to have to get me a drink after this. Ha ha ha.

2007-07-05, 12:02 AM
and the one chuck falls over dead

wingover gimble
2007-07-05, 01:10 AM
I look to the person who seemed to have special powers of the clerics and say "Mind getting those guys tied up or beaten and then help me out.

2007-07-05, 02:27 AM
__D ____ H1
__N H3__ H2___ ___ M
__C ____ H4
________ Y

As H4 is unconscious and wounded, Yorrick will deliver a non-lethal coup de grace to the unconscious H4.

As per what Derek ruled when I asked him, the blow is nonlethal damage and an automatic hit, but not a critical like a regular coup de grace.

So, rolling for nonlethal damage to H4:


Derek, I know they're already unconscious, but please do let me know if the nonlethal damage is enough to leave them knocked out completely for the next little while. Remember that nonlethal damage goes down by 1/hour, so even if the current hp - nonlethal damage is -1, he'll be out for a lot longer than 4 rounds. :smallwink:

Vigilance was not needed. As Yorrick stood ready to endure any javelins thrown his way, the sorcerer finally came into play. Arcane might, an explosion of colour and light. The orange-skinned warriors were left weaving, reeling in the face of the spellslinger's magical might. All but one toppled, insofar as Yorrick could see, and the one left standing soon found itself outnumbered.

Yorrick's grin turned wicked for a moment, as he glared at the wounded hobgoblin before him. The peltast was still breathing, some natural fortitude staving off any additional harm from the blow he had dealt it. But, it was unconscious, prone on the ground, helpless before him. The wicked grin turned wider, killing intent written all over his face. He lifted his greatsword above his head, not noticing its considerable weight. He began to bring it down, his only intent to slay the hobgoblin, to end its miserable existence, to murder his helpless opponent.

"Murder?!" he thought, his eyes opening widely for a moment.


Everything hazy. Eyes can't focus. The memory unclear, grasping at a mere tendril of smoke rather than the fire itself.

A Masaw-mosid warrior lay before him, wounded and unconscious.

"Captain, I cannot bring myself to finish these wretches. I want to slay them, to protect Efer-nim. But I cannot slay them like this, I cannot kill them like my father was killed, like my mother was slain before my eyes. I cannot." Yorrick, or the man whose eyes Yorrick was seeing with, said. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, painful memories brought to the fore. His head was buried in his hands, shame overcoming him.

"My brother, I know thy heart nearly as well as my own. A great warrior you are, but honourable to a fault. Truth be, I cannot commit such an act devoid of mercy and compassion, even against these brutal savages. Let us make a pledge, on our brotherhood, that we shall always think coolly about these matters, to always act with as much compassion, mercy, and honour as we can, and to never forget our true selves in battle." the Captain responded, his face blurry and his voice distorted, indistinguishable. Straining as he might, he could not make out the Captain's features.

They clasped arms in the way of those of Nimlot's guard, swearing to hold true to their vow forevermore.

"So mote it be."

"So mote it be."

(OOC: Sorry, Nexus, I didn't have quite the right touch to emulate Neshi's mode of speech. That can be forgiven, I hope.)


"... to never forget our true selves in battle."

By some sheer force of will, he began to shift the trajectory of his sword's path. It was moving faster and faster, gravity combining with the sheer hatred behind his initial blow, ascent towards the earth and the awaiting hobgoblin flesh virtually assured. Yorrick began to pour all his strength into changing the predestined path, into interrupting the unwavering devotion of his initial swing. Time began to slow as he fought his most difficult battle yet; a fight against himself, his own strength, and his own emotions. "I cannot give up." he pledged to himself. He began to scream, incomprehensible gibberish as he exerted as much of his strength as he could.

Closer. Closer. Almost there. Almost connected. Almost a murderer. No. He couldn't. He couldn't give up. Shift it! Stop it! Change what he had started! Stop the mistake! Frantic. Heart pounding. Fear. Fear at himself. Fear at what he was, what he had been, or what he would become! Fear that he had disappointed the person from his memory.

With a final twist, a final push, a final shove, the flat of the blade struck against the hobgoblin with considerable force, trading magicly-induced rest to sleep inspired by concussion. He'd succeeded. He'd changed. He'd changed the unstoppable swing. He'd changed himself. He'd kept his promise.

He stabbed his sword into the ground, leaning on it for support. He felt drained, all of a sudden, as if he could not fight any longer. As if he could not stand up any longer. A tear rolled down his cheek, shame at what he had intended to do filling his heart with grief. He spoke to the downed fighter before him, not caring that the savage goblinoid would not hear his words. "I cannot slay anyone who lays harmless before me. I cannot murder you. I will not slay you. I will not murder you."

"Captain, I cannot break our vow." he whispered, lips barely moving. The sound was carried away on the wind, dispersed amongst the trees. Those trees bore witness to Yorrick's renewed promise, nodding in sage agreement at a thousand-year promise kept and a warrior's resolve renewed.

Somehow, inexplicably, Yorrick gained strength from his own words, renewed strength surging through his body, a rapid-flowing river of courage and steadfastness. He rose, yanked his sword out of the ground, and moved to aid his comrades in the final stages of the conflict.

"But... Where did that memory come from, and why did I stop?!" he thought to himself, no longer feeling quite in control of his own actions. Or was he? Was this his true self?

2007-07-05, 03:01 AM
just to speed it all up you knock out the remaining hobgoblins and tie them up
taking 20

2007-07-05, 04:06 AM
These wounds... I have never felt this kind of pain. Martin looks towards Chuck, his face steadfast and unwincing.
He fought with more javelin wounds than one. He even continued when his leg was broken, and yet I feel as though I can't stand.

Martin sits and winces, slightly ashamed of his un-heroic reaction.

2007-07-05, 08:36 AM
Daiyanissa finishes tying up the last Hob, and stands up brushing her hands on one another. 'Well at least that hideous task is done'

Ok, how is everybody feeling?

((OOC: If everyone could post their HP left and what they were at full please so I know who to give a cure light to..))

Daiy walks over to Chuck, "Well I must say, i was somewhat impressed when you struck that last hob down while your leg was broken." She went to bandage up his leg

1d20 +2

"Although i would question your watch methods, like when you are supposed to be guarding the camp, trying to pick a fight with a group member instead is not wise. Please remember that, as I vowed that we would not lose any member of this group while out in this quest, including you. So I tell you this, not as a friend, a Paladin, or a woman, But as your leader. STOP screwing around and pay attention!", With that she stood up, leaving a vial of cure light beside him,"Take that and i don't want to hear any other challenges towards any of our group coming out of you."

She walked over to Martin, "Are you alright wizard?" She handed him a cure light as well. "Drink this, it will help sustain you." With a blank smile she looked around the group, her eyes stopping on Yorrick, who seemed to be going through some turmoil. She glided over and rested a hand on his shoulder. "Yorrick, You were great. Wonderful work my dear. Now you can go have a short rest if you wish, the night is not yet over. Do not worry, we can question those hobs in the morning, I'll be taking watch." She smiled and looked for Neshi.

Upon spotting him she went over to speak to him. "Nice work Comrade. You are an excellent healer. Save your spells. We have the rest of the night to fix ourselves up. I'll be taking watch from now on. Go get some sleep." She smiled at him again and got up to go check on the horses.

((Roll your own cure lights on the board please))

wingover gimble
2007-07-05, 11:44 AM
Smiling when the palidin told him to stop screwing around. He laughs and drinks the cure light and drags himself against the tree and leans there and says queitly "Some day that woman will make an awsome sparing partner. I'll have to challenge her later once my leg is better than just being fixed a little. That yorrick for some strange reason smacked the hobgoblin with the flat of his blade, what was that about. I'll have to look into it. Then his pupils return to his eyes and he slumps down and yawns. Waiting till everyone but the watch goes to sleep he sleeps against the tree. Then he later dreams of how he wil spar with the palidin and what tactics she most likely will use.

2007-07-05, 12:31 PM
OOC: Methalor! Always, always, you exceed yourself! Great work, Daiy!

As the last foes fell...

Neshi feinted with his khopesh, sidestepping right and swinging wildly. His opponent moved left just as Neshi shifted his weight to the balls of his feet, lunging and bashing with his shield. The heavy plate of metal barged through the air...


And then the shield slammed against the hobgoblin's face, at the same time that Daiyanissa's gauntleted fist slammed into his side. The beast's eyes rolled up in its head and it slumped to the ground, the last of the evening's raiders.

He flashes a white-toothed grin at his fellow templar and raises both arms to the heavens. After a throat-rending ululating call, he sings out, "Praise Horakhe, Lily-born Lord of Vengeance and Virtue! Shines the Sword of the Sunscarab ever on!"

In the aftermath, after the surviving hobgoblins have been trussed up...

"...I'll be taking watch from now on. Go get some sleep." She smiled at him again and got up to go check on the horses.

((Roll your own cure lights on the board please))

Neshi sits upon a log, chewing a tough strip of snake jerky. He breathes in and savors the cold clime and the thousand smells of a living forest.

He stares into the campfire and his heart floods with doubts. How had I been so careless as to have been thus caught off guard? That Masaw had a point--- why were my blows so feeble? And why did my heart sudden flare with the rage of sinful Sekhmet when Daiyanissa spoke with Yorrick as she had?

He rips another chunk off of his trail rations. The vegetables' flavor bursts into his mouth and he winces at the sudden bitterness of the tha'grek leaves stuffed into the snake's innards. His mind churns with questions that arose during the battle.

I had yelled the call to arms but a couple of my comrades did not even stir for the fight. Are they cowards or weaklings? Back in those days, they would have been demoted and enslaved to pay for their transgression, if they were not outright executed. Do I judge too much?

And then, when Daiyanissa had joined the fray, she bragged of devouring Masaw waifs for breakfast... THAT ISN'T RIGHT! By faith, it is not right! It violates all codes of virtue and vengeance! But then, was it merely the taunt of a warrior on the field? But even then, no true templar shall utter such blashphemous false testimony! Aye, aye... I lied in the same manner but my taunts followed the Mulhorandi-Mosid'dar Pact of Osorkon's Sowing!

And then, why were the Mosid'dar able to speak most fluently the Common tongue of the lands of Men? What sorcery vile was that? Aye, and strong they were, more hardy than their ancestors' stock... yet their ancestors fought with more honor than these jackals! They attacked in the night when nigh all were asleep--- filthy craven curs! They deserve naught but long years of toil under sun and whip! And when I honorably extended surrender, they refused! What folly! And now they reap what wicked fruit they've sown...

He flings the tail of his snake away into the darkness of the night, an offering to whatever wilderland spirits watch over this heath. He scratches his chin then props his left elbow up on a knee, the chin resting on the gauntlet. With the stars marching on overhead, Neshi heaves a sigh, and struggles to wrench his gaze away from the condensing mist of his exhalation.

His eyes wander across the camp to where Daiyanissa is diligently brushing down the animals. But... Daiyanissa, true, I am attracted to her... but now that I grapple with my heart's passions with my mind's reason, I realize that it is because of the fact that she looks almost exactly as Lightbringer Ankhutar. But then, is that all there is? Do I not love her for who she is as she is and not merely because I have been ripped from my own time and flung a thousand years hence! Kind, helpful, sweet, diligent, funny... but is she one of virtue and not merely vengeance, not merely loyal fury? Who is her lord and her god, this Torm of the Loyal Fury? But heavens forgive and heavens aside, do I love her or do I merely pine for milady Ankhutar?

I... I do not know. By Blessed Bast! May my heart's abyss yield its secrets that I may not lie or Fall on account of my passion for milady fairest...

Suddenly, a rasping, grating sound jarred Neshi out of his reverie. Grzzzk-graaah-grzzzk-ngooorrk-aah... Grzzzk-ngoorrrrk... ngoorrrkk... He restrains himself from leaping up once more with a drawn blade and merely listens and looks, as he was taught in the Scorpions. Slowly, he turns around on his seat on the log and pinpoints the cause of the noise--- it is the big man, the hero, Yorrick, snoring away.

Neshi's eyes squint as he recalls the battle. Through the sea of swords, there suddenly roared the rousing battle cry of the Amun Corps at their last stand, "EFER-NIM! HOLD 'TIL DEATH! FOR EFER-NIM!" The Cry was uttered once more in this strange land, in this strange time by a strange voice but I rallied like the blasted veteran I am. He turned the tide. Day DID come again, the light shone once more... But... but, I awoke in a sea of shards! When I'd inquired of Hothmalor's treacherous messenger about Efer-nim, he'd invoked his strange gods and turned away, muttering about ghosts and curses! How is it that this strange hero, this wandering warrior, Yorrick, knows of Ancient Efer-nim's Time of Troubles--- so much so that he fights like... like Khur-kol the Demonsbane? Indeed, he called me 'captain' and I'd almost called him by that ancient name... DEAR DJAUWETY, WHY?!?

Neshi's eyes droop with strain and he closes them deliberately, intentionally opening himself up to his worries and his woes. He looks within his heart and found the Sunscarab--- and he is happy.

Having recommitted his inner peace, Neshi stands up and stretches. His eyes rove skyward, taking pleasure in the midnight breeze and the dancing of the stars. He smiles a lonely, yet contented smile.

Neshi walks over to where the mangled, bleeding form of Chuck Norris lies curled and asleep. He kneels by the hero and prays once more, asking for healing. He gently removes his hallowed talisman from his neck and with it, makes a wave offering over the sleeping warrior. "My lord, Horus-Re, I pray that thou grant thy grace and upon this valiant one, lay thy healing hand"

With that, a soft, golden glow suffuses the gnome's sleeping form and Neshi just knows in his heart that he has done the best he could to aid the valiant one. His heart wonders at the might that had driven the small man. How could he be so small and yet so swift and strong? He bore injuries that should have felled a buffalo--- and he bor them with an unflinching smile. Truly, the heights of valor have risen and the abysses of dishonor sunk while I slept in stone.

He wanders over to the sleeping sorcerer, Martin. Neshi looks his frail form over and marvels that such a frame could be the conduit of such power. Careful not to jangle his armor, he takes his dagger and scratches signs of warding around the slumbering mage. On his North, an Ankh, on his East, the Aton, on his South, the Falcon and on his West, the Barge--- these were the sigils that he signed araound and about, on soil and stone and wood.

Finally, he wanders over to the gaggle of gagged goblinoids. He checks their bonds and makes sure they are firmly bound.

Neshi heaves a sigh and bows down to the Moon, Djauwety’s throne. Silently, he begs forgiveness for the wickedness he is about to undertake.

His mind hearkens back to his time with the Scouts of Scorpion Company. They were the most feared and most treacherous of Efer-nim’s soldiery and they did not hesitate to use unscrupulous methods against their foes. Much in the way of wickedness I learned from them and I rue the day my father signed me up with that accursed lot! I was eventually transferred to the Amun Corps, Horakhe be praised, but I still remember how they tortured, how they asked, how they demanded, how they tormented and how they slew without mercy… Oh, how they slew… but no. It was not ‘they’ but ‘we’, for I was once a Scorpion… His hand drifts to the scorpion-shaped scar that had been branded into his left breast so many Floods ago…

But then, Neshi steels his resolve and draws his khopesh. With both sword and dagger, he hacks up the corpses of those who’d fallen in battle, despoils them with urine and spittle, and scatters head from body, limb from limb. He festoons the captives with their comrades’ intestines and then heaves a weary sigh after all his wicked work.

He takes off his armor but keeps his shield on as he settles into the bole of a tree, facing the captives, to make sure that he is in a perfect position to keep watch over them once the dawn comes. He wipes his blades on the grass and gives them a quick polish with a sleeve torn from one of the hobgoblin carcasses before he surrenders to the sentinel’s sin--- sleep…

OOC: Neshi cast a Cure Moderate Wounds on Chuck [roll0] and a Protection from Evil on Martin. Meh. Spells get renewed at dawn, anyway.

I’ll sleep now. G’night, y’all.

wingover gimble
2007-07-05, 12:42 PM
Oops forgot to roll for my cure light. It should be fine though are DM is probably waking up just now :smallsmile: . [roll0]
i dont know the plus for the cure light but the caster had to at least be 1st level so i put a plus 1.

2007-07-05, 01:19 PM
ok nothing happens during the night. when you all wake up you go to check on the hobgoblins there trying to break out
and they dont get close of doing so they all tire themself out
stupid humans ill kill you wait till i get out ill kill you

2007-07-05, 03:26 PM

"Are you alright wizard?"

He tried to respond, Oh, I'm all right, but the thoughts remained in his head as the pain sharpened in his side. "Drink this, it will help sustain you." At that point, he couldn't refuse. He quaffed the bitter almondy cure light potion even faster than the sweet ale back at the tavern. Instantly he felt the soothing massage of positive energy lightly closing and healing his wounds.

My voice was quite loud when I yelled 'hobgoblins.' Where were Zimdo and Loge? I guess Daiy and Neshi will deal with them in the morning.

Martin ate his simple, breaded trail rations and almost wished for Neshi's snake. Almost.

He waved his hands and cleaned himself off with magic, doing the same to his sleeping grounds. Might as well.. He fell asleep, knowing that tomorrow would bring resolution to what happened tonight.

Cure light [roll0]; Wimpy Martin was at 5/9. Still, I consider the last 10 HP to be much more "wound-causing" than the next 30.


Martin hears the noise the hobgoblins are making and goes to check it out.

"What's going on---wha..."

Corpses mutilated. Hobgoblins frantically trying to escape, drenched with their allies' innards. Not a pleasant sight.

"Who? Who did this? Who could do this? Why?" Martin blurts out. He doesn't notice anything but the hobgoblins, staring at them for a good three seconds before he cannot take it. He stumbles back to camp, bewildered.

Maybe an evil creature came in the middle of the night and did it. Maybe that's how the hobgoblins are rewarded for failure by their superiors. But why didn't any of those attack us? Why do I deny what actually happened?

2007-07-05, 07:10 PM
Sorry Nexus.....sorry

Daiyanissa stood, frigid, frozen with anger, staring at the mutilated corpses of the fallen hobgoblins. Her eyes wide in disbelief, she looked to the hobs still tied up. She withdrew her greatsword and stormed towards the hobs tied up with the entrails of their fallen allies festooned around their heads. Furious, she reached out and carefully took the entrails in her hand and lifted it to look at. She growled and crushed them and looked around at her group. Her eyes went to chuck immediately, but then she remembered his leg was broken. Looking to Loge, seeing he was still asleep she went over and kicked him awake. "Get Up!" she yelled "Get over there! I need to speak to everyone. NOW"

She walked over to Neshi, and stopped cold. She saw the leftover smears of blood on him, and froze. 'It seems I know him even less then I thought..' She threw th entrails at his feet with a cry, "What the HELL is WRONG with you?!!? Why would you do those horrible things! THEY WERE ALREADY DEAD FOR F*** SAKES! We were going to deal with the survivors as WE ALL saw fit! Hanging intestines on the others was NOT called for." She sneered at him and turned away. She faced Loge, Martin, Chuck, Yorrick and now Neshi.

"This is Pathetic.... and don't think I've forgotten that you forsook your duty to us, to your group! You are lucky I haven't speared your heart with this sword you scum!" she screamed as she pointed her sword at his temple. "Who am I to trust within you? Martin, i apologize, what I am saying doesn't apply to you. You are a good man and I am happy to have fought with you. Yorrick, I have yet to get to know you, but I am honored to have fought with someone with such a respect for life. Even more then I. So I thank you." She sent him a soft smile, she was beginning to show her fatigue now. "I would also like to apologize for my behavior in that skirmish. Im not quite sure what came over me. I don't usually act like that," With that she looked over the group again, her eyes hardening at the sight of Neshi. "But you! Neshi, I am disappointed in myself more than anything. I have misjudged many things in my life, but I always prided in my Judgement of people. I apologize to the group for my serious error in judgement..." She sounded defeated, almost sad.

"Now, we should talk to them, find out all we can from that evil scum. What will we do when we are done with them? I think we should take them with us to show us where the base is." she sighed, turning away as her eyes were misting with upset and fatigue. "What do we want to know from them?"

wingover gimble
2007-07-05, 10:18 PM
Looking absoulutley fine chuck looks to the Neshi then to the bodies then to the palidin."So... what did i miss and how much did he drink? Can i have some? damn my leg hurts. umm i think its better after that bad tasting potion fixed the bones together. Well...... Can i have something to eat? im starving!! Standing up catiously he walks towards the palidin and says"So weres the one i killed- OH i see him! well can some one pass me a shovel? anybody? why are you all staring at me like that i said i would give him a warriors death and i .. was.. gunna bury him. Well does anyone have a shovel? By the way nice fighting everybody, i dont know what loge did but he musta been supporting us and wtching our backs or something thats why hes so tired. By the way i have no problem what Neshi did becuase he must have thought it traditional or had a really sick fetish or maybe is a insane raging cannibal but he fixed my leg and wounds so hes cool with me. Ooooh martin that was cool spells you cast there. I can cast some illusion spells myself! I can turn daiy's Hair purple or pink or give neshi pink eyebrows or change anything a different color and make noises that dont exist and can make a bunch of torches and i can speak with some animals that burrow in the ground!! Hey daiy wanna have purple hair? I can do it for free!! I can change anyones hair right now but only one person or i could make something different colors! Like a pink greatsword!!!!!:smallbiggrin: Want one?

2007-07-05, 11:20 PM
Daiy looked over at Chuck. "Well it's nice to see you up....and...up. Nows not the time to be bragging about magic tricks. I will bury them myself after i am finished with this group and those Hobs. Calm down for gods sakes, I am not in the mood." She glared at Neshi again."Sit down will you? I will take care of the burial after the current business is taken care of." she stated to Chuck without taking her eyes off of Neshi's.

2007-07-06, 12:49 AM
Martin turns to Neshi, his eyes showing a childlike sadness. Why?, his eyes ask pointedly, and Martin finds himself mumbling the same. "Why did you do it?"

2007-07-06, 01:41 AM
((OOC: Ho, sir De-trick! Will that act give us Intimidation bonuses?))

A minute ago...

Neshi awoke with the paladin's enraged spittle spattering his face. His gut wrenched in guilt and his face flushed with shame at what he had done.

The morning breeze blew, the cool wind caressed his body as he heaved himself to his feet. He had thought that he was refereshed but the lashing that he was receicving from both conscience and Daiyanissa's tongue sapped his energy. If the wind kissed his form, upon the branded scar, it was a burning bite, a freezing stab, a heart-wrenching agony...

He stood up to her, sword in hand. Meeting her gaze, he said aloud, his teeth grating, "How couldst thou judge that which thou knowest not?" With that, he sheathed the sickle-sword.

But then, he drew his dagger swiftly and ran it across his palm. It bled freely. For a moment he held it in front of his eyes, then grabbed her hand and squeezed, letting even more blood run. Still holding her gaze, he whispered with quivering lips, "Thou hast mine blood and mine bond. Mine loyalty and mine life. Mine truth and mine tempest, thou hast in thine hand. I did NOT want to do it!"

He then strode past her, coldly remarking, "Methought thou'd call't a meeting?"


His heart bleeds at every raging word but he seals up his soul-sorrow with stone. The muffled protests grow dimmer and softer 'til all that is left is a thumping on impregnable walls and a soft, soft weeping within the walls of his heart...

He turns on his heel, growling, "Chuck is right. It is a ttrrrrraaaadition..." With that last word, he spat vilely and hatefully, abhorring himself for what he had done.

He walks over to the gaggle of goblins and beats upon his chest, then hisses once more, baring the scar, the burned brand on his breast for all to see. “I was once one of the Scorpions’ Sokar’ri. Thou shalt speak else shalt thou suffer. Thou shalt serve us or shalt die most horribly”

His hand trembles near the hilt of his khopesh. He walks around his captives, searching for the one who fell last. “Thou art now the victims of the Ritual of Dread. Thy ancestors abhor thee for thy failure and thy craven strokes. Thy descendants be doomed upon thy account”

“Divulge where thy comrades are. Do ye have plans to attack the outskirts of Hothmalor? And how didst ye learn so well to speak the Common tongue of the lands of Men?” Neshi gulps but his hard grey eyes hold steady. His hand’s trembling stills. His heart beats beneath the sigil of the Scorpion. And the branded scar burns all the hotter and all the deeper through his tormented soul.

OOC: Please, please, please, somebody help me with this Intimidation. [roll0]

OOC: please, everyone, forgive me for this behavior most unbecoming of a gentleman.

Summon exposition! The Scorpion Scouts were an elite unit of Efer-nim that dealt blows in the shadows, doing that which no virtuous soldier of the Amun, and the Atun’nar could do without forever scarring their conscience. Neshi was drafted into the Scorpions because of his family’s orders but was promptly transferred to the Amun (of which Khur-kol/Yorrick was veteran) because he did not have the stomach for it. That doesn’t mean, however, that he did not learn anything from his stay there.

2007-07-06, 02:32 AM
(occ you get a +4 to intimadate)


they say that they learned common from a former slave

no just scouting making sure are home is safe

2007-07-06, 06:50 AM
OOC NOTES: Ok, then, thank you, chief. That brings my Intimidate score to 22, right?

Ho, folks. Anyone want to help with a patch of Sense Motive?

The morning sunlight spears down from the canopy, scintillating on the raised khopesh. Neshi's features, shadowed dark and grim, contort imperceptibly as the hobgoblin's answer hits him and stings his soul like a scorpion's venom.

WHAT?!? This isn't right you damned fool! Cease thy folly! Repent or perish! Lo, Neshi, lo! Thou damnest thyself as thou dost thy blade raise against innocents! Innocents who merely sought to protect their home! You are the invaders here, you are the oppressors! You arise in might and assail their lands--- what virtuous avenger would not resort to guile in order to fight the menace that thee and thy oh-so-honorable companions pose to them!

His conscience screams at him. His sword wavers. His teeth grind together in indecision. His brow lowers and his eyes dilate with shame and rage and fear.

"What surety do we have that what ye say is true?" Neshi hisses, then moves forward, his sword plunging. At the last moment, he spins and hits the Mosid's throat with the blunt, hooked side of the khopesh, leaving him gagging. He kneels beside his victim, the khopesh's hook pinning his neck to the ground.

"I spill none of thy blod for thou hast answered well. Answer well once more, and I might thy wretched life spare: WHAT SURETY DO WE HAVE THAT TRUTH THOU TELLEST?" He roared, spittle flying. "Where by thy kin, thy home? Be this home a fortress of stone with dungeon dark and deep... or be it merely a Mosid'ar dwelling-cavern, with thy kith but hunting and gathering?"

DON'T DO IT! DAMN YOU, NESHI, DON'T DO IT! And then, a stroke of wicked inspiration struck Neshi and he drew his dagger once more and placed its edge along the neck of another hobgoblin. He asked once more, "Hast thou any plans for war and pillage upon any folk who the good air breathe?"

But suddenly, something else clicks in his mind... If true 'tis that no war or pillage or rape or murder these Masaw-mosid intend, then we are in the wrong... Aye, we shall have to atone... maybe even submit ourselves to slavery for them--- and doubly so for me, khavolaar, defiler. But, but--- was it not Councilor Vanridge who pointed us North, to the caves of the hobgoblins? Was it not he who said, "there is a rumor that they plan to attack the farm outskirts"? Hellsteeth! RUMOR! Mayhap I was right not to trust the man in the first place for he dreams of threats that are not there...

Neshi shakes his blades, drawing jagged lines of blood across the necks of both hobgoblins but still restraining himself from delivering more than a flesh wound and roars, "ANSWER!"

2007-07-06, 08:32 AM
(OOC: sorry for the short post guys! im going off to work! be back way later)

Daiy walks over and kneels beside Neshi, she places her gauntleted hand over his on the Kopesh. She was still pissed, so she pushed his sword away from the goblins throat. She glared at him with a cold, hard look and faced the goblin that was questioned.

"Now," She took a deep breath, "I need some questions answered, answer them truthfully and you will not be harmed again. I will hold this fool back even. But should you dare to lie to me, i will do things much much worse than he could ever imagine. So what will it be?" she looked it right in the eyes, challenging.

20 + 6 = 26

Sense motive
18 + 5 = 23

"I promise not to harm you if you truthfully tell me what you were doing"

2007-07-06, 02:30 PM
Protecting my home from you

2007-07-06, 03:40 PM
Martin walks up during the interrogation, not daring to look into the eyes of the hobgoblins. He asks Daiy, "What of their connection to Malindor? If they're not in favor of his reign, there is no reason for us to linger here."

2007-07-06, 03:46 PM
Who's malindor?

2007-07-06, 04:39 PM
Protecting my home from you

"Ok, why were you out looking for us? What gave you the idea that we were going to hurt you? What gave you the idea that you needed protecting from us?" She asked sympathetically


sense motive

"Answer their questions as well"

2007-07-06, 04:58 PM
well wearing full plate and having big swords and heading toward the cave might be a dead give way

2007-07-06, 06:03 PM
"We were sent here to inquire as to a rumor that has been circling our city. We have heard that your community was planning an attack in our fair city. Is this true? What have you been planning?" She withdrew her dagger and started to balance the tip on her finger with skill that no one knew she possessed. With a smile she flipped it into the air and caught the handle and pointed it to her throat, and made a slashing motion. "So...you were saying?"

2007-07-06, 07:27 PM
all i know my master is making us train extra hard

2007-07-06, 08:55 PM
"Well I think that that answered any other questions we may have. Where is your base? I just wish to talk to your leader to see if we can prevent some bloodshed. If you act aggresive towards me, I shall have to retaliate, I hope you know. I also want you to know that I want to avoid any unnessesary killing. So if we can go to TALK, I would appreciate it."
She looked at Neshi pointedly, indicating that there was a way of interrogating that didn't involve making scars or causing blood on her sword.

Diplomacy ((OOC: DAMN! I keep rolling 18's! I hope this luck keeps up....))

She motions Martin over to her and whispers, "Could you please go check those bodies for anything that could be used against us? And then get Yorrick to help you start digging a grave. Thanks."

"So.. about your community. Where could we go to speak to your Commander? With peacekeeping in mind of course." She continued

2007-07-06, 09:00 PM
Martin nods silently and searches the bodies.

Search: [roll0]

2007-07-06, 09:36 PM
Down the path after you get through the forest turn East.
Martin only
7 longswords, 7 suits of studded leather, 12 javelins, 70 platinum, some very nice looking slippers, and nice gloves

wingover gimble
2007-07-06, 11:14 PM
Chuck looking surprised by neshi's sudden rage and starting to think that he is a insane raging cannibal starts to clean up camp. Continously saying "im right im right oh yeah im right. yesi know im great! you know why? becuase im right! after cleaning up the majority of it done he just gives up and starts to see wha tthe hobgoblins are says and says ,"Damn neshi you really know how to make a mess. Why do you desicrate the bodies? did they do something wrong?They fought sort of honerably(about as muchasi would)

2007-07-06, 11:51 PM
What are a bunch of hobgoblins doing with nice gloves and slippers? Or all this platinum, for that matter... I should notify Daiy about this. Martin piles the war equipment up near camp and pockets the money, gloves and slippers. "I found seven swords, seven sets of armor and twelve javelins." Martin gestures towards the pile at camp. Then, he whispers to Daiy, "I also found some things which are more of a curiosity than a threat. They had a good amount of platinum to go with a nice pair of slippers and gloves. Those are with me. Should I leave them with you and dig the grave now?"

wingover gimble
2007-07-07, 12:24 AM
chuck rushes over to see whats so interesting since the carnage has seemed to have gotten boring and not wanting to be eaten by neshi. "Hey whatda get? ooh that sounds nice! how'd they get that! Wanna have some help with them graves becuase im a pretty hardy guy if i do say so myself. Who needs to use swords these days god. You know what i should teach you how to defend yourself. Would you want to learn that? The gnome looks seriously at martin with a hint of questioning in his eyes.

Then he looks to the palidin and says,"Want some help in being the leader? I know its a big burden adn many people fall from the wieght. I wouldnt recognize myself as a leader but yet you seem to neeed some help when you are dealing with the fellow party members. Yelling at them doesnt solve anything but more anger and hate and sorrow. You need some more people skills like how neshi needs some therapy lessons or i could teach him how to deal with the dead if you want? Want me too, NO OFFENSE NESHI! Chuck says a little bit more loudly so neshi can hear but not shouting. then faces the martin and daiy.

2007-07-07, 12:46 AM
Where the hell is Zimbo and Loge?

"Should I leave them with you and dig the grave now?"

Daiy was more then a little shocked, "Yes Martin. That will be fine. Leave that with me. I'll think of what to do, and discuss it with you after. Don't tell the others about the platinum and gloves and slippers yet. I have a few questions that I will need to ask you in private after." she looked back to the goblins and said aloud to Martin, "And Martin? Thanks"

"People Skills?" Listening to Chuck insult her Leadership skills and her way of dealing with Carnage and injustice to the dead set her off. She took a deep breath before answering him, "Well, you see, when I go to take a few minutes to attend to the horses, and I come back to see INTESTINES wrapped around tied up HOSTAGES heads, I tend to get a little cranky. I will deal with this as I see fit. So sure, you can take some leadership, go get the horses ready. They are YOUR responsibility now, so as I can give my FULL attention to the activities going on in this group. I have the graves taken care of. Go get them ready, we leave in an hour."

((OOC: I am assuming that the goblins that are tied up still have their armor? If not the armor is given back to them. not the weapons though.))

Silent for a few moments, She yelled out to Yorrick, calling him over. "Yorrick, I understand that you must be tired, but could I get you to help Martin dig those graves? I am betting you will help speed up the process. And afterwards, get Martin to help you split up the armor, swords, and javelins? Whatever we don't need will be put into the cart for someone who does need it. Waste not, want not i was always taught." She looked at Neshi, and sighed. "I guess that leaves you to help me take these hobs and get them into the cart. Try not to kill them while you're at it, will you?" She added sarcastically.

Before they went to move the hobgobs, she held up a hand to Neshi, "Give me a moment alone with them, if you please." She waited until he finished giving her a hurt look and turned back to the HGBs, "I apologize, but I cannot give you back your weapons. We must still be wary as I do not know if you are telling me the truth. You will not be harmed, and we will take you back to your community in the back of the cart. You will be kept comfortable, but please understand that I cannot let you free as of yet. You did attack us in the middle of the night, and as far as I know, you still have Evil intentions. So do not try to get free, I WILL catch you. Torm forgive me.." She sighed and motioned Neshi to come back and help her get the HGBs into the cart. After that chore was finished, she turned to Neshi, "Thank you for your assistance. I still cannot understand why you did what you did, or know if I can forgive you. It makes me feel so angry at the injustice of it. I realize that they are not like us, they revere different gods, and their methods of doing things are what I consider Evil. But they are still creatures of the gods. So we must give them some respect, even if they do not return it to us." She sighed again, her eyes showing the fatigue of the night and morning catching up to her, she took her forearm and wiped them of light mist they were ready to shed and Looked up to the sky bravely, thinking, 'I will continue on. My duty is such. Loyal fury, bless my group and myself for what we are about to embark on. There is evil nigh, although im not quite sure who is the monster here. The Hobgoblins, or the Council...'.

"Neshi, could you finish taking care of camp clean up whilst I go talk to Martin & Yorrick? Thanks. Be ready in an hour.". She took her hand and rested it on her cheek for a moment, and walked over to Martin and Yorrick finishing up the grave for the fallen HGBs.

"Fine work men! Yorrick, im sure you can finish this up nicely on your own. I need to discuss something with Martin." She said as she lead Martin away to the secluded area by the trees, assured that there was no one around to listen in on them, she sat him down on a log and rested beside him. "I need an answer Martin, and I need it quickly before the group gets suspicious. I need to identify if these gloves or slippers are magic. Can you do that? And can you identify their properties? If they are such we will need to discuss them with the group, but i need you to be quiet about it for a while, while I think of how to approach the subject with them all, without them letting their greed take over. So can you help me?" She pleaded, her blue eyes large and haunted, looking right into his soul, "Please?"

2007-07-07, 01:38 AM
Magic gloves and slippers! I should have thought of that.

"Of course, I'll help as much as I can. I merely didn't have the mind to come up with the idea before."

As quietly as possible, Martin casts Detect Magic (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/detectMagic.htm) and examines the gloves and slippers.

With this, Martin automatically gets to know the strength of each and any magical aura within my area of vision (except those beyond 60').

On the third round of examination, Martin gets two Spellcraft checks to determine the school and/or type of magic involved, if there is any. For example, the completely fake item Gloves of Use-Activated Meteor Swarm would have a strong aura, and if Martin succeeds in the check, they would read as magic from the school of Evocation. See the spell description to assign DCs. Of course, this is all moot if the items are not magical:

Spellcraft for Slippers: [roll0]
Spellcraft for Gloves: [roll1]

2007-07-07, 02:58 AM

gloves moderate(gloves of dex+2)
slippers faint(Slippers of spider climbing)

2007-07-07, 04:35 AM
Martin gives this information to Daiy.

"All of these could be quite useful to a number of groupmembers, so who gets them?"

2007-07-07, 11:07 AM
Daiy smiles as she takes the items and puts them back into her pouch. "Let's let them decide shall we?" She grinned as she stood up and headed back to the camp, "Come on, You are going to want these gloves, but we need to discuss with the group"

She clears her throat and calls everyone over to her, beckoning them to hurry.

"Alright group! It seems that we have come into some good fortune. We now have in our possession, Slippers of spider climbing, and Gloves of Dexterity +2. Now what I would like is for Chuck to step forward, and Martin to step forward. Please keep in mind that if you recieve the gloves, you will forfeit the slippers. Chuck, Martin, Upon observing you (reading your character sheets and Comparing AC. C=16, M=13)I have decided that Martin should have these gloves, Im sorry chuck, he needed them just a little bit more that you did. If anyone objects to this speak now." She gives an encouraging smile to them and hands the gloves to Martin.

After that goes on she brings out the slippers, "Ok folks, now for the slippers. Again, anyone who thinks that they should be the ones to receive them step forward and give a reason why. There is also 70 platinum that we shall either give back to the goblins, or hold on to incase the party needs something. I will hold on to it. So, who wants the slippers??" She looks over the party, happy to give them such a treat. "Come on, don't be shy"

2007-07-07, 12:43 PM
OK the 2 guys that never posted are out, sorry if they were on vacation or something like that but there out. Know we have a paladin Daiy, sorcerer ByeLindgren, fighter Methalor, cleric/fighter nexus, Martial artist Wingover.)

2007-07-07, 01:02 PM

If it is at all possible, Neshi's face paled. For an ageless minute, he but stood, stunned by the revelation of the masaw's innocence. His jaw hung ajar and flies, sensing decay within him, swarmed around eagerly.

He made no move to brush them away or swat them down. As slowly and as restrainedly as his weary bones allowed, he bowed down to the hobgoblins whom he'd wronged. Prostrating himself again and again, he ensured that this was but the first phase of his debasement and says to them, "I have sinned against thee. If thou wilt have me when all is done, let me be thy lowest slave that I may make restitution"

Getting up, he secures his shield to his back and sheathes his much-stained khopesh. He sniffed the air, seeking the telltale whiffs of any water nearby but to no avail--- the dread scents blood and rot overwhelmed all other smells with sick glee.

He heard the order from Daiyanissa and obeyed blindly, lugging the captives over and placing them carefully onto the bed of the cart. His eyes were dull with grief and blinded with tears as he but half-listened to her speech for his heart and mind were set on other things: repentance and the question of atonement.

He wandered over to the mass grave for the fallen that Yorrick and Martin were digging. He glared at them and said, “This be a task for a defiler, a criminal condemned… this be a task for a slave” He snarled at them and pushed them away. “Move! Get out of my way! This be no task for a noble mage or a heroic warrior like thee!”

With that, he got down on all fours and kissed the ground, softly praying. As he finished his chant, he dragged his hands across the soil, fingers scoring shallow furrows in the brown ground. He repeated the pawing again and again. Neshi dug like a dog and whined like a jackal at every bruise and at every laceration from digging with his bare hands.

Neshi let loose a primal yell as the sweat dripping off his forehead and shoulders moistened the ground before him. He then set to with renewed vigor and zeal, dirt and rocks and blood exploded from beneath his bent-over form in a constant stream. Before long, he crawled out of a three-cubit-deep pit, covered in dirt and blood. He nodded to the dumbfounded Yorrick and Martin, turning over the nigh-completed grave to them with many whispers of “Anubis forgive me, Osiris have mercy…”

Wearily, he crawled out of the grave, blundered over to the cart, and asked one of the hobgoblins where the nearest body of water was. The masaw’s face was a twisted mask of disbelief at what Neshi had done as he jerked with his chin at somewhere West of the camp.

Neshi prostrated himself before the hobgoblin in token of thanks and turned to his companions, saying aloud but with a voice seemingly detached and hollow, “I go to cleanse myself and pray. Of all of ye I beg and beseech, may none me follow for my demons are my own to bear!”

The last clause was exclaimed in a hoarse voice with vacant, bloodshot eyes. In them was an inner rage more fierce than fire yet quelled with… was it guilt or fear… or suffering of the soul more deep than confession’s plumb can reach?

He blundered through the woods and murmured praise to the gods when he found a small babbling brook. Looking around, he was delighted to see outcrops of large rocks nearby.

Neshi turned and scanned his surroundings furtively, hoping that indeed, nobody had followed. His tears running freely, he sobbed as he stripped off his Northern clothing and shivered in the cold, cold breeze.

He knelt down beside the brook and took a pair of rocks. With these, he tried his utmost to wash and scrub away the dirt and blood from clothing that he had not bought with his own sweat. Tried, and mostly failed.

His heart’s dam breaking, he flung away the rocks and the clothes and heaved a roar to the highest heavens. “NYYYAAARGH! Why? Why did I succumb to temptation?”

He got up and slammed his fist against a boulder, not minding the pain, even relishing it as a purging of his sin. “HORUS! The Scorpion was dead within me! Dead!”

Pacing along the riverbank, he continued in his tirade, “I repented then. AS I DO NOW! I… I WAS a Scorpion. But an Amun at heart. I couldn’t stand the Scout’s dishonorable ways… they, they were the Nomarch’s evil claws… but then… is not Evil necessary for Good to be defined?”

He then paused, one foot in the water. “But Evil needs Good for it to flourish. But… why? Yes, dear Djauwety, yes! The Balance! But for the Balance to be maintained, sacrifice is in order…”

“The Balance…” Neshi muttered through gritted teeth. “…sacrifice”

He fell to his knees. “Anubis, and Ankhutar, forgive me” he prayed as he splashed into the water, marring the spring’s clarity with his blood and grime. With a suddenness born of desperation, he drew his dagger and plunged its edge into his chest.

He dragged it across his branded breast, across the sinful Scorpion’s scar. He withdrew the blade and stabbed it back into its sheath. With his right hand he grasped the flap of flensed flesh and ripped that part of his skin off.

(OOC explanation: He skinned himself to remove the scar of the Scorpion)

With nary a flinch, he hurled it far away and screamed, “NEVER COME BACK! Skqetor, son of Seth, scion of Apepi, I renounce you! In the holy name of Horus-Re, Lord of Virtue and Vengeance and Falcon-King, I renounce you! From the abyss and ravine of my heart, O Scorpion, I renounce your evil!”

He slumped down, drained of grief, drained of sin, drained of guilt… but also drained of voice. He wearily lifted his head and saw in the spring’s clear water, a vague reflection of some fair face. He felt himself revitalized and reinvigorated. Neshi’s heart sang with joy after his purging and made the Sign of the Falcon as he felt divine power course through his being once more, empowering him.

That was when he heard Daiyanissa’s voice calling for conference. His heart leapt and caught in his throat. Dereliction of duty! You left oyur post, you damned laggard!


Neshi sprints through the forest, arriving just in time to see the paladin distributing the plunder. He skids to a halt and gasps for breath.

“The… *huff-pant-huff*… mosid’ar were carrying all that money on them? Surely they were not merely scouts for scouts have no need of money! Money tempts and scouts have little need for temptation!” he blurts out.

Then, recovering from his sprint, he sees something wrong with the group. Two are missing: the mage Zimdo and the rogue Loge. His face aghast, Neshi exclaims, “Treachery! Our one-time companions have fled the field like craven curs! A thousand spitting camels defecate upon their tents! What treachery!”

((OOC:Dialogue to be colored tomorrow))

2007-07-07, 04:34 PM
After you finish sorting up the slippers and that you hed down the path Till you hit the forest you can here all sorts of animal sounds from wolfs to squirrels.Then you here a big crash left of you but far away.

2007-07-07, 10:31 PM
After all the events which have transpired, Martin's bad feelings are now combining with a pit of nervousness in his stomach.

"Something is wrong... Maybe we should turn back, or away from that noise, at least."

2007-07-07, 11:12 PM
((Since there was no-one wanting the slippers, Daiy put them in her pouch for later.))

"I want to find out what's going on. Stay back here, I will go up and check it out. if I need help, i will blow my whistle"

Daiy follows the sounds

Move silently

18 + 5 = 23

15 + 5 = 20

Detect evil

'i wonder what is happening?'

2007-07-07, 11:20 PM
you move across the edge of the forest and when you are halfway through when you see 2 ogres lumberjacking

2007-07-07, 11:22 PM
do they look dangerous? Evil? More information?

2007-07-07, 11:26 PM
well there holding big axes and chopping down trees in one hit. And there evil

2007-07-07, 11:44 PM
Neshi holds up one fist, signalling the others to halt. "Troop, halt. Hold position and await recon report"

He looks back and scans the group, looking for any undue signs of stress or fatigue. On the hobgoblins, whom he now considers lying brigands rather than honorable soldiers, he spits and renounces his oaths of restitution.

Back and forth he paces, his black brow furrowed in worry for the missing paladin. Ever and anon, he gazes forth into the dark woodlands drear, shuddering at the crashing sounds and straining his ears for any sign of her whistle--- be it of bone or of steel.

Finding that he had churned up the path, he stops and sits on the edge of the wagon, resting. There, he adjusts and re-fastens the buckles of his armor.

He then stands again and continues his pacing. Along the way, he stoops and gathers a handful of heavy stones which he places in his pouch. One of them, however, he loads into the tongue of his sling. Twirling it idly, he awaits Daiyanissa's return, a sickly premonition telling him of some unfathomed danger.

2007-07-08, 12:46 AM
Sorry about the drama, but it needed to happen for the subplot. We will get to ogre smashing soon enough

She nods to herself as she quietly makes her way back to the party. Not noticed yet, she stands at the tree line, studying them. She discovered signs of worry on their faces, especially that of Neshi. Her heart missed a beat as she saw the lines of upset trailing around his mouth, set in a growl. She didn't want to be mad at him, the Paladin in her furies at the injustice, but she also understood that these hobgoblins were not good. They were, in fact, evil. And the injustice of that irked her as well. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. she knew they were lying about something. But what?

Looking closer at Neshi she allowed herself to admire his strong chin, his gray eyes that spoke of wisdom and strength, and his commitment to good. Her eyes dropped down to his shoulders, so capable, and his chest. His chest, so wide and proud.

'Why don't you approach him? I know you want to get closer then this' The deep voice asked, her confidence evident to Daiy. 'You KNOW it, don't fight me, not on this. You feel more than a mortal should, your soul has much inner strength. But if you continue to fight me I will destroy you.'

Daiy blinked at that, '..Destroy? How can you destroy me? You are but a voice, a voice in my head that does nothing to me but distract me. Begone!'

She looked around to see if anyone was speaking, playing a trick on her. A moment later, her eyes widened in shock, pain bolting through her chest. She felt as if her very soul was being ripped apart by horses running in different directions. She looked around to see if she could find help, and saw Neshi sitting on the cart. She tried to yell to get his attention, but she lost her breath. She tried to inhale again but she couldn't, she couldn't breathe! She slowly fell to the ground, grabbing at her chest, looking for that infernal whistle that she brought with her, trying to feel the ground for the familiar wooden texture. Her face was deathly pale, no color present, as she rested her hand on her whistle...

'Do not cross me. I control you, and your actions. You WILL listen to me, and you will confront these emotions you now feel! Feel as I slowly take your life away from you, tearing what shattered remains of your soul is left as I take over what used to be you. My plans WILL NOT be interfered with!' She squeezed Daiy's throat to make her point, and then let go, disappearing into the depths of her soul.

Daiy, gasping desparately, trying to fill her lungs with the sweet, fragrant air of the forest, lifted her whistle to her lips as her consciousness threatened to fade, and blew as hard as she could. Making only a faint high pitched sound, that could barely make the distance of 20 feet to where Neshi sat. Her eyes were glossed over with tears, falling freely down her cheeks as she leaned against the tree, coughing blood and trying to catch her breath unsuccessfully.

'Relax Daiy, calm yourself, let yourself breathe..' She tried to concentrate on calming herself, able to inhale a small bit while coughing her lifeblood. "Torm, My Loyal Fury.....Take..me.....please.." she whisped between ragged breaths and coughs. "Take me.."

2007-07-08, 02:41 AM
"SEVENTY-SEVEN SUFFERING SERPENTS!" Neshi swears as Daiyanissa emerges from the foliage, trailing blood and desperately gasping for breath.

He thrusts his sling into his belt and runs pell-mell for his fellow templar, fallen. Loam and dried leaves scatter as he skids to a halt and kneels before her, cradling her head. Gathering himself, he shouts to his companions, "Daiyanissa is gravely injured! Yorrick! On point! Establish a perimeter and keep watch while I attempt to purge her system. Martin! Prepare any battle spells you have, I sense that whoever did this to her may still be nearby. Chuck! Guard the prisoners,"

He opens the eyes of his spirit and recoils at the devastation of Daiyanissa's being--- not merely her body but also her soul... He rips his khopesh free and draws some blood from both his palm and hers. Neshi belatedly realizes that what he is about to do may shock his Northern comrades and so he looks back at them, giving voice to a warning, "Stay ye back! Beware, for the power I am about to unleash upon the evil entity within her shall seem strange to thine eyes!"

He lifts it to the Sun, to Horus-Re, asking for his blessing. The blade scintillates in the air, and the joined blood glistens on its edge.

As swiftly as possible, he sketches the Sign of the Falcon with the tip of the bloody blade on the ground around her. ((Neshi casts Protection from Evil))Daiyanissa's body writhes within the sanctified sigil, bloody froth at her mouth.

When her struggles become too wild, he pounces upon her, straddling her torso and bodily holding her down to prevent her from breaking the sacred seal. Neshi winces as the mindless flailing of her fists pummel him repeatedly and her greaved knees batter his legs to a bruised mass.

He brings forth his sling and with that piece of leather, quickly ties her hands to a protruding tree root. Nevertheless, he is still hard pressed to maintain his mount over her for her bucking does not cease.

Desperate to maintain control and to purge the evil influence that had come upon her, he stabs his sword into the ground and draws his dagger. With its smaller blade, he manages to slash the straps of her helmet off.

Neshi barely dodges the flying helm as she butts her head forward. A sea of scarlet hair billows forth, seductively beautiful but within that luscious haze glare a pair of eyes--- once azure blue, but now, solid orbs of blood-red hue.

She gnashes and snaps suddenly-feral teeth. They bite into Neshi's forearm, tearing off a chunk of dark-skinned flesh. As she chews and swallows, she growls something horrible and unfathomable in the language of the Abyss, "R'gaz yTrejd JaKra OIGjndGff drgkhu ng kiurnth THYGerbtgB hjTjg FHSt jyuGKF jyh hjgJTL LgE$o:$i j fgUKY4BGK43!"

"NYAAARRGH!" Neshi screams in pain and righteous rage, "That's it, 'tis enough sass I've had from thee, foul abomination!"

With that, he tears his holy symbol from his neck and with speed and strength born of desperation, he ties it around Daiyanissa's fair neck. With his left hand he holds the two hallowed talismans together, that of Horus-Re, Lord of Virtue and Vengeance and that of Torm the True Loyal Fury. His right hand he holds high in supplication to the heavens.

His eyes roll back into his sockets as he enters a trance. Neshi prays aloud, "TORM! Where now be thy vaunted loyalty? Where be thy fabled fury? HORUS, milord! I beseech thee! Come and aid us in our hour of need! I beseech thee! Shine thy holy light and burn away these foul shadows! Free from a curse most vile this innocent templar of the Light! Free her from her chains of shadow, she whom we hold dear! In thy hallowed name we praaa... ARRRGGGH!"

Suddenly, his prayer is cut off. He feels burning claws slash across his face, along the lines of his old scar from the Ravine, easily shearing through the bronze of his helmet.

Neshi opens his eyes to find himself in an utter void bereft of all sound but for his own, bereft of all light but for those shining from the holy symbols in his left hand. He looks down but does not see his patient.


He hears the tread of massive cat paws and hears the growl of the lionness--- that dreaded scourge of the savannah. He whirls around, bereft of shield, bereft of sword. Bedraggled, he stands, armed only with a dagger.

The shadows swirl and then part... disgorging a form most fair and most foul indeed. A firestorm of red hair swirls down to her waist. Skin alabaster-fair shines from beneath a scarlet gown. Curves that would lull any man to passionate lust temptingly sway at Neshi. Solid red eyes lock onto his own and a voice speaks forth, the voice of water in the sand, "Well met, beloved. Hast thou not missed me? Wilt thou not kiss me?"

Neshi's grip wavers and the point of his blade quivers. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER?!?"

She caresses his face right along the lines of his old scars, sustained in the battle in the ravine, oh so long ago with long, seemingly delicate talons. "Oh, but that which should have... NOOO! Let me out! Unhand me, thou fiend!"

"We are quite feisty... Neshi! Ruuunn! are we not?" She remarks, and grins, and beckons Neshi forward but he does not budge an inch.

"Did not your Tol Sokar'ri tell you that it was I who taught the ...NOOOO!... Scorpions their beautiful, bloody art?" She snaps her fingers and Neshi's form reverts to its full glory, draped in the gore of the desecrated dead.

Neshi's face is aghast but firm. He lunges at her with the puny blade of his dagger and by a miracle, it plunges straight through her black heart. Alas, it seems his valor is in vain for the wound does not bleed nor is she hurt at all.


"If thou thinkest thou art so much, come take me then! My faith will protect me!" Neshi retorts, and lo! His flesh is cleansed and so is his soul. "I know that thou art still there, milady Ankhutar. Hold thou steady, for day shall come again"

Neshi does not flinch as she launches herself at him, a maelstrom of muscle, a fireball of fury. The blows and strikes of the darkness wither against his shield of faith. He spins the twin holy amulets and smites her with them like a flail.

Her cheek burns and a welt, a scar is raised in the form of a falcon upon a sunburst grasped by a right gauntlet. She writhes away, smoking, sizzling in holy pain. "Feel the loving wrath of Re, thou misbegotten knave!" Neshi shouts as the darkness of the void fades back into the verdance of the forest. Love and faith conquer all

"...in thy hallowed name we pray, O Horus-Re" Neshi continues the prayer as he had left it and then ends the exorcism with the final words of, "SO MOTE IT BE!"

Neshi slumps back to earth and, with what divine sight he had left, he delightedly discerns that the evil influence had left Daiyanissa's body. His hand brushed her cheek... to find it cold to the touch. His eyes widen in shock and horror.

He practically shoves his copper vambrace up against her nostrils, seeking the telltale mist of one who breathes. Alas, there is none.

Desperate, he slashes away the bindings of her armor, her breastplate and clenches both fists over her chest and begins to pound down rhythmically. He gently opens her mouth and breathes in repeatedly. "BREATHE! Daiy, don't you dare die on me! Breathe, damnit, breathe!"

"Isis, Mother of Healing, Mother of Horakhe, help me! Horus! Beat thy wings of salvation, milord, please, I beg of thee!" He sobs, then pounds at her chest again. Once more he breathes into her mouth and tastes only death.

Again and again, he goes through the motions of the Serpent's Salvation but no response comes from Daiyanissa's form. He weeps and starts to do it again, when he suddenly feels a twitch beneath him. Her hand squeezes his own and he leaps up, yelling to the heavens, "Holy Horus be praised!"

And then he looks into his Daiyanissa's eyes...

2007-07-08, 09:22 AM
((OOC NOTES:))Do I reaaallly have to? Oh well. Spells used: 1 Protection from Evil and 1 Cure Light Wounds. Skills used: Knowledge (Religion)[roll0] Heal [roll1]

2007-07-08, 09:33 AM
Nicely done....wow..just..wow.

Daiyanissa's bright blue eyes flutter, seeking the blurry form of Neshi, her savior. Locating him, her eyes focused on his, seeing the tears dancing on his cheeks, mist in his beautiful eyes. She was confused, her hand found his, rough and callused, yet gentle, she was lying down.

Suddenly the events that had just transpired rushed her mind, threatening to drive her to madness. She saw Neshi with nothing but a dagger in front of a Woman that looked strangely like her. She saw him straddling her to hold her down whilst she was flailing wildly in a mindless way, she saw him bring her back to life.

Concentrating on her speech, looking to Neshi's worried face, peircing his eyes with hers, and whispered hoarsely, "Thank you". She was weak, barely able to lift her head without the pain coursing through her. Her hand held on to his tightly, while her once delicate pale hand lifted to caress his cheek, only to find blood dripping from her fingertips, the same blood that was on his arm. She snatched it back only to bring it closer to her face so as to study it. Her eyes widened with wonder at it, as she tried to sit up. She was very floaty, she couldn't seem to ground, as she tried to stay up under her own will. She was shocked at her sudden frailty and leaned over to rest on Neshi's chest, as she couldn't hold herself up.

Suddenly, she began sobbing silently, bright glistening tears flowing freely as a running river down her alabaster cheeks, trailing around her plump lips, making them seem even larger then usual. Within a few minutes of starting, she began to stop, she wiped the telltale tears from her eyes and cheeks, leaving her eyes dry and red. Still short of breath, she sat up, wobbly but still sitting up, she tried to speak as loud as she could, but only coming out a rasp, "She's inside me, she's been there the whole time...she will destroy me..." she pulled out a vial of what looked to be the identical glistening water that she had given Neshi before, and gulped it down. "Stay away from me, if you know what is best for you. I thank you deeply, and I will always be in your debt, but stay the hell away." She stood up with great effort, and stumbled with her armor in tow towards her horse. Looking back at him, one last tear rolled down her face, 'Im sorry dearling....I love you..' She near collapsed many times on her way, her training was the only thing that kept her standing right now. When she made it to her Horse she put her sheathed greatsword in the pack, her crossbow now her weapon of choice, as she couldn't lift the greatsword for any length of time. She restrapped her armor and, with difficulty, mounted her horse.

"Change in plans everyone! As of right now, I am incapable of leading this party, but only for a short time. I leave you in Neshi's capable hands to lead us into battle! There are two Ogres to the left of us with huge Axes. They are of Evil intent, so we must confront them! If we move quietly enough we can take them by surprise. I will be in the back for now with my cross bow." She gave Neshi one last look, her eyes haunted with the burden of two troubled souls, pleading him to understand. "Neshi, You're in front" she said as she motioned her horse to move the the back of the party, away from him...

Her eyes filling with tears doing so...

2007-07-08, 11:24 AM
My work is not as good as yours, milady

Neshi, utterly shocked by both revelation and confession, merely moves from rote, now no more man than machine. He salutes her smartly, clicking his heels and straightening his stance, as if he were on parade. "Your will be done, milady"

Feeling like a fool, he turns about and adjusts his helm. Striding stiffly over to his fallen arms, he straps his shield on once more and wipes the blade of his khopesh on his trouser leg.

What in bleeding blazes is an ogre? It sounds familiar... but I just can't place it... holy headless Humbaba-Eke! Spawn of Seth!

He moves over to the cart and unties his donkey. He walks it along as he leads the sorry troop. "Forward march, troop" Neshi commands, trying desperately not to let his voice quaver or his blade shiver.

Tchah! As if they don't know you're already there! The noise from that exorcism was enough to wake the dead, damnit!

Wake the dead...

He continues voicing orders with the same pitch and volume as he did before, making sure that he is heard by his companions but not anyone else. "Chuck, make thee certain the captives be bound ever tight. Gag them anew as awell. Milady Daiy, please thyself to what comfort the cart may yield thee in thy infirmity but be be prepared to jump off. 'Twill, methinks, also serve a good vantage for thy archery"

He looks around, scanning the dark woodlands for any signs of trouble before continuing. "Martin, up front and center, with me. Make ready what battle-magic ye have, for we are up against the mighty ones, the Eker'ri, humongous spawn of Seth!"

Keeping on marching, Neshi motions with his chin to the right of the path. "Yorrick, take the flank. Make ready to charge in from the wings and destroy their weapons--- thy sword and sinew seem well equipped for that. Shout the Cry of Efer-nim if they get to you first. Do not engage without support--- retreat towards our position and we shall cover for thee"

Neshi marches on, sheathes his sword and takes out a rock... a plan already forming in the brain of the former captain... Milord Horus-Re, mayest Thou lead us safe through the valley of death unto the hill of victory. So mote it be.

2007-07-08, 01:16 PM
Up to you if you want to waste those spells or not.

but you guys can roll initiative


but you guys get a surprise round

2007-07-08, 02:56 PM
((OOC: ALRIGHT! Let's kill some ogres!))


2007-07-08, 03:10 PM


(OOC: Sorry about my lack of posting. I'll be catching up; Yorrick's been silent all this time anyway.)

2007-07-08, 04:23 PM

Up to you if you want to waste those spells or not.

but you guys can roll initiative

Sooo, that means those spells are recoverable? Gee, thanks, chief.

Neshi's Initiative [roll0]

2007-07-08, 07:59 PM
Slightly Earlier...

All that noise... I should ask what happened. Perhaps I shouldn't. I must wait and follow orders.

"There are two Ogres to the left of us with huge Axes."

Ogres are huge, vicious brutes, but this pit in my stomach remains for another reason.

Martin hurries up to 'front and center' and discusses the upcoming battle with Neshi.

"My most potent battle magic is composed mainly of two tricks. One, you have already seen - it failed at first, but knocked many hobgoblins out when I tried again. The other one quite reliably saps strength out of the opponent, making them far less threatening. I plan on opening with that magic and then winging it from there. If I drain the strength from one ogre, the other will most likely pose a greater threat, so I'd keep that in mind."


In the surprise round, Martin utters words of dark draconic power, and a ray shoots from his fingers and hits one of the unsuspecting Ogres, sapping him slightly.

Got him! Now I just have to hope I don't get smushed.

Initiative: [roll0]
Ray of Enfeeblement (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/rayOfEnfeeblement.htm) ranged touch attack roll against flat-footed Ogres (presumably AC 6-9): [roll1]

Strength Penalty for RoE, if a hit: [roll2]

2007-07-08, 08:49 PM
Attack of opportunity, Heavy crossbow


2007-07-08, 10:21 PM
((OOC: Which ogre is it that Daiy shot? On that matter, could we please have another diagram showing the relative positions of the characters?))

Neshi skids to a halt and drops his sling at the edge of the clearing, horrified at the devastation the forest had sustained. A sea of fresh stumps groans in agony while tree trunks piled around haphazardly bleed copious amounts of sap.

He gazes at the two tormentors of the land, huge behemoths more rank than a thousand camels. Wrapped merely in flea-ridden skins, ridges of muscle ripple as they heft their axes lazily, seemingly shocked at the sudden assault.

One of them grunts loudly, clutching a crossbow bolt protruding from its ribs. The other, meanwhile slumps, seemingly unable to bear its own weight, its strength sapped by Martin's spell.

Neshi looks intently at their arms and their height, trying to gauge how swift they can react to an attack and how far their gangly arms can reach. He judges the threat sufficient to merit a concerted attack and not merely one warrior's glory... but then realizes that they cannot all gang up on just one of the ogres for the other one could easily slip through the lines and attack the injured on the cart. "Chuck! Make sure that the prisoners are bound well before you join the fight. Yorrick and Chuck, charge the one whom Martin sapped! Take him out from two sides!"

Gathering his courage, Neshi charges at the one bleeding from Daiyanissa's bolt. Running across the broken ground, he prays, Fire of Re, guide my arm! Leaping over a fallen log, he yells as he brings his khopesh slashing down, "EFER-NIM!"

Attack roll: [roll0] Damage if hit: [roll1]

wingover gimble
2007-07-09, 01:05 AM
I check the ropes on the hobies and check the gags.
i then use my specail ability surge
I look at the ogres closely hearing what neshi says as my pupils start to disappear. Then i recall all my training.

Looking back into my disciplined childhood chuck is standing on a feild with the other pupils. The master is standing there with a Large stuffed dummy. " This is your advesary. Children learn well that just becuase you are small doesnt mean you cannot fight back. Use your height to your disadvantage and use their weight against them. Use thier slow movements to better your punch or kick. First i will show you a demonstration." As the Master goes to hit it he says some words and the dummy comes to life. He dodges through its legs as it tries to swing its heavy punches. As he goes in he hits it 5 times in the side with all punches and you see it literally start to collapse into itself and then it gets hit from the other side from the monk. This goes on for a while and when it swings he jumps onto the large part of its back were it cantreach adn unleashes helll. As Bits of the straw head come flying off and the creature cries out in pain he defeats it.

Looking at the ogre now he says, "Use its lumbersome moves against it and it is very large so it canbe dodged without much difficulty. Even the toughest of creatures can fall if you aim low. he says with a smile.

As he goes up he jumps to the side and swings with his staff giving yorrick a position so they can fllank it. ((by the way my Ac is 22 ))
To hit with flury of blows with my staff [roll0] damage [roll1]
[roll2] damage [roll3]
all this to chuck singing "why cant we be freinds?"

2007-07-09, 03:00 AM
(OOC: Post forthcoming MUCH later (6 hours? Gotta grab some sleep), "mechanical" stuff now in case de-trick comes online and wants to do the ogre bit. Map would be great.)

Yorrick charges (+2 Attack, -2 AC) the same Ogre that Martin will target (after me, judging by initiative). He uses Power Attack, trading his full Base Attack Bonus for damage. This is -2 to his attack (negating the charge bonus) and +4 to his damage (it's x2 for two-handed weapon).

Attack Roll: [roll0]
Threat Roll (if 19 or 20): [roll1]
Damage Roll: [roll2]

A CRUSHING BLOW! :smallbiggrin:

As I said, story bit forthcoming laterrr.... Sleep calls now.