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Kawaii Catboy
2007-06-20, 08:23 PM
I'm currently looking at classes that would best suit a pirate themed campaign, and I wanted to be a dual pistol wielding character. Does anyone have any advice on what class would best suit this role?

2007-06-20, 08:26 PM
Someone who can reload quickly or he's going to be pretty useless in combat after the first round.

2007-06-20, 08:37 PM
Off the top of my head, Ranger with some fighter levels for reloading feats. For coolness, carry eight pistols and keep quickdrawing a different pair after each shot: one per thigh, one per hip, one under each arm, two under the small of your back. After firing the last pair, flip them handle side up to wield like a pair light maces -- that may need an exotic feat but it's worth it: Gammaton Cleric (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammaton_Cleric_Preston).

Thing is, if you gotta swim ... wet powder ... :smallannoyed: Or a badly failed save versus a fire spell ... your carrying powder ... :smalleek:

2007-06-20, 08:47 PM
Urban ranger with ranks in profession pirate. Take the non-casting variant if you like. Also, take the local anti-pirate organization as your favored enemy. Maybe some rogue levels for some underhanded fighting techniques. You'll definitely need quick draw and a handful of pistols though, unless magically enchanted to reload on their own an infinite number of times per round.

2007-06-20, 08:55 PM
At the very least, repeating crossbows will extend the usefulness of your shootery.

2007-06-20, 08:56 PM
The big problem with a TWF Crossbow/Pistol build is that you need a free hand in order to reload one of them. This means you either have to have about 8 of them on you, constantly drawing, firing and dropping them, have some way of getting an extra arm (Arms of the Naga from Savage Species perhaps?) or get a magic item enhancement to reload on it's own.
In the Magic Item Compendium theres an enhancement for a Crossbow that gives it an extra-dimensional holding space for it's bolts (based off the two different enhancements that did this from Arms and Equipment Guide). Perhaps run past your GM if this would allow you to reload without a hand, or if you can home-brew a feat to let you do it.

2007-06-20, 09:46 PM
Flavor-wise being to shoot continually with pistols isn't how pirates fought. Just have two pistols, one in each hand, shoot them each once at the start of combat and then draw a sword and dagger or something. Maybe a three level dip into swashbuckler and then some fighter/ranger/rogue levels and the twf and quickdraw feats.

2007-06-20, 10:25 PM
It's a pretty common build in d20 Modern, where you have semi-automatic weapons, and there are some feats there that help, but it'll be hard with one shot pistols.

Honestly, Quick Draw with a lot of knives might work better. You'll need Far Shot to make them go far enough to make it worthwhile.

2007-06-21, 02:25 AM
You could just have lots of pistols and keep Quick-draw'ing new ones.