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2006-07-14, 02:30 PM

One year ago I found OOTS, and I'm enjoing it a lot!

However, I found OOTS searching for another DnD? webcomic and I still havn't found it yet.

Obviously, I don't remember the name, and I could not find it in the posts about your other favorit comics.

So I can only describe it and hope someone knows it and can tell me where it is or what happened with it.

It was a black and white comic about a fantasy DnD group, completely in-character

The main character was a Paladin with a "ranger problem". (That means, he killed them in the past.) He traveled with a chaotic-evil group, but I only remember a pirat, a spellcaster and a rogue. Later there was also a female paladin.)

But I think this is enought of the describtion. If "Paladin with a ranger problem" does not trigger your memory, nothing else will.

Thanks for the help!


2006-07-14, 03:02 PM
If "Paladin with a ranger problem" does not trigger your memory, nothing else will.

Miko? :)

2006-07-15, 09:24 AM
That sounds like an awesome comic. Alas, I know it not, though I eagerly await its discovery.

Ryshan Ynrith
2006-07-16, 01:24 AM
I think that's Big Stick. It's on www.3rdedition.org, which, tragically, is currently down for a sever change.

However, it had Saber the paladin with "Ranger Problems", a rogue, a pirate (I think) and some other characters as you described. It's by Adrian Czajkowski.

http://www.bigstickcomic.co.uk/ Here we go!

2006-07-16, 05:23 AM
Thanks a lot!

That was the comic I was looking for.

It's only a pity, that the Navigation only goes up to 33.
It becomes even funnier later on.

Thanks again, Prof!