View Full Version : [Pathfinder] Enhancements, headbands, and permanency?

2016-03-27, 01:39 PM
So, we've come to a bit of a standstill. Nothing dramatic, but I'm stuck and not sure how to proceed. And, I feel like this is a decently common issue, because it sounds like one of those things new players would mistake often (like trying to stack Mage Armor with Armor....may or may not be guilty of this).

The headband of Vast Intelligence (+2 in this case). The main issue is over this one line in the description. "Treat this as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the headband is worn."

We have interpreted this as it is a permanent bonus after the 24 hours. However, I feel if you take it off for more than 24 hours. The effect is gone. The counter argument I am met with, is that after 24 hours. The effect stays regardless of if they were wearing the headband or not. And, what my player wants to do, is pass it around the party. And give everyone a permanent +2 Int. That seems ridiculously powerful for a 2,000 gold piece magic item.

I've voiced this, but I'm really trying to find why in the rules this doesn't work.

Another thing they asked, is if they could make a spellcraft check as well as a craft check to have an item that does that. But, I'm really not sure if that would even be possible either. So, any and all opinions are welcome on this. I feel like I'm missing something super obvious here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2016-03-27, 02:13 PM
Fairly certain it is only talking about skills boosts. You dont get any bonus skill points unless you wear it for atleast 24 hours. After24 hours you still lose the effect if you rake it off.


2016-03-27, 02:22 PM
Yeah, first 24 hours, no skill boost. Next 24, skill boost. It's to prevent people from buying a bunch of headbands at 4,000 gp each to instantly have max ranks in every skill when they need it. It most definitely does not give you an Int bonus that remains when you take the headband off.