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2007-06-20, 11:03 PM
The library at Partanacril

The library was started several eons ago, by a slightly eccentric Elven wizard whose name has long been forgotten roamed much of the known multiverse in search of any and all knowledge he could find and learn. As the elf traveled, he wrote down a description of the cultures he experienced the events that occurred while he was there, copied every text he could get a hold of, and spent much time dabbling in the many facets of the arcane and divine. He also researched psionics when it was possible, but could never bring himself to put that knowledge into practice. After roughly 200 years to traveling the planes, the wizard had accrued information rivaling that owned by several planes put together. So, the wizard decided it was time to find a location suitable to hold all the volumes he had collected. He decided after much thought, that he would put his collection on the material plane. He had also came to the decision that, while much of the collection were histories and mundane information of the places the elf had been, he had a fair amount of dirt on the blood war, demons, devils, necromancy and other dark arts that were not safe in just anyone’s hands, and wanted to put his library in such a place only those worthy of such information, would be able to reach it and use it properly. After about a year of searching, while the wizard was traveling the vast waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars, so aptly named for the crystal clear water that allows the mysterious glowing stones that litter the bottom of the sea to shine through looking like the night sky shining up from the depths, he spied the island of Partanacril, a quite small but mountainous island. He immediately took to the location, and decided that it would be a wonderful place for his collection. He continued across the sea to his boyhood home where most of the collection was being stored. After arriving home, he concluded that he must plan out and prepare for the construction of the library and transfer of all the information to the new location. During this period, the wizard took on an apprentice, a young elven female by the name of Estelwen from the town. After completion of the building to the wizard’s specifications, master, apprentice, and Aldon, a human druid and Estelwen’s consort, left the collections, and headed for location that was to become their home. The wizard then spent the rest of his years at the library teaching all those who came to him to learn what he had to know, or discover the information for themselves by browsing the many volumes. Estelwen and Aldon became the caretakers of the library, and their ancestors still hold that position today.

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2007-06-20, 11:11 PM
The library is a vast building in the peak of one of the largest mountains located on Partanacril, a fairly small mountainous island located in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The main entrance to the library is carved directly out of the rock face almost 7,000 feet above sea level. Directly inside the door is an anteroom. One often finds one of the caretakers at a lavish ironwood desk in the room. The collection is housed in (insert number here) rooms. Each room has a little entryway explaining what’s in that particular room. The first room is a general census room of sorts. In it is general information about the creatures and cultures and places the wizard passed through on his journeys. This room is split into two halves, one for the material plane, and one for the others. The next room is comprised of the histories of every place that was visited. This room is also comprised of two halves in a similar fashion as the previous room. But this room is also cut into smaller rooms still as each place the wizard visited and wrote about is contained in its own separate room with each volume in a chronological timeline. The wizard was quite fascinated with struggles and wars. He always wondered what would posses a group of people to fight each other for whatever reason they deemed necessary, so those volumes containing wars usually tend to be the lengthiest due to the wizard adding his own notes and thoughts on the subject into the books. The next circuits of rooms are those devoted to different types of arts. There are rooms dedicated to the arcane, divine, psionics, all types of professions (classes) that detail training programs as well as tactics for fighting and other sticky situations, and many more. The final rooms of note are the restricted section. The first holds everything about the darker side of the psyche, whether that be necromancy, other dark arts, cults, demons, devils and other things too terrible to mention here. The most readily available material in this section is that which chronicles the blood war. The other room in the restricted section contains all those items which are, or about things of an extremely powerful nature. Which, technically aren’t evil, can do just as much harm in the wrong hands.

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(Non-Magical Text)

The Battle Royale

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(Magical Text)

Magical text

A Dip in Magic Waters

This is a tome which explains the theories and mechanics on how to magically view past events. The wizard discovered this yellowed bunch of papers rather early in his first trip around the Material Plane, in a storage room of a prominent Halfling sorcerer. A portion of the book that speaks of the theories of how the magic is possible is readable by anyone. The actual spell portion of the book originally could only be read by the use of a read magic spell. But, once at the library, the wizard decided that this texts’ use should be for everyone, so there is always a caretaker of the museum on hand that can cast the spell.

From the preface of the book: This book is but a tool so one can better understand the people and events that have come before them. Please keep this in mind when using the information contained herein. Upon reading this book, you can do one of two things. You can relive a past event as though you were a passive observer to it, or you may choose one person that has come before you and has since returned to dust, and may ask them a series of carefully selected questions. Before you utter the incantations that allow the previous to come to pass, you must have in mind what you intend to see or whom you are to speak to. You must then state that information and proceed with the incantation. One need not speak all details needed for the spell to work. Just saying the basic event, location, or person and thinking the details that are needed will suffice. The duration of your experience depends on the detail provided.

Strong Illusion [phantasm]; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item; Legend Lore, Detect Thoughts; Price: 60,000gp; XP Cost: 2,500; Weight 3 lbs.

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(Epic Text)

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(Artifact Text)

The Sands of Time

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(Other Items of Note)

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Looks like I"m going to have to bow out of this one. With the work schedule I've had, I just didn't have time to get everything done. Although I still think I'm going to complete the library and post it for critiques.