View Full Version : Anyone have links to free topographical maps with 1 foot contour intervals?

2016-03-27, 07:08 PM
Exactly what it says in the title, nothing more, nothing less.

I've been frustrated trying to find any kind of topographical map with 1 foot contour intervals, real world or fantasy or whatever. I just need random landscapes that I can steal for setting up encounters but I can't seem to even find that. I'd like to get 100 maps of wherever so I can print whichever one I happen to need and be done with it.

I'm going to keep hunting but if anyone can help in the meantime I would appreciate it.

I'm getting so frustrated that I may even accept a bunch of random scale-less sample maps and leave them as-is for hills, flatten for gently rolling plains and steepen for mountains.

EDIT: Lowering my standards to any random topography lines without a scale has given has yielded some results. Or pretending the scale is something else when it's too far zoomed out. But I always appreciate more links. Here's an example:
Also I tried to use a USGS site but every time I tried to download something it saved it as an empty 1 KB zip. In two different browsers. So alternatives would be nice. Or opinions on Google Earth topo would be nice.

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2016-03-31, 03:38 AM
1 foot contour intervals?

I think I've seen one map similar to that in my life, a map of the school garden, featuring a 4 or 5 foot "mountain".

What are you even trying to map, Flevoland?

2016-03-31, 08:39 PM
It helps for making rapid foam models. Print, glue to foam layers, cut layers to printout, glue layers together, carve smooth. But my current plan is to take random contour lines, scale as needed, and pretend their elevation difference is 1 foot apart.