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2007-06-21, 02:50 AM
I am currently in a group where I am playing a swashbuckler. He is a TWF using two short swords, but due to him rolling a 1 on a trap check and failing his save my DEX got taken down. Not a problem in most casses but this one is because we are in the middle of no where and no way of restoring the DEX damage. But the DM came up with an idea that if I take a potion of cats grace or have it cast on me I have the requirements to be able to use TWF but only for the duration of the spell. Now as a player I took it with arms wide open but I was just wondering what every one else thinks.

And then it also popped into my head about, what if this was house rulled. Power attack you need a 13 STR but if you take the feat and use a potion of bulls strength could you use it?

Cheers every one

2007-06-21, 02:58 AM
You can qualify for a feat using temporary stat increased through magic or equipment or what not. You can't use the feat though when you don't qualify. so once the magic wears off you can't use the feat anymore until you meet the pre-requisites again.

Actually I believe wizards even answered that question sopemwhere. It may be in the FAQ. Don't remember where I read the answer they gave.

2007-06-21, 03:00 AM
First of all, if it's Dexterity damage and not Dexterity drain, it heals naturally at the rate of one point per day, recovered when you sleep or otherwise rest.

Second of all, yes, you can use a potion of cat's grace to meet the Dex requirements for TWF feats, allowing you to use them. I'm not sure if you'd be allowed to take Power Attack if you don't naturally meet the prereqs at the time; but if you have the feat then a potion of bull's strength could be used to meet the Strength requirement.

Keld Denar
2007-06-21, 08:56 AM
yes, this is for certain a yes. It's in the faq. The exact example given in it concerns power attack.

It also affects all feats downstream of the concerning feat. So if you have improved trip, and you take int damage that drops you past 13, you lose combat expertese and improved trip because you no longer qualify for it based on your current int score. When the int damage heals, you regain combat expertese and all it's dependant feats.

Also, as above, check to see if it's damage or drain. If it was a poison trap, it's most likely damage. Damage heals at 1 point per stat per day. If it was a magical trap, it might be drain, in which case your dm is cruel. The most common source of ability drain is undead. Drain can only be healed via restoration (not lesser), heal, and greater restoration, (probably wish and miracle too).

Iku Rex
2007-06-21, 10:29 AM
The FAQ:

A feat sometimes requires you to have a certain ability
score, which is the case with Two-Weapon Fighting (it
requires Dex 15). A character has, say, Dex 13, but wears
an item, in this case gloves of Dexterity +2, and now her Dex
score is 15. Can she take the feat and have it be active only
when she wears the item?
Actually yes, she could take the feat, but she would lose the
use of the feat if, for whatever reason, she loses the bonus from
the item.

Note that while you "lose the use of the feat" you still have it, so you can still use a feat that have the currently unusable feat as a prerequisite. (As long as said feat doesn't also have an ability score prerequisite - they often do.)