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Johnny Krillers
2016-04-05, 08:08 PM
So I'm trying to make a rock/earth based variant of 5e's Oath of the Ancients Paladin, specifically for a dwarf trained in the way of the paladin on a mountain peak. So far all I can think of are minor flavor changes: changing out tree stride with a castable and targeted version of the earth elemental's earth glide and having plant growth still enrich the land but instead of making terrain hard via undergrowth it would do so by making it rocky or loose terrain. I want to change ensnaring strike somehow and I was thinking about changing the turn the faithless that affects fey and fiends into a turn the earthless (I'm taking better names for that too) which would affect fiends and aberrations.

Like I said I just need help with either flavor or if you'd like, making a new oath, I've never really homebrewed a class before but this would be for a personal writing project and a friend whom I would be DM-ing. If this is in the wrong place or I should add the original stats at some point please let me know.

2016-04-06, 02:39 AM
We definitely could homebrew an Oath for this. You're not wrong to post here. I reckon your needs can be satisfied without going that far, though...

For a spell version of earth glide, I'd look at Meld into Stone (3rd level) and say that changing it to target yourself or other people and allowing you to move through the stone is enough to make it 4th level. Kind of strange, because that makes it higher-level than Fly, which is arguably more powerful, but it's best to be conservative with this stuff. At least a flying target can still be hit by weapons. Plant Growth and Ensnaring Strike I would say are best served by reskins with no mechanical change.

Changing the creature types affected by the 'turn' ability is pretty minor, I reckon most DMs wouldn't mind that.

Random thought: you might want to look at the earth-themed spells from EE; things like Maximilian's Earthen Grasp and Earthbind.

2016-04-16, 07:10 AM
Alright, I'm delving in.

Oath Spells:
1. Ensnaring Strike, Earth Tremor
2. Earthbind, Maximilian's Earthen Grasp
3. Erupting Earth, Meld into Stone
4. Stoneskin, Earth Glide
5. Transmute Rock, Wall of Stone

I agree with Ninja_Prawn's comments.

I think that a turn against fiends and elementals makes more sense, but as you will.

Elder champion is re-fluffed and now gives:
-You gain resistance to all but psychic damage.
instead of:
At the start of each of your turns, you regain 10 hit points.

I would change the oath tenets to be different. You can still make it about preservation, but change the wording so it is about stone instead of light.

Every other part of Oath of the Ancients makes sense to me.

2016-04-20, 03:23 AM
Simplest way is to use the mountain circle druid bonus spells. Phb P 68. But really any two earth/rock/weather related spells for each level would be fine.