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2016-04-06, 10:52 AM
Hey everyone,

I'm playing an Awakened Mystic, currently level 8. There is obviously not a lot of material out there, so the class doesn't quite provide what I need. I'm creating a couple of disciplines and a talent and I want to know if folks have any feedback.

Most of my inspiration for powers comes from the 3.5 Psion in the Extended Psionics Handbook.

New Telekinesis Talent

First, quick and easy, the talent. Far Hand. I figure this will end up being one of their talents in the future.

Far Hand: Psionic Talent

As an action, you may mentally lift and move an unattended object weighing no more than 10 lbs at will from a distance of up to 30 feet. As a move action you may propel the object as far as 15 feet in any direction, though the power ends if the distance between you and the object ever exceeds the power's range.

Far Hand has changed over the years from 5 lbs at 25ft + 5ft/2 level in 3.5 to 20 lbs at 5 feet in 4e. The 3.5 distance is a little complicated by 5e standards. I ended up going with the values for the 5e Mage Hand ability.

New Telepathy Discipline

Next up I have a telepathy power for manipulation of the mind. Thematically, this discipline will consolidate powers the modify what the target perceives.

Manipulate Perception: Greater discipline (awakened). You learn to use psionic energy to manipulate the sensory perception.

Psychic Focus. You can project a false sense into a target. Subject thinks he sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels something of your choosing. You may have up to three false sense active at once while you focus on this discipline.

Cloud Mind, Mass(6,C).

Modify Memory(7). As the 5th level spell from 5e. Target makes a wisdom saving throw or you modify 10 minutes worth of their memory from the last 24 hours.

Generally, in 3.5, psionic abilities for invisibility or illusions were much stronger and more convincing than wizard illusions but were gained at a later level. I'm not quite sure how to do this effectively but I'm taking a crack at it.

The False Sensory Input I am comparing to Minor Illusion or Prestidigitation. I think it makes a decent focus but one could argue it should cost power points since it's harder to detect than an illusion. It also only affects one target rather than all observers so there's that trade off. I could see this 2nd-level spell (3 power points equivalent) too. Not sure what would be a good focus for this discipline if I did that though.

Cloud Mind, Mass as it's called to Psionics in 3.5 is effectively Invisibility (level 2). Cloud Mind, however, is much stronger as it allows you to actively modify their perception so if you were to steal the pen out from under their nose, they would not notice. You can open the door to their room and walk out without a problem. Harmful actions are going to break the spell though. As such I've upped it to 6 power points (equivalent to level-4 spell) At level-4 wizards get Greater Invisibility which allows them to attack. Perhaps Cloud Mind should be level 3 (5 power points) since it still doesn't allow the character to attack.

Modify Memory is already a perfect fit for a Psion. It's currently already a 5th level spell in 5e. So I'm just effectively putting it on the Psion's spell list. 5th level spell = 7 power points.

I should probably have a third power here. If False Sensory Input becomes a power, I should replace the focus.

New Psychoportation Discipline

On to the psychoportation abilities, which were employed by the 3.5 Psion Nomad. These powers included teleportation and other personal movement spells. I need a better name for it though.

Mind Over Matter: Greater discipline (immortal). You have learned to control matter through psionic focus.

Psychic Focus. You take no falling damage (borrowed from Body of Wind)

Dimension Slide(1-4). You teleport up to 20ft per psi point spent.

Levitate(3,C). As level-2 spell. 60', 10 min, self,creature,object<500lbs

Dimension Door(6). As level-4 spell. Teleport 500'

Levitate and Dimension Door were both 3.5 Psion powers and are also 5e Wizard/Sorcerer spells. They are converted to spell points per the dmg guidelines. Following the guidance of Body of Wind I've added two teleportation powers. Home minor and one major, just line they did with flying.

Any thoughts?

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This ought go in the home brew section

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This ought go in the home brew section

Ah, yeah... probably. Can I actually move it myself or does a moderator have to do that?

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Ah, yeah... probably. Can I actually move it myself or does a moderator have to do that?

Mods do. Let one know.
As to the Awakened Mystic:
Is it a pathfinder class? All I'm finding is the 5th Ed class

2016-05-30, 04:47 PM
This might sound weird but I liked so much your homebrew that I'm registering in the forum just to say it.

I would love to see more Awakened Mystic homebrew and such.