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2007-06-21, 11:17 PM
Now, I could be wrong but I could swear that I read an alternate use for the Tumble skill. That you could counter a tumble check to avoid attacks of opportunity with an opposed tumble check. I even remember reading that you needed like 10 ranks in tumble to be able to perform a counter tumble check. I just can't for the life of me figure out where I read this.

It's not in the complete series. So where did I get this idea? Did I make it up, am I going crazy, or what?

Maybe it was in one of the Quintasential books. (I know they're "evil"!)

Am I the only one to have read this somewhere. Somebody help a brotha out !


Then again if we can't find it I'm house ruling it into my new campaign anyway but with 5 ranks instead of 10. Just nice to be able to quote it if someone get's all fussy about it.

2007-06-21, 11:25 PM
There was no Tumble ranks requirement for it, IIRC. It was in Sword and Fist, the 3.0 predecessor to Complete Warrior.

I'd reccomend simplyfying it by just adding your Tumble ranks to the DC to tumble past you.

brian c
2007-06-21, 11:45 PM
*looks at Sword & Fist*

I don't see it anywhere in there, sorry. It isn't in the skills section, so if it is in that book it's hidden someplace.

2007-06-21, 11:49 PM
Rules Variants, on page 69.

2007-06-22, 12:15 AM
HA ! See I knew I had actually read that somewhere. Ok I can easily house rule that in. (Our group has banned anything not reprinted in 3.5) None of them will remember where it's from anyway, I'm the rules lawyer in the group. :p