View Full Version : Mechanic Class 5e

2016-04-10, 07:25 PM
This class is based on the Apparatus of Kwalish artifact, and the idea is to have a character who uses the apparatus as a sort of RV. They'll stay in the thing at all times, and it is intended for gnomes and Halflings especially, because gnomes and Halflings are the best at using that thing.

At 1st level:
Gain 1 Apparatus of Kwalish.
Nothing else. The first level is literally that.

2nd level:
Aquire "oil." This literally just lets you pull four levers instead of two as an action, allowing for more complex movements.

3rd level:
Install furnishings.
This allows the player to have a "Modest" lifestyle with no expenses. Also, decorations such as paint and paintings are found both inside and outside the apparatus.

I've only gotten this far, and I probably won't go further. If you want to take this and finish or modify it, go ahead, just give a link.