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2016-04-11, 10:49 PM
Since it seems like an interesting(and decently common) concept, I decided to see if I could come up with a shapeshifting oriented archetype for the vigilante.
Now, when I say "shapeshifting" I don't mean "turn into a wolf!"(though a hybrid werewolf style form is certainly an option), or "super sentai!".
I mean something more in the vein of characters who transform into unusual humanoid forms to gain powers normally out of reach for their mundane selves(think the Human Torch or Venom[or for a more anime-y perspective, the legendary warriors from Digimon Frontier]).

Not all Vigilantes have as simple an alternate identity as just a costume and some makeup. For some it is a deeper change, their very forms shifting granting them new strengths that might otherwise be difficult or impossible for them to obtain.
Class Skills: A shifter adds Knowledge(arcana) and Knowledge(the planes) to her class skills instead of Diplomacy and Disable Device.
This alters the shifter's class skills.
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A shifter is not proficient with armor of any kind.
Shift (su): A shifter's transformation between her social and vigilante identities is assisted by magic, and normally takes only a full round action,though this improves to a move action with the quick change social talent and a swift action with the immediate change social talent. However the transformation is also more noticeable as a result, involving bright energies and a decent amount of noise.
Shifted Form (su): A shifter's vigilante identity is much more than merely a second ego and a change of clothes. A shifter in their vigilante identity is almost a separate creature.
As part of the transformation all of her gear melds into her body, except for weapons and shields. Items that provide constant bonuses and do not need to be activated continue to function while melded in this way (with the exception of armor bonuses, which cease to function). Items that require activation cannot be used while she maintains her shifted form. While in her shifted form, she cannot cast any spells that require material components (unless she has the Eschew Materials feat).
A vigilante in her shifted form gains a +2 bonus to either strength, dexterity, or constitution, and a -2 penalty to one of the other two, chosen at 1st level. At level 8 and 16, she gains another +2 bonus to distribute to any physical attribute while in her shifted form.
While in her shifted form, she also gains access to some eidolon evolutions, and counts as a humanoid eidolon with the limbs(arms) and limbs(legs) evolutions and as a summoner of their vigilante level for any evolution prerequisites(even if her normal form has a different body structure, such as a centaur), and any alignment based effects use their vigilante identity's alignment. A shifter's evolutions points are equal to 1 plus half that of an eidolon of her vigilante level, and she may select from any of the following evolutions;
1 point: Bite, Bleed, Claws, Climb, Gills, Hooves, Improved Damage, Improved Natural Armor, Low-Light Vision, Magic Attacks, Pincers, Pull, Push, Reach, Resistance, Scent, Slam, Slippery, Sticky, Sting, Swim, Tail, Tail Slap, Tentacle, Unnatural Aura, Wing Bufftet.
2 point: Ability Increase(only strength, dexterity, or constitution), Alignment Strike, Channel Resistance, Constrict(ignoring the limitation to serpentine eidolons), Energy Attacks, Flight, Gore, Grab, Immunity, Keen Scent, Minor Magic, Poison, Rend, Shadow Blend, Shadow Form, Sickening, Trample, Tremorsense, Undead Appearance.
3 point: Blindsense, Burrow, Celestial Appearance, Damage Reduction, Fiendish Appearance, Frightful Presence, Major Magic, Sacrifice, See in Darkness, Web.
4 point: Blindsight, Breath Weapon, Dimension Door, Fast Healing, Incorporeal Form, Large, Lifesense, No Breath, Spell Resistance, Ultimate Magic.
A shifter may remain in her shifted form for 10 minutes per vigilante level, which improves to 1 hour per level at level 10, and either duration must be spent in 10 minute or 1 hour increments, though a vigilante can return to her normal form as a standard action, sacrificing any remaining time from her transformation up to the nearest 10 or 60 minute increment(a shifter who left shifted form after 3 minutes and had elected to spend 20 minutes of her daily duration would only lose 7 minutes, as an example).
A shifter in her shifted form counts as a native outsider for any effects depending on type, and has an armor or natural armor bonus(chosen as with an eidolon) equal to an eidolon of her vigilante level.
This alters the vigilante's dual identity, and replaces vigilante specialization and the vigilante talents at level 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.
Shifter Talents: A shifter can select from any of the following
vigilante talents, in addition to general vigilante talents.
This alters vigilante talents.

Raking Blows (ex): A shifter with this talent is skilled at making wide attacks, and gains cleave as a bonus feat. At 8th level, she also gains Great Cleave as a bonus feat. She doesn’t have to meet any of the prerequisites for these feats.

Shifted Blade (ex): A shifter with this talent has learned how to shift their weapon alongside themselves. When they enter their shifted form, they can temporarily forgo at least a 1-point evolution for the duration of their transformation to grant a single held a +1 equivalent enchantment, though the weapon does not need to already posses a +1 enhancement bonus to be granted a special ability(a weapon cannot be improved beyond a total +10 bonus using this talent).
At 8th level, a Shifter may exchange a 2-point evolution for a +2 equivalent enchantment, and a 3-point evolution for a +3 enchantment at 16th level.

Companion Beast (ex): A shifter with this talent obtains a bestial comrade, gaining the Natural Ally as a bonus feat. She doesn't need to posses the Nature Soul feat to take this talent, but must be at least 4th level. A shifter's companion has a social identity of a creature of it's normal type, but may use a full round action to assume it's own vigilante identity. At 8th level, while in it's vigilante identity, the companion may gain a 1-point eidolon evolution chosen when it's master reaches this level.

Leaping Assault (ex): A shifter with this talent has become skilled at dashing towards her targets, and gains spring attack as a bonus feat. In addition, she may make an acrobatics check as part of a charge to attempt to move through a single enemy's space during the attempt at no penalty. At 8th level, she may attempt to move through two enemy's spaces while trying to reach her target, and up to three enemy's spaces at 16th level. She doesn’t have to meet any of the prerequisites for Spring Attack.
[more talents are WIP and coming soon]

2016-04-16, 07:09 AM
Companion beast(animal companion with mutations!) and leaping assault(charge past your foes) talents have been added.