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Dune Disciple


The ambassador had chosen that day to go strolling along the dunes, bringing his entourage of twenty warriors along as he mulled over the day's processions. "I don't know," he told one of his sages, "It just seems like someone's been watching me ever since we came to his accursed landscape." He continued to walk, kicking along a stone and whistling a nervous tune. As he turned back to look, he saw that no one was there anymore.

Dune disciples are assassins and special operatives of the many militant villages of Nalal. They lie in wait below the sands, usually in wide rows of squads, to net any marked targets who walk by. These monk/rogue hybrids acquire much of their hunting wisdom from the antlion and ankheg.

This task force will be given an order for attack and then they will burrow their way near the target location. When the time is right, a signal is given and they will either ambush an army who has foolishly walked over them or slip into the city for tactical assassinations.

It takes years of careful study and reflection on the true nature of the desert to grasp the subtle wisdom that lies under the sands. The disciples slowly grow to encompass abilities that make it a creature of the sand, rather than one merely hiding in it.

The asherati are best suited to the dune disciple ways but many desert-variant races are also common among their ranks. Very dedicated and strong-willed humans will also join though they are perhaps the worst suited to the hazards of the desert, at least initially.

Sneak attack 1d6 class ability
Ki Strike (magic)
Stunning Fist
Sand Camouflage
Heat Endurance

HD, BAB, saves, and skills*: As Monk**
*trades Knowledge(arcane) for Knowledge(nature)
** at the moment, I'm lazy

Class Features:
1- Monk Abilities; Sandskimmer
2- Sneak Attack +1d6; Advanced Camouflage
3- Below the Sands
4- SA +2d6; Searing Surprise
5- Dusty Flurry
6- SA +3d6; Burrow 10 ft.
7- Sand Drag
8- SA +4d6; Tremorsense 10 ft.
9- Burning Fist
10-SA +5d6; One With Sands

Weapon Proficiencies: The disciple may use the collapsing crescent fan, fingerblade, and manople as monk weapons (Sandstorm weapons). He gains no new armor proficiencies.

Monk Abilities: Disciple levels stack with monk levels for determining flurry of blows, unarmed damage, and uses of the Stunning Fist ability.

Sandskimmer (Ex): If the disciple already has two Sandskimmer feats, he may gain a bonus Sandstorm feat that he qualifies for. Even the newest of dune disciples can nimbly tread the precarious sands.

Advanced Camouflage (Ex): When it comes to hiding within the golden flesh of Nalal, dune disciples are masters of the trade. Add half your class levels to your Hide checks when using Sand Camouflage. Double this bonus when using a sand tube with a minute to cover the entrance properly; it takes you half as long to set one up as well. You are able to sense the presence of others within five feet, but cannot pinpoint their location or how many, just that there is someone there to pounce on.

Below the Sands (Ex): A major tactic of the disciple is to hide below the sands and wait for the chance to ambush an unsuspecting target. When using Sand Camouflage, the disciple gains a +4 bonus on attack rolls on attacks of opportunity and the opponent loses his Dexterity bonus to AC.

Searing Surprise (Su): These desert ninja can channel the innate fury of the desert into a fiery strike. The disciple may convert 2d6 of his sneak attack damage into 7 points of fire damage. This may be used multiple times.

Dusty Flurry (Ex): To augment their devious battle strategies, the dune disciple carry handfuls of dust which are unleashed in measured amounts as they land their strikes. This will blind an unsuspecting foe. When the disciple makes a flurry of blows attack, the victim must succeed on a DC 10 + class levels + hit landed Fortitude save or be blinded for 1 round per hit landed.

Burrow (Ex): The disciple may burrow, but only in sand. His practice in staying merely below the surface has allowed him to dig even further, though his speed is often surpassed by other desert-goers. He may stay under the sand for an extra ten minutes before he begins to suffocate, and his training allows him to go an extra day without food or water.

Sand Drag (Ex): Another frightening tactic of the desert disciple is to rise from the sands in a sudden burst, taking with them any foe who dares to tread too closely. When you take an attack of opportunity or sneak attack from under the sand, you may initiate a grapple attempt instead, without provoking attacks of opportunity; you receive a bonus equal to one half your class level in this check. If you pin the enemy, and they are of an equal or smaller size than you, you may pull them under. This grants you a +4 circumstance bonus to grapple checks and they begin to suffocate immediately.

Tremorsense (Ex): Constant contact with the shifting sands above and below have allowed the disciple to 'read' the movement of nearby enemies through feeling alone. The disciple may only detect creatures walking on sand.

Burning Fist (Su): The disciple may convert his unarmed damage into fire damage on a full attack. When using flurry of blows, every other attack deals fire damage (if desired). He has achieved an even greater unity with the desert's fury and hidden power.

One With Sands (Su): After years of service, the dune disciple is able to subsume the desert's fiery passion and becomes a creature of the desert. The disciple gains the Fire subtype and his burrow speed and tremorsense extend to 20 feet. He is treated as a native desert creature. He does not need to eat, drink, or sleep and can remain under the sand indefinitely.

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Heh. I take it this is for your new Campaign Setting? Seems good to me. Not sure if I would take it as a Player Character, but I can certainly see it's use for Player Character Classed NPCs...

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A tad bit more fluff please

And are they just really good at hiding in sand or do they have some sort of magic sandman type abilty?

2007-06-23, 11:03 AM
I have this image of a scene where the party would be walking up a long slope to reach the top of some desert citadel. And then the ground begins to shake a little and one by one these desert ninja just punch through the sand and take up arms.


Added some