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2005-03-02, 02:06 AM

I don't think OotS would be able to keep up, but I just want to alert you all to the existance of this. But Francis says that they don't have to be funny:


And the rules on the Daily Grind webpage states that you only need a minimum of 2 panels. So this is an oppurtunity to make a pass at $1,000+ for $20 and you get to satisfy us readers with daily weekday comics. They could be like the incentives, except with 2 panels. But if you really don't want the risk and the work, don't do it. It's the decision of you the webcomic author whether to join.

Okay, please don't attack me for posting this, I just saw it, got excited, and felt like spreading it.

2005-03-02, 04:12 AM
If I were the Giant, I wouldn't be taking this on at the moment.

It's one thing for people like Scott Kurtz who update daily anyway - and note, Scott's not altogether sure that *he'll* be the "last one standing" (having updated before the cut-off time every day), either.

Whereas the Giant has Other Things To Do.

I can't say I'd regard "it doesn't have to be funny" as much of a motivator. :)

For my part, I'd rather that each comic that Rich makes be the best comic he could make, even if that comic is late.

The haste of doing lots of them in a short timespan, and to a non-negotiable deadline, can't be good for the creative processes.

My 2 cents Aus.

2005-03-02, 06:37 PM
on the page of the first link to the site:

Please note that the deadline for entering has now passed.

2005-03-02, 08:13 PM
Who do you think will fall out first?
Who can make it until the end?

Who will get voted off the . . . oh, wait . . . wrong challenge.

2005-03-02, 08:14 PM

2005-03-02, 08:29 PM

I can't believe how fantastically helpful and insightful that was, Frojoe21. It definitely furthered the discussion in this thread.

Voice of the Wampinator: Please try to keep your one word posts to the appropriate thread. They are begining to draw the kind of attention you wouldn't want.

Back to task, I know not even 9/10 of the artists who are participating in the DGIMC. This will hopefully be good publicity for some of them.

2005-03-02, 08:48 PM
I am truly sorry. I will refrain from doing so in future. Please accept these chocolates


The Glyphstone
2005-03-02, 09:01 PM
mmmm. delicious.

(grabs chocolates).

2005-03-02, 09:16 PM
Ok, I have cast a ward over them so wampa can get the chocolates that he deserves


2005-03-02, 11:34 PM
on the page of the first link to the site:

Please note that the deadline for entering has now passed.

Well sorrEE it wasn't there yesterday.

2005-03-03, 03:57 AM
I'd have to agree with Arian, I'd rather see a good comic updated once or twice (or now thrice, with my beloved OotS!) a week, and be good, than to see something "not even funny" up every day. But, on the other hand, this is also a good promotional for new artists with a lot of time on their hands to start a following, especially with a big name like Kurtz involved. Thanks for the link Adghar, though I'm not sure I'll actually be able to follow this. I have little enough time to keep up with the comics I already follow!

2005-03-04, 11:46 PM
I didn't say "not even funny" every day of the week... I wouldn't be that offensive! I feel offended. Just that in the extra spaces you pop something extra out and then on the normal days the good comics are published. So that we get our normal input and then have these little extra things in between.