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2007-06-23, 03:43 PM
It pains me to see that 3.5 has redefined this difficult-to-manage-with spell's ability to provoke much scrutiny. It used to be that you would make any one-word command and the target of the spell would be forced to make a will saving throw or follow it for one round. The best use I ever thought of for Command was "donate", which could effectively make targets drop or put away something if both hands were full, reach into their belt pouches, and, albeit somewhat stingily, place their gold pieces in my donation platter. Greater Command was even more fun with that idea. And since they were donations, the money doesn't become party treasure.

Someone with an obscure vocabulary might have had even more fun with this spell. I'd love to hear any other creative uses. Maybe even with the newer version of the spell. I think that this version of Command is still better than some same-level Wizard spells.

2007-06-23, 04:02 PM
3.0 command is ridiculous if you play in Spanish.

If you must play in English, though, I have but one word for you:


2007-06-23, 04:06 PM
The spell in 3.5 is more than powerful enough for a level 1 spell. As it stands, it's devastating in combat.

I had placed my PCs as part of a huge battle, they were all level 2 and facing literally dozens of level 1 warriors. A single level 3 wizard was hiding behind shelter reigning down chaos among my PCs. The cleric in the party cast Command and ordered him to Approach. (She even beckoned him with her finger, a nice "come hither and **** me" look.) He made a straight line to her...took three AOOs on the way there. Amazingly, they all missed, but now he was out in the open and surrounded...he didn't last another round.

2007-06-23, 05:31 PM
3.0 command is ridiculous if you play in Spanish.

If you must play in English, though, I have but one word for you:


There is a verb in ancient greek which means "to hover back and forth at a height". Give that a s a command. :smallbiggrin:

2007-06-23, 05:36 PM
My favorite use ever (that saved my low level clerics a big number of times): Use "Die", or "Fall" on the first guy, in front of a mob. While people are suffering the domino effect, you get precious extra minutes to run.

2007-06-23, 05:42 PM
how about die

Hunter Noventa
2007-06-23, 06:20 PM
how about die

I believe that comes up in another spell, you can tell the subject to die and they will play dead until the spell expires or they take damage.

2007-06-23, 06:26 PM
A player of mine used "Vomit" Once... it wasn't pretty...