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2016-04-21, 10:47 PM
So whilst researching potential EBERRON® crossovers with other campaign settings I learned of one such crossover with FORGOTTEN REALMS® via Dungeons & Dragons Online.

…without downloading and playing all through the game, however, my research has been unable to find any sort of date conversion between the two settings; i.e. XXXX DR = YYYY YK. From what I can gather, however, it appears to take place during or after the Spellplague afflicted Fearűn which would put it within the 4th Edition timeline (despite being a 3rd Edition-based game), though considering how long it lasted that could be anywhere between 1385 DR to 1479 DR.

EBERRON®, however, didn't seem to change at all with regards to time, keeping the previous starting year of 998 YK. Campaign crossovers always put a smile on my face, whether it's something like "The Wizards Three" or even the thought of who'd win between Elminster and Raistlin; I guess it just comes from my love of learning and discovery. (That reminds me, I need to track down a copy of "Archie Meets the Punisher.")

I already found a potential WORLD OF GREYHAWK® to FORGOTTEN REALMS® conversion in DRAGON #241 (letter from Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun to Mordenkainen: Ches 12, 1369 DR, "winter," and a letter from Johanna of Almor to Mordenkainen in response to Khelben's letter being forwarded: Wealsun 20, 585 CY, "low summer"). Now I just hope to find a reasonable conversion for EBERRON® since it completes the "big three" of 3rd Edition; even if DDO is non-canon, I'm hoping for something that sounds "official enough."

I especially enjoy the above conversion because, assuming The Shackled City Adventure Path ends the year before The Age of Worms Adventure Path, 594, that would correspond to 1378 — "Year of the Cauldron." Likewise, my Suel sorceress was born in 575 which corresponds to 1359 — "Year of the Serpent," and I recall arcane magic in Oerth was personified as "the Serpent" (at least as far as Vecna was concerned). Birth date determined because the minimum starting age for a human sorcerer is 16 and the typical starting year for an adventure is 591. That also causes 595 to correspond to 1379 — "Year of the Lost Keep," and I'd imagine Kyuss' Spire of Long Shadows is fairly lost.