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2007-06-23, 04:40 PM
Basic History

Evalt was a flourishing world. Civilization had been established almost everywhere. A great war had ended. Evalt seemed to be at peace. Gratyi, the comet that was considered to be an omen of good luck, appeared. Many thought an era of peace was about to begin. But then something that no one could have foreseen happened.

Gratyi collided a very surprised world. Earthquakes shook Evalt after the impact. Cities around the world collapsed, killing millions. Many living underground were killed by collapsing tunnels. Large waves battered the coasts. Few coastal towns survived the combined power of earthquakes and the 50 ft tall waves that crashed against the shore. Fires started anywhere that was within 1000 miles of Gratyi's impact. These fires spread and destroyed allin their path. As if these catastrophes weren't enough, dust filled the sky blocking out the sun. All of this happened in a single day. In a single day 95% of all the people in Evalt were killed. But it got even worse. With the sun blocked out the few crops that survived the impact began to die. Almost every plant eating animal was beginning to starve. Also, with the sun gone vampires were able to walk out in the open without being afraid of burning. The few survivors started to become prey to the vampires.

A certain vampire called Roltes saw the dropping population of living creatures and realized that if the vampires continued their slaughter there would be no people left to drink from. He found other vampires with similar view and began to capture the living. All those that were captured were kept as livestock. Roltes gained an amazing amount of power. Almost every vampire needed to get their food from Roltes. The other living creatures had beenhunted to the point where most vampires would die searching for food. Roltes decided to build himself an empire that would control all vampires. He began to claim that he was a god that brought the comet so that vampires could have their own age of glory. Many believed him and became fanatical followers. Roltes built his capital in the crater formed by Gratyi. This was the one warm place on earth because lava poured out of cracked earth. Everywhere else was nothing but frozen wasteland. For 2000 years Roltes ruled from his capital simply known as "Crater."

Then, the dust began to settle. It started with an area on the edge of Roltes' empire where a gap appeared in the dust. Sunlight shown down. Vampires were greatly worried, bu the slaves rejoiced. During the next 500 years the dust began to fall. Numerous slave revolts weakened the vampire empire (hey that rymes!). Eventually a slave revolt in the city of Crater itself caused the death of Roltes. The vampires were demoralized and the empire collapsed. 100 years later the dust finally fell. But during this time the slaves realized something. The world of Evalt had stopped rotating. One side was completely exposed to the sun, while the other wide was permanently in darkness. A desert on one side, a frozed wasteland on the other. And on a central strip between civilization thrived. Nations formed and the world began to adapt to Evalt's new state.

It is now 2977 AI (AI means after impact). Vampires have taken refuge in the frozen half, simply called the Icelands. The desert side is called the Firelands. The Firelands get hotter under the never relenting sun, while the Icelands are now considered o be a world of undead horrors. The ring of land that is between these two zones is called The Center Ring. Those that do live in the Firelands or the Icelands usually live close to the center ring. The city of Crater is now in the Firelands. Few have been there without dying of the extreme heat. Many are trying to recover information about the world before Gratyi. Little is know because civilization collapsed during the impact. If anyone remembers anything it's the vampires, but no one wants to get close to them.

So, what do you think?

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All the standard races except for Half-Orcs, and Half-Elves exist. The 2 half-human species don't exist simply because different races can't get each other pregnant. However, there are two new races that replace the halfbreeds.

From the small amount of knowledge about the pre-impact days, it is known that humans were the most widespread of the races during that time. This is again the case. Thanks to their adaptability, they are able to live in a wide variety of places. Whether in the nightless deserts of the Firelands, or the dayless wasteland of the Icelands, or in the Center Ring, they manage to somehow survive. While not the most technologically advanced, or the most powerful, or the most sophisticated, they are very widespread and can be found almost anywhere.


Of all the races dwarves seemed to do best during the period after the impact. Thanks to their natural toughness they were able to survive many hardships. Since they lived underground the loss of sunlight wasn't much of a problem for them. That was before the vampires came. The dwarves were the last to fall under the rule of Roltes. They were used as the muscle that would drive the vampiric industry. Currently most of them reside on the edges of the Icelands. On may be the wrong word, under is actually correct. After being able to break through the ice they found rich deposits of iron, bronze, aluminum, and a variety of minerals. Few of the other races were tough enough to endure the cold of the Icelands, so they don't have much competition. Raids by the bloodlings (see below) are the only major problem for the dwarves. Currently there is only one dwarf nation. The Baldiesin Kingdom would be this country.

Unlike the dwarves, the elves did not do very well after Gratyi hit Evalt. Being a frail race, they were not able to endure many of the challenges they faced. The fact that the vampires considered elven blood a delicacy didn't help much either. They were nearly extinct by the time Roltes was killed. Since then they have tried to rebuild. So far they don't even have their own nation. Currently the elves are a collection of city-states. The city states are surrounding a small sea. Because these city states are a little bit close to the Firelands, the elves live in a warm climate that is similar to what is seen in the Mediterranean. Even though they aren't united, they are still important in Evalt. Elves are the leaders in mathematics, engineering, and magic. Many scientific advances have recently been made by elves. They despise bloodlings due to their vampiric heritage. A city state will often help the dwarves fend of bloodling raids. Because of this elves and dwarves often get a long fairly well.

The elves may be close with the dwarves, the gnomes are closer. They live in the center ring, although they try to stay closer to the Icelands. The gnomes live in a relatively temperate climate. They build villages in forested areas. While winter never comes where they live in an area that has cool weather. The gnomes are great loggers and export a lot of timber. Gnomes don't have their own kingdoms. They generally live in many kingdoms, but these are usually the ones that are in the temperate areas of the Center Ring.

This is the main group that populates the Firelands. The halfings are a group of nomadic tribes that travel and trade. They tend to stay closer to the Center Ring. There's no reason to go any further into the Firelands. No one lives there, food and water are impossible to find, and they can't get anything to trade from there. The halflings are experts at navigating through the Firelands. After all, one wrong turn means going deeper into the Firelands. That would mean certain death for any tribe. Besides trade, the main income of the halflings is by acting as guides. Many want to see the ruins in the Firelands. Every once in a while some halfling will be brave (or stupid) enough to take someone to the city of Crater.

This race is one of the few that didn't exist before Gritya came and destroyed everything. They were created while Roltes was ruler of the world. Their exact origins are unknown, but it's believed that if a pregnant woman was attacked by a vampire, she could give birth to a child that had some vampiric traits to it. These were the first bloodlings. They are now independent of the vampires and create their own children by breeding among themselves. Few trust them, especially the old elves that can still remember the days of enslavement under the empires. The bloodlings posses the grace of the vampires. Bloodlings are similar to humans, and anyone not paying attention to the bloodling may mistake them for one. Bloodlings are more pale than your average human. Their eyes are red. That's usually what gives away their true heritage. They also have slightly sharp teeth that can be noticed if you look carefully in their mouth when they talk. Besides that they look very similar to humans. They live in the Icelands, and often raid the more prosperous civilizations living in the Center Rings. The dwarves dislike them the most, because the bloodlings raid their mines the most often. The bloodlings are a bunch of tribes that are spread along the edges of the Icelands. Few bloodlings are interested in uniting and forming a kingdom. They are content with raiding for now.

Blooding Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom
Medium Humanoid
Bloodling base land speed is 30 feet
Darkvision 60 ft
Light Blindness
Slam Attack 1d6
Blood Drain (Ex): A Bloodling can suck blood from a living victim with it's fangs by making a successful grapple check. If it pins the foe, it drains blood, dealing 1d2 points of Consiution drain each round the pin is maintained. A bloodling gains 4 temporary hitpoints from each attack. The number of temporary hitpoints a bloodling can gain in 2 hours can't be larger than the bloodling's constitution score
Vampiric Vulnerability: All bloodlings that come within 10 feet of garlic must make a DC 15 fortitude save or be nauseated. A bloodling must make this fortitude save every round. The DC increases by 1 each round
All bloodlings get +2 to all diplomacy, bluff, and intimidate checks
Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Rogue

The Klazzors are similar to the halflings. They too are wanderers in the deserts of the Firelands. Occasional clashes occur between these 2 races over territory, but the Klazzors and Halflings co-exist. Unlike the Halfings the Klazzors wander even deeper into the Firelands. Some claim to have crossed the entire Firelands, but this is probably untrue. The heart of the Firelands is so hot that anyone who could somehow get there would burst into flames and die. Yet the Klazzors are not complete nomads. They have set up cities in the Firelands. Usually they are centered around an oasis. The cities are almost always at least partially underground. If the cities where above ground, the buildings would heat up VERY fast. These cities are often used as resting spots for halfing. Many halfing tribes have been saved by a Klazzor city offering water and place to stay. The Klazzors consider themselves the rulers of the Firelands. And no one really bother to challenge them. No one wants to control a bunch of sand (except for halflings and Klazzors). Klazzors are tall and dark skinned. They are lanky and known for being swift runners. They are all hairless. Even the women. Male klazzors dont even shave. Members of other races have a hard time telling apart the males and females. This has led to a myth that the klazzors have only one gender.

Klazzor Racial Traits

+2 Constitution, -2 Charisma
Medium Humanoid
Base Landspeed 30 ft
All Klazzori can go twice as long without water without making a constitution check twice as long as humans.
Klazzors don't need to make saves against extreme heat until the temperature gets up to 120 degrees
Swim Through the Sand (Su): Swim Through the Sand (Su): All Klazzori can swim through sand or any lightly packed, dry, and fine sediment. For example, a Klazzori can't swim through gravel, but they can swim through ash. When unencumbered and wearing light or no armor a Klazzor swims through sand at his/her base land speed. The sandswimming speed of a Klazzor is affected the same way walking is affected by armor and encumbrance. Klazzors can breath without any problems while swimming through the sand. This isn't treated as actual swimming. Swim checks aren't usd for this. Rule-wise this is similar to walking.
All Klazzors gain a +2 bonus to all survival checks
All Klazzors gain proficiency with the scimitar
Automatic Languages: Common, Klazzori. Bonus Languages: Halfing, Elven, Ignan, Goblin, Orc

The Changed
This is another race that came into existance after Gratyi's collision. With the dropping temperatures a group of mages sought to find a way to alter themselves so that they could survive. In the resulting experiments they became hairy. They also lost their magical abilities. With the final change they grew more agile, but the magic that made them beast-like also made them gruff in a way that is similar to dwarves. Yet an unexpected change happened. They began to develop strange powers. The Changed realized that they had developed psionic powers. The Changed are the source of many psions. While psionics aren't as common as magic, they are common enough for many to know about. The Changed have their own nation withing the Center Ring, yet close to the Icelands. Many gnomes reside in Changed kingdoms. The gnomes and Changed get along very well. The Changed are one of the few that don't dislike the bloodlings. They don't seem to have the same hatred against vampires that everyone else seems to have. They do still dislike the vampires, but they just don't hate them as much. Maybe this is because the Changed never were captured by the vampires. With the fall of the vampiric empire they began to make a rapid rise to power.

Changed Racial Traits

+2 Strength, -2 Charisma
Monstrous Humanoid
Base Land Speed 20 ft
Naturally Psionic: Changed get 1 bonus power point at first level. This benefit does not grant them the ability to manifest powers unless they gain that ability through another source, such as levels in a psionic class.
+5 bonus on Fortitude saves against the cold.
Psi-Like Ability 1/day-Vigor. Manifester level is equal to 1/2 hit dice. The DC is intelligence based
Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Gnome, Sylvan
Favored Class: Psychic Warrior

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2007-06-23, 09:05 PM
I like the fluff. I would like to point out that there is already a Half-Vampire template from libris mortis, which has almost the exact same creation thing. A pregnant woman getting bitten, or a vampire that has eaten an especially large amount of blood impregnated a woman. Vampire woman can't get impregnated in Libris Mortis.

2007-06-23, 10:06 PM
Yes I know. That's actually where I got the inspiration for the bloodlings. But I wanted a vampiric race with no LA. And it's not just going to be a weaker version of the half vampire. It's going to be a unique race all on it's own.

Gavin Sage
2007-06-23, 10:25 PM
Umm just a note, but unless your planet is imobile in space to have two constant day and night halves doesn't mean the planet doesn't rotate but that it rotates once per year around its sun. A non-rotating planet would have a constantly shifting ring.

Anyways neat idea though a bit sci-fi so I have to wonder about the technology level.

2007-06-23, 10:40 PM
Umm just a note, but unless your planet is imobile in space to have two constant day and night halves doesn't mean the planet doesn't rotate but that it rotates once per year around its sun. A non-rotating planet would have a constantly shifting ring.

Anyways neat idea though a bit sci-fi so I have to wonder about the technology level.

The impact from Gratyi was so big that the planet completely stopped moving. Yes, technically the sun's gravity will slowly pull the planet towards it, but that will take a long time. I doubt any DM will have a campaign running that far into the future. It's gonna be a couple thousand years until the world of Evalt is going to be in any actual danger. The technology level is your standard middle ages.

Gavin Sage
2007-06-23, 10:52 PM
Okay, I dare say it might not be all that long but that's close enough I won't kill more catgirls todays.

How's the rest of the cosmology. I can't imagine the vampire rule was exactly healthy for clerics what with that undead turning and such. I get the vibe that clerics being rare and religion being largely forgotten and only recently coming back would be appropriate.

2007-06-24, 04:50 PM
During the vampire rule most clerics of good gods had to hide. Usually among the changed. The Changed and clerics of good gods enjoyed mutual protection. The clerics protected the Changed against vampires by turning the undead, while the Changed provided shelter in a frozen world. But priests of evil and neutral gods didn't have it much better. Since Roltes claimed that he was a god he also declared that the worship of any other god was not allowed in his empire. Priests fled his empire and hid for the several millenniums that Roltes was emperor.

The old emperor of the vampiric empire, is now worshiped by many vampires as a god. He started the belief that he is a god, and that belief lives on after his death. Vampires, bloodlings, and any other blood drinking creatures often worship him. Many scholars don't believe that Roltes himself is an actual god. Scholars have many theories as to why the priests of Roltes actually gain magic. Some think that Roltes is actually another evil god in disguise. Others think that the priests of Roltes are actually worshiping evil itself but they just don't know it. It's not a smart thing to say this to a believer of Roltes, because you might end up without your blood. Whether or not Roltes is a real god is debatable, but his believers are here and that's what is important. Priests of Roltes teach that the vampires must rule the world again. Many claim that Roltes will make another comet hit Evalt. Paladins are especially hated by the Church of Roltes, because they played a large part in the downfall of the vampires. The favored weapon of Roltes is the spear. Roltes is Lawful Evil. His domains are Evil, Death, Law

When the first sunlight started to go through the dust a woman called Bralia claimed that this was the work of a godess called Scinter. She said that Scinter was parting the dust clouds and bringing death to the vampires, and freedom for the slaves. Many believed Bralia and followed her. The church of Scinter helped many rebellions against the vampire. Believers of Scinter hate oppression and try to free slaves, wherever they may be. All undead, especially vampires, are the hated enemies of Scinter. Believers of Scinter and Roltes are often fighting each other, for now no one is winning. Scinter's favored weapon is the morningstar. Scinter is chaotic good. Domains: Good, chaos, and Sun

The Sand Gods
Both the Klazzors and the Halfings worship the same gods. This is a pantheon known as the Sand Gods. There are 4 gods in this pantheon. Spraltez, Jartaser, Flavkoras, and Shremberia. The Sand Gods were worshiped before Gratyi in the deserts that existed then.

All halflings and Klazzors respect to Spraltez. He is the god of water, a resource that is more precious than gold in the Firelands. Temples of Spraltez are often storehouses of water. Temples are often built next to an oasis where the temple can gain plenty of water. Spraltez teaches that help must be offered to all those in need. Usually this help is given as water, but also as healing. Even the most evil Klazzors or halflings offer a prayer (even if it is a minor one) to Spraltez. Spraltez is Neutral Good. His favored wapon is the Heavy Mace. Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Water

All the nomad tribes pay their respects to Chartaser, the god of travel. Navigating the desert is difficult, and something that takes years of experience to learn. Every tribe has at least one navigator, and this navigator is almost always a cleric of Jartaser. The Klazzors that dwell in the cities rarely pray to Jartaser, but those that wander the endless sand always ask for Jartaser's protection. Unlike many other gods, Jartaser isn't considered to be a man or woman, Jartaser simply is. Clerics of Jartaser are often educated in things like mathematics, geography, and astronomy so that they know how to determine their position in the world. Jartaser is Neutral. His favored weapon is the Scimitar. Domains: Luck, Knowledge, and Travel

This god is feared all over the Firelands. He is the bringer of fire and death. Flavkoras is the one that kills unwary travelers with the power of the desert. Halflings and Klazzors believe that every sandstorm, dried up well, and catastrophe in the desert are all the work of Flavkoras. And since Flavkoras kills, he also creates undead. The mummys that guard tombs are the creation of Flavkoras. Flavkoras, being a god of fire, despises Spraltez. Flavkoras is Neutral Evil. His favored weapon is the longsword. Domains: Death, Evil, Fire

Bandits, pickpockets, burglars, and robbers all pray to Shremberia, the godess of thieves. Clerics of Shremberia teach that stealing is not wrong. Other people are just a resource, and if they're unhappy with someone taking their possessions, then they should just steal them back and stop whining. Halflings worship Shremberia more than Klazzors simply because they steal more. Few temples of Shremberia exist, and those that do exist are hidden so that some pissed of paladin doesn't find them. Shremberia is Chaotic Neutral. Her favored weapon is the Morningstar. Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery

I'll post more on the gods later. I lost my notes on the campaign, and this was all that I could remember. On the other hand, I added the bloodling racial traits. Check them out and tell me what you think.

2007-06-24, 10:19 PM
The Gods, Part 2

Here are the rest of the gods.

God of the dwarves and ice, Vervynn is worshipped by every dwarf, no matter what their alignment is. The clerics of Vervynn lead dwarven society. They teach that duty to your clan is more important than anything. Since clerics of Vervynn are the leaders of all the clans, devotion to the clan means devotion to Vervynn. Vervynn is Lawful Neutral. His favored weapon is the dwarven waraxe. Domains: Earth, Law, War, Ice (more details on the ice domain later)

Spite, vengeance, and retribution are all words that can describe Vata. She is the godess of vengeance and hate. Most of her followers have been wronged in some way. They pray to Vata for vengeance. Usually this vengeance comes in the form of torture, murder, or a combination of both. Vata also fuels hatred. Vata's followers helped destroy the vampires. Angered by the fact that their religion was banished, the followers of Vata swore vengeance (they tend to do that a lot). After thousands of years of building rage, the sun began to appear and the believers of Vata had the revenge. The worshippers of Vata believe that Vata, not Scinter brought back the sun. Vampires continue to fall prey to clerics of Vata. Vata is Neutral Evil, her favored weapon is the longsword. Domains: Evil, Death, and Destruction,

The god of fire, war, valor, and good is loved by paladins all over Evalt. Many of his followers are knights, warriors, and anyone else that believes in honor. The priests of Gralisax like to solve conflicts with war. Gralisax is one of the many gods that despises the vampires. Every decade or so the church of Gralisax sends out a call to kill vampires. Sometimes this call starts a crusade, although only one of the crusades so far has ever succeeded in a way that's significant. Mainly because that time the crusaders didn't freeze to death. Despite the hatred towards vampires bloodling clerics of Gralisax do appear every once in a while, but they are usually loners in the church of Gralisax. Gralisax is Lawful Good. His favored weapon is the battle axe. Domains: Fire, Good, Law, and War

Every farmer who wants to be successful prays to this goddess. Mesun is the goddess of agriculture. She is a kind and caring godess, and so are her priests. Almost all of her clerics are farmers, and those that aren't travel around helping other, and fighting all that would endanger crops. A cleric of Mesun is usually one of the most respected people in a small village. Mesun also controls the weather, which is one of the most important factors in farming. Because of this she gets prayers from others who are greatly affected by the weather, such as sailors. Mesun is Neutral good. Her favored weapon is the scythe. Domains: Air, Good, and Plant

The dwarves have Vervynn, and the Gnomes have Brolibinduk. Clerics of Brolibinduk often protect the many logging villages of the gnomes. Logging is risky, and many a gnome has been hurt by a falling tree, dropped axe, or using a saw incorrectly. The clerics of Brolibinduk are always there to heal these poor loggers. Almost every old logger owns his life (or at least a body part) to a priest of Brolibinduk. Brolibinduk is Chaotic Good. His favored weapon is the battle axe. His domains are Chaos, Good, Healing, and Plants.

Elves are proud and independent, and so is their god. Powfelm is also a vampire hating god (the list just keeps on getting bigger). He values independence above all else, and loves clerics that support freedom. Powfelm is also the god of magic, and many good wizards offer at least an occasional small prayer. Powfelm is Chaotic Good. His favored weapon is the scimitar. His domains are Good, Chaos, Magic, and War

That's all when it comes to the gods. I also added the racial traits of the Changed. Check them out.

2007-06-25, 08:47 PM
For those of you who were wondering how to get the exact details of a character using one of my races, here are the tables for things like age, height, and weight.

Vital Statistics

Random Starting Ages Age
{table=head]Race|Adulthood|Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer|Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger|Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard

60 years|

20 years|

55 years|

Aging Effects
{table=head]Race|Middle Age|Old|Venerable|Maximum Age

+2d20 years

+3d10 years

+5d6 years[/table]

Random Height and Weight
{table=head]Race|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier

x (2d4) lb.

x (1d8) lb.

x (1d8) lb.[/table]

2007-06-25, 10:23 PM
Psionics in Evalt

Psionics is not as common as magic in Evalt. While psionics are definitely not rare, they are still uncommon enough for people to know very little about. The average person in Evalt has only seen psionics when they met a changed. Many people with psionic abilities keep their powers a secret. While your average person won't react violently towards someone with psionic powers, they will react with suspicion and fear. Some mages have attempted to isolate the change that gave the changed their psionic abilities. If they were to succeed, many people would be able to give themselves psionic abilities. Currently no one has managed to reproduce the transformation of the changed. For those of you that think psionics are broken and shouldn't be in D&D, deal with it, because psionics are in this campaign setting whether you like it or not.

2007-06-27, 08:17 PM
The Three Zones

The Center Ring
This is the only place that civilization truly thrives. The sun does not truly set here. The Center Ring looks like it's in a never ending sunset. The western horizon is constantly filled with the sight of the sun. The climate changes depending on where you are. Close to the Firelands there is a hot climate. If your near the Firelands and near a large body of water, a mediterranean climate is dominant. But if there is no large body of water nearby then you're probably in a steppe. But if you get close to the Icelands, you get a subarctic climate. Think Canada or souther Scandinavia. Between the two ends a temperate climate is dominant. The entire Center Ring is about 1000 miles wide, and goes in a vertical band through the center of Evalt. The only oceans and seas lie in this zone. Bodies of water close to the Icelands often have icebergs floating through them. Water close to the Firelands often ends with a long flat plain where water used to be.

The Firelands
A sun that never sets hovers over the Firelands. Few go deep into this zone. The city of Crater lies here, forever baking under the hot sun. There are no bodies of water. Those few that live in the Firelands either live underground, or find another way to hide themselves. Only through scrying magic has anyone been able to find out what lies in the center of the Firelands. It isn't pretty. Nothing lives there. Nothing at all. It's more barren than anyone could imagine. Orcs and goblinoids live near the Center Ring. They usually live underground and come out to raid and attack others, such as the halflings or the Klazzors.

The Icelands
The Firelands may be more desolate, but the Icelands are more feared. Here the last remnants of the Vampire Empire live. Now a bunch of small kingdoms fight each other for control. Undead live here mostly undisturbed, except for the occasional attack from some adventurers. Many monsters that don't need sunlight or heat live here. The dwarves, the bloodlings, and the changed are the only "civilized" races that live here. The dwarves carve for themselves long passages through the and under it. All 3 of these races live close to the Center Ring. All of them know of the horrors that lie beyond. Those that don't freeze to death in this barren world are either eaten by undead or die of thirst due to the lack of liquid water. There are large flat expanses of ice that are presumed to have once been oceans, but are now frozen. Whether or not some liquid water exists under this ice is still unknown. Despite it's fearsome reputation, astronomers seek sites to set up observatories in the Icelands. The view of the stars is amazing and almost makes you forget you're in a frozen wasteland.

2007-07-05, 08:04 PM
If the sun continually shines on the firelands then it would create very low pressure resulting in moisture being drawn eternally into it. This would create a tropical climate bordering the rim, and would also provide shadow near the rim-firelands border.

2007-07-19, 06:33 PM
There isn't enough moisture to create a tropical climate. Most of the worlds water is frozen.

2007-08-20, 03:10 PM
I stopped posting on this a while ago but I've decided that I want some more feedback, sooooooooooo


2007-08-20, 10:12 PM
I think it still kicks ass, oh, but one thing, that's a helluva accurate meteor


2007-08-22, 02:04 PM
Cardinal Directions in Evalt

While from our perspective the north and south poles are in the Center Ring, the cardinal directions are aligned differently in Evalt. The North Pole is in the very center of the Icelands. All compasses point in that direction on Evalt. The Equator lies in the Center Ring and the South Pole is within the Firelands. The residents of Evalt don't find this unusual. To them our world would seem weird, not theirs.

Days in Evalt

Due to the never ending day/sunset/night in the world an ingenious way has been made of keeping track of days. While scholars do know that the world spun on an axis PI (pre-impact) but they don't know how long each rotation was. Instead one of Evalt's moons called Ostre is used for keeping track of the days. Ostre orbits around the earth very fast. It makes an entire revolution once every 24 hours. In the Icelands it's easy to see when it passes over. Some astronomers travel to the Icelands to see the spectacular sight of a moon going through all its phases in less than a day. When Ostre is over the Center Ring it is visible, although it is faint. Whenever Ostre passes over the city of Gresh a new official day starts around the world. Ostre does not affect lycanthropes. A second moon does that

The Second Moon
Arla is the second moon. It makes one revolution around the world every month. Arla is larger than Ostre and is sometimes referred to as the "sun of the Icelands" because of how it takes half a month for it to set on the Icelands. Arla is also the moon that causes lycanthropes to transform. Some lycanthropes think that Arla the a goddess of their kind. Small cults of Arla are found occasionally, but there's so few worshipers that they barely make an impact on the world.

2007-08-22, 06:17 PM
Eclipses? Every few years the sun is hidden for a couple of days, or at least dimmed.

2007-08-22, 06:33 PM
Yes they happen, but they probably won't make too much of a difference. The DM can include it if they want to.

2007-08-22, 09:58 PM
OK this is going to sound like a very odd nit pick but I'm going to say it anyway and you can explain this with a one word answer aka magic and I'm cool with that.

You say the Dwarfs mine aluminum, I'm just wondering how they extract it as up until the modern day it has been almost imposable to mine aluminum from ore, it takes a massive amount of power to extract aluminum from its ore form. 2% of all power use in the United States each year is devoted to making aluminum. I just want you to think about how much power that is 2% of all the power in the U.S. So I just want to know how the Dwarfs extract the aluminum, and what they use it for. Once more magic is a good explanation its just something I wanted to point out.

2007-08-24, 09:02 AM
OK this is going to sound like a very odd nit pick but I'm going to say it anyway and you can explain this with a one word answer aka magic and I'm cool with that.

You say the Dwarfs mine aluminum, I'm just wondering how they extract it as up until the modern day it has been almost imposable to mine aluminum from ore, it takes a massive amount of power to extract aluminum from its ore form. 2% of all power use in the United States each year is devoted to making aluminum. I just want you to think about how much power that is 2% of all the power in the U.S. So I just want to know how the Dwarfs extract the aluminum, and what they use it for. Once more magic is a good explanation its just something I wanted to point out.

A guess would be that dwarfs have near-perfect knowledge of minerals and the the working of such, that or it's the Xena equation:
Incoherency + Inquiry + Fantasy setting = A Wizard did it

2007-09-18, 10:03 PM
There's an answer to this issue with aluminum, and it will come out in a base class that I'm slowly making. This setting won't be done for a while, since I'm working so slow on this.

2007-11-29, 07:41 PM
The Classes in Evalt

Most "barbarians" are warriors from the civilizations living outside the Center Ring. Their toughness is necessary for survival in either the Firelands or Icelands. However, barbarians don't always come from the lands beyond the Center Ring. In the anarchy after the fall of Roltes's empire barbarians were the most common kind of warrior. Civilized barbarians (yes, I know it's an oxymoron) are simply viewed as warriors with a different fighting style than your average fighter.

Almost everyone in the Center Ring loves a good bard. In the dwarven ice halls they bring joy that is often lacking thanks to the cold. In Klazzor cities they help people forget the heat. Bards can often become good historians thanks to all the lore they know, but many prefer to stay bards because doing otherwise would mean settling down.

Clerics are respected in most places in Evalt. Good clerics are despised in the undead cities of the Icelands, and would be wise to hide who they are. Clerics of gods that despise undead are especially loved in the Center Ring, because of the fear of vampires that is an integral part of Center Ring culture. Clerics can often find work in the Firelands thanks to their water making spells. In general, clerics are respected because of their ability to ensure survival in this adapting world.

Druids tend to stay closer to the edges of the Center Ring. Civilization is less dense in these areas, giving the druids a habitable and civilization free place to live. Some even live far away from the Center Ring, using their magic to stay alive and watch nature at it's deadliest.

Fighters are everywhere, but that's to be expected. They're the soldiers, the watchmen, the mercenaries, the adventurers, and any other job that requires martial prowess. Sometimes they're valued over the "civilized barbarians" simply because they can have more discipline.

Monastic orders exist throughout the civilized area of Evalt, but the Klazzors seem to have more than any other race. The ability to fight without armor or weapons that get hot is valued in the Firelands. Monks can also be politicians in the city of Rond, a city governed by a group monks called the Zulfani Order.

They lead the fight against the monsters of the night that remain from the dark days. Like clerics, paladins are often respected by many and are sometimes even offered free drinks or hospitality out of respect and knowledge that the paladins won't abuse these offers. Some do take advantage of this and pretend to be paladins to get a bed and food for free.

Most rangers act as guides in the unforgiving lands outside the Center Ring. Often they can be found teaming up with paladins who want to go find the dark monsters of the Icelands. Those that don't act as guides can sometimes be found protecting some of the towns on the edges of the Center Ring, whether out of the goodness of their heart or for money.

These are the thieves that thrive in the most civilized parts of the Center Ring where there's plenty of riches to be found. Rogues fill almost as many roles as the fighter. They can be assassins, pickpockets, burglars, and many other things. Those that don't stay in the more civilized areas are usually adventurers of some sort.

The origins of the sorcerers' powers are still unknown. Whether it's from draconic heritage, or experiments that the vampires made on their slaves no one knows. Most sorcerers are regarded with indifference by common people. Sorcerers tend to have an urge to advance their powers. Some resist it and try to live relatively normal lives, but others give in and try to become more powerful, usually by becoming adventurers.

Wizards tend to be scholars or researchers. They spend much of their time researching new spells or studying history. Sorcerers are especially a topic of interest for wizards. Wizards view them as something to study, and some wizards even covet the ease with which sorcerers use magic. Adventuring wizards tend to have a variety of reasons for not choosing the comfortable life of a scholar.

There will be a second post talking about the psionic classes soon.

2007-12-05, 07:47 PM
Due to their natural psionic capabilities, Changed are the most common of psions. Other races have fairly similar amounts of people with psionic capabilities. Most people in Evalt have a limited understanding of psionics, so to them a psion is just another type of mage. Thus, psions usually will get the same reception somewhere that a wizard or sorcerer might. Unlike wizards, psions are not scholars. They tend to take a similar path to sorcerers.

Psychic Warrior
Until they reveal powers, a psychic warrior is viewed as any other warrior might be. Psychic warriors are the most common type of sword swinger to come from Changed society. Most people mistakenly think psychic warriors are simply fighters that dabbled in magic.

If any psionic class is truly regarded with fear, it's the soulknife. Common people simply believe false tales about them all being killers that stalk the night looking for unsuspecting victims. While some evil soulknifes will do as the tales say, most are just average people. Even the Changed have some fear in regards to the soulknife, but that's only because it's a strange type of psionic power that they don't understand very well. Soulknifes hide their abilities with relative ease. When they do reveal what they can do (intentionally or not) people might not always realize that they're looking at. They see what looks like a person holding a magical sword, not a psionic manifestation of a weapon. Those who are recognized as soulknives are often leaving home FAST. A good number of adventurers are made like this.

When you mention wilders to someone, they'll usually be completely clueless about them. If they even know what a psion is, then it's still very unlikely they know the difference between psions an wilders. So, wilders often fill the same roles that psions do. Wilders are probably the one psionic class that appears most often in halflings. Strangely enough, these short people have a knack for being wilders. Halflings tribes that have wilders might be, besides the changed, some of the only uneducated people that have a good amount of knowledge in regards to psionics.