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2016-04-26, 06:00 PM
I'm curious, has anyone made or seen a dedicated merchant based class? Sort of like how an artificer is a dedicated crafting class, is there a merchant equivalent?

If not what would you put in it?

2016-04-26, 06:26 PM
The problem with this concept is that PF does not have a robust mini-game for economics or social interaction.

Classes are primarily set up to be focused on combat. Ignoring the fact that casters have a wide variety of effects at their disposal that allow them to interact with the world in other ways, everything is pretty focused on "how do you kill team monster, and/or deal with the threats and challenges of a setting in which team monster resides."

If you had an actual set of mechanics that were just as engaging as combat for handling things like running a business or resolving social conflicts, there would be space for this sort of concept.

But as it stands, there's really no conceptual room for it.

2016-04-26, 07:01 PM
Right, Gnomeworks has the right idea with this. That being said however, a rogue can make an amazing merchant based character depending on how you build them. I've learned a lot to look past the stereotypes associated with each class, especially since I started playing Pathfinder. In fact, a character in my campaign right now is a level 6 dwarven rogue that I think could qualify as a merchant/conman.

2016-04-26, 09:32 PM
You could also use something like the vigilante in pathfinder, and make your day personality a merchant, and build towards that.

Darth Ultron
2016-04-27, 07:44 PM
The thing is a combat adventure game does not really fit a ''merchant''. You'd need a whole game full of rules to cover everything.....basically play a game of ''Capitalist and Coins''.

To make a class...well they'd get a lot of skill points.

They would get bonus feats or abilities that enhance bluff, diplomacy and sense motive.

And well....too much more really needs Rules for the Economy.

2016-04-28, 05:51 AM
A contractor class, specialized in zoning dungeons to build underground houses and parkings after the party has done with the "cleaning".