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2016-04-28, 07:55 PM
Hi Folks,

I have been working on a homebrew setting. I have removed drow from the game as a player race, but wanted something to replace them that seems similar. My setting the vampires are a race, more than creatures. Seeing the Zendiakr release for D&D I decided to take inspiration from the Vampire race there to create my Damphir/Half-Vampire playable race. Some C&C would be great, also, some feedback on how to slit it maybe into core and subrace would be good.

For subrace I am thinking
'Shadow' Clan: Gain the bite, Stealth Prof and +1dex
'Magic' Clan: Gain the magic, gain Arcana prof, +1 Int
'Feral' Clan: Wings, Talk to small creatures(bats), +1 Str

Anyhow, here is the work so far!


Thank you for any feedback!

Final Hyena
2016-04-29, 02:46 AM
The baseline is;
+2 stat
60 dark
Necro ~ resistance
Doctor Dolittle

+1 stat
30 fly no heavy
d4 claws

+1 stat
+1 skill

+1 stat
mental saves ~ adv

I feel a natural urge to cry over sunlight sensitivity even if it does fit the race so appropriately :frown: anyway my sensibilities over with lets get on track.

The Blood feature is weird, if the target is grappled/incapacitated you probably shouldn't need to succeed on an attack roll. The next thing is that it's necrotic damage, It really should be bleed, which isn't a type of damage anymore. Maybe piercing with an addition that those without blood/undead are immune.

The sub races are uneven. Pecus/Disce are much better.
I get the feeling you will want to stick with flight to fit the theme so Umbra will need a bit of buffing. Some options include a skill (athletics/acrobatics/stealth) or bonus movement speed.

Edit; Umbra flavour text

Your clan holds to the ideals of honesty, secrecy and trust.
They get deception.

2016-04-29, 05:22 AM
Thanks for the feedback!

- The blood feature is copy and pasted from the Zendikar vampire playable race. I may re-word it though to 1 piercing, 1d6 from max (no damage type) and undead and constructs are unaffected. The attack role is to show a creature struggling I think.

- I realised Umbra was incorrectly calculated. They have had movement speed increase and advantage vs charm and illusion magic.

- Umbra flavour. That was a copy and paste fail, I forgot to change that to perception

Thanks for the feedback!