View Full Version : Light Skirmishing Rules for RPGs

2016-04-29, 10:19 PM
Thought this better here than in Homebrew Design. I've been inspired by the eminent YouTuber Lindybeige to sketch out some rules for skirmishing. What it amounts to is not a wargame but a set of feats, giving the base odds for roll-under with 3d6, after adding in the skill. These rules distinguish hand-to-hand combat skill, from skirmishing skill. You can be a great duellist but have no clue in a big battle and get clobbered. Hopes that others will find these notions useful aside, my question is whether I've missed any important feat.

Avoid incidental injury, press 12
Avoid incidental injury, front or rout 10
Avoid incidental injury, pitched battle 7
Forestall rout 6
Instigate rout 7
Rout efficiently 10
Pursue routing enemy efficiently 10-SL (deduct enemy's SL)
Formation fighting = skill familiarity, otherwise skill at 1/2
Fight through to another rank, friendly 10+SL (add average SL of friendly rank)
Fight through to another rank, enemy 10-SL (subtract average SL of enemy rank)
Escape chaotic battle, loose formation 8
Escape chaotic battle, press 2
Flank an enemy force 9-SL (subtract average SL of enemy)
Flank a random enemy combatant 9-SL (subtract enemy SL)
Fall back to more defensible position 13
Obtain a weapon on the battlefield 12
Force multiplier 6, success adds +2 to your SL for engagement duration