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2007-06-24, 03:20 PM
OK, I wanted to make a meele character in high level that could still be a useful addition to the party. I've come up with a build that looks promising so far but it is not complete and it might have some room for improvement:

Human Hexblade 3/ Barbarian 5/ Blackguard 2/ Frenzied Berzerker 10

Ability Scores (32 pts base)

STR 34 [16 + 2 enlarge + 5 advancement + 1 inherent + 4 fiendbond + 6 item]
DEX 10 [8 - 2 enlarge + 4 fiendbond]
CON 24 [16 + 2 fiendbond + 6 item]
INT 14 [10 + 4 fiendbond]
CHA 28 [16 + 2 fiendbond + 4 inherent + 6 item]

WF: Greatsword, Imp. Sunder
Cleave, Great Cleave
Power Attack
3 open feat slots

Items and other expenses:

Permanent Enlarge (10.200 gp)
Permanent see invisibility (10.300 gp)
Nar Fiendbond (12.000 gp)
Manuals +1 strength and +4 charisma (137.500 gp)
Mantle of Resistance +5 (25.000 gp)
Gloves of Strength +6 (36.000 gp)
Belt of Health +6 (36.000 gp)
Cloak of Charisma +6 (36.000 gp)
+5 ghost touch aurorum incorporeal sword (75.000 gp)
Boots of Translocation-intelligent (30.000 gp)
Ring of Evasion (25.000 gp)
Ring of Improved Invisibility (100.000 gp)
Retributive Amulet (56.000 gp)
Starmantle Cloak (132.000 gp)
+1 soulfire adamantine full plate (25.000 gp)
Circlet of protection from law and shield (9.000 gp)
5.000 gp remaining


HD: 3d8+2d10+15d12+140 [258 HP average]
AC: 25 [10 - 1 size +1 natural armor + 9 armor +4 shield +2 sacred]
Attack: Ghostslayer +33/+28/+23/+18 meele touch, ignores dex bonuses and +2 attack while invisible. 4d6+16 damage
Fort save: +36/+45 vs magic [15 +7 ability +9 dark blessing +5 item +9 arcane resist]
Refl save: +19/+28 vs magic [5 +9 dark blessing +5 item +9 arcane resist]
Will save: +20/+29 vs magic [7 -1 ability +9 dark blessing +5 item +9 arcane resist]

additional special qualities (red ones are from items)
DR 10/magic, darkvision 60 ft, fire acid electricity resist 10, fly speed 30ft, mettle, poison immunity, improved uncanny dodge, evasion, posession immunity, mental control immunity, see invisible, immune to death and negative energy, reflects 50% of attack damage, normal weapons destroyed on contact, half damage from attacks on a DC 15 reflex save, DR 3/adamantine, immune to magic missiles, improved invisibility.

So, the plan is to Supreme Power Attack everything I can reach while my wide array of immunities, mettle, evasion and ridiculously high saves protect me from everything. If I go into Rage and Frenzy at the same time, I could KO a Great Wurm in a single full attack-or just about any other creature in the monster manual and my ring of translocation ensures I can jump 40 ft and full attack in the same round-or avoid nasty little traps like forcecage.

Anything I could do to improve the character's performance?

2007-06-24, 03:22 PM
Leap Attack, Shock Trooper & Combat Brute.

2007-06-24, 03:28 PM
Where are they from? I'm not really familiar with fighters-I've only been doing spellcasters so far.

2007-06-24, 03:35 PM
Complete Adventurer and Complete Warrior.

2007-06-24, 03:51 PM
Improved Power Attack is a class ability.

Why not grab Extend Rage or if need be, extra rage. Get a DM to get it apply to frenzies.

2007-06-25, 08:00 AM
Improved Power Attack is a class ability.

Why not grab Extend Rage or if need be, extra rage. Get a DM to get it apply to frenzies.

Extend and Extra rage already do apply for frenzies. Rage or Frenzy is a prerequisite so it's implied that it also applies for frenzy. Still, do use those. With the Extra Rage feat my level 1 human barbarian could rage 5 times a day.

2007-06-25, 08:54 AM
Are you familiar with the severe limitations of the Frenzied Berserker? If you take any form of damage, you must make a Will Save (DC = 10+cumulative damage you've taken that turn) or go into a Frenzy. So even with your high Blackguard Save bonus (the Hexblade bonus only applies vs. spells, and this is not a spell effect), it's quite likely that you'll Frenzy in the first round of almost any combat. This makes it nearly impossible for you to save your Frenzy for when you need it, and it makes it very likely that you'll eventually kill someone in your party. Yes, you can end your Frenzy early with a Will Save, but a natural 1 always fail...

Might I ask what books are available to you? Can you use variant rules?

Also, what level is your game starting at? It's pointless to have an uber build that sucks at levels 1-19 unless you're starting the game at level 20.