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2007-06-24, 07:29 PM
Paladin 4/Battle Sorcerer 3/Abjurant Champion 5/Eldtrich Knight 8
Race: Human
32 point buy
Str 15 +3 level = 18
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 16 +2 level = 18
BAB: 19/14/9/4
Paladin CL: 1
Sorcerer CL: 15

Will be using a Greatsword two handed. Aim is to use spells to help combat prowess. Must haves feats are Combat Casting (for Abjurant Champion), Somatic Weaponry for casting while holding greatsword, and Battle Caster (or whatever it's name is) for mythril fullplate goodness.

What other feats would suit this build? Are any divine feats worth looking at? Also, do any particular spells work very well for an idea like this?

Books = All except dungeonscape

2007-06-24, 07:32 PM
Not enough information has been given.

What do you want to do with the character?

2007-06-24, 07:35 PM
It's a Gish who uses magic to boost combat ability. Sorry I'll add more info to the first post.

2007-06-24, 07:49 PM
Ok that's a little bit better.... You know there's a character build advice thread stickied to the top of the page right?

2007-06-24, 07:52 PM
I always thought that thread was for advice on the whole build. I already have most of mine worked out I'm just looking for some feat and spell suggestions.

2007-06-24, 08:06 PM
Well, since you have Turn/Rebukes to use up, I'd suggest Divine Might. It gives you extra damage equal to to your CHA for a round. I believe the feat is in Complete Divine or PHBII.

Otherwise, I would suggest Extend Spell, so you can cast those buff spells in advance.

PS. Divine metamagic does not function with Arcane spells, according to recent errata. Check with your DM to make sure he is following it. If he isn't, or doesn't want to, then Divine Metamagic is GOLD.

Cade Shadow
2007-06-24, 08:12 PM
I might recommend smiting spell( i don't have the resources on hand to look up the spell lists of those classes), what it does is allow you to place a touch spell inside a weapon so that it activates on a successful attack, its a standard action. Its from PHBII. I don't know the prereqs.

Keld Denar
2007-06-25, 10:25 AM
Divine Might would be a good feat for you. Your turning level is laughable, might as well get some mileage out fo it. Also look into Divine Vigor.
Another feat you might consider is Arcane Strike, it's in CAr and lets you drop a spell slot to add +slv to hit and +slvd4 damage. To every attack in a round. Use that, divine might, wraithstrike, and PA for full. On second thought, you might not have enough swift/free actions to combo that all up...

Spells, Wraithstrike if your DM will allow it. It's in CAr. Swift spell makes all attacks for the round as touch attacks. It's cheesy goodness with power attack. Otherwise, standard buff spells, Mirror Image, Blur, Blinking, Improved Invis, Heroism, Haste, Enlarge Person and all greater and extended versions of these.

If you are going to smiting spell, kind of like Spell Sword's channeling ability, try to get a lose spell for a couple different saves. Like, Ghouls Touch vs non-fort people and Hold Person vs non-will people. If you get one of those off in the first attack of a full attack, everything else behind it is pretty much certain to land as well. Hold Person allows a save every round, but the target probably won't live to see that next round anyway.

2007-06-25, 12:17 PM
Dunno, if this is what you want, but Arcane Turmoil is a very useful spell for Abjurant Champions to have, if you know what I mean...:smallwink:

Iku Rex
2007-06-25, 01:55 PM
Here's an older thread on a similar topic from a few weeks back:

I could offer some spell suggestions, but first, are you sure you want battle sorcerer?

As far as I can tell you're only using it to get the mithral full plate, and that's not much of a reward for losing so many spells known. Instead you should get a level of spellsword (CWar, -10% ASF), and buy a mithral (-10% ASF) full plate with the fey- or githcraft (DMGII, -5% ASF) armor template and the twilight (PHBII+, -10% ASF) armor ability. A thistledown suit (RacWild, -5%) can substitute for the template.

Are you starting at level 1?

2007-06-25, 02:24 PM
Must haves feats are Combat Casting (for Abjurant Champion), Somatic Weaponry for casting while holding greatsword, and Battle Caster (or whatever it's name is) for mythril fullplate goodness.

First, by any reasonable interpretation you shouldn't need somatic weaponry to cast with a greatsword, it's easily held in one hand while you cast. Second, you're taking all the levels of abjurant champion, and still using normal armor? The whole point of that class is to replace normal armor with mage armor and shield (as evidenced by the example character, ask your DM if mage armor counts for abjurant armor, as it was intended).

2007-06-25, 02:42 PM
If your DM lets you apply DMM to arcane spells (or if you can somehow gain access to Anyspell) Wraithstrike is persistable.

2007-06-25, 02:57 PM
Somatic Weaponry = Dm is very strict about spellcasting while holding anything. Since I'm using a two handed greatsword he said I will need the feat to cast unless I drop the sword whenever I cast, which is not a good idea.

Abjurant Champion = Full casting and full BAB for 5 levels? What's not to love? I need a reason NOT to take it. I will be using Shield for extra AC and some of the other abilities are handy too.

Starting level = 1. That's why I'm starting with Paladin, for survival+the role. I prefer Battle sorcerer personally. I don't have much of a reason why beyond flavour purposes. This build will be more combat focused than spellcasting focus so while the loss of spells does hurt, it does not hurt too much.

2007-06-25, 03:13 PM
Why not go with Exotic Weapon Proficiency, and just use the bastard sword? Can switch to one handed whenever you need, and if you dip Warblade for a single level for Weapon Aptitude to allow you to retrain the Exotic Weapon Prociency after just an hour training with it.

Iku Rex
2007-06-25, 04:29 PM
I just had another look at the battle sorcerer and you lose spells slots as well as spells known. Yikes! It pains my min-maxing soul to see such waste. :smallsmile: Would you perhaps consider the Stalwart Sorcerer (CMag) variant instead? +2 hit points per sorcerer level (equivalent to d8), Weapon Focus in a martial weapon, and all you lose is one spell known from the highest level spells you can cast.

I know criticizing people's flavor decisions tend to make them testy, so I'll move on to what you asked for.

15th level battle sorcerer. Variant choices in parentheses.

Level Spells Known
0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
15th 8 4 4 3 3 3 2 1

7th: Elemental Body (SC)

(Ironguard [SC], Spell Turning)

6th: Brilliant Blade (SC), Bite of the Weretiger (SC)

(Stone Body [SC])

5th: Dragonsight (SC), Overland Flight, Heart of Fire (CMag)

(Dimension Jumper [CMag 102], Transmute Mud to Rock, Skin of the Steel Dragon [ChmpVal 58], Greater Blink [SC])

4th: Heart of Earth (CMag), Greate Mirror Image (PHBII), Improved Invisibility

(Fire Shield, Raptor Cloud [SecSar])

3rd: Heart of Water (SC), Dragonskin (SC), Heroism,

(Greater Magic Weapon, Haste, Blink)

2nd: Wraithstrike (SC), Alter Self, Wings of Cover (RacDrag), Fearsome Grapple (SC)

(Heroics [SC], Create Magic Tattoo [SC)]

1st: Shield, Ectoplasmic Armor (SC), Enlarge Person, Nerveskitter (SC)

Polymorph, or better yet, draconic polymorph (Drac) are excellent melee spells, but since you're planning in getting shiny, shiny armor I assume you won't want to use them. Alter self will have to do.

It's melee specialized list, so you may want to drop some of the short-duration buffs for blast spells.

Feats (in addition to those I mentioned in the other thread):

Eschew Materials: Also needed to keep your hands on the sword.
Elder Giant Magic (Secrets of Xen'drik): Basically +3 caster level on your long-duration buffs on higher levels, especially with a +X Concentration item like the Tunic of Steady Spellcasting (MIC).
Extend Spell: To get your 1 hour/level spells to last all day.

2007-06-25, 04:36 PM
The battle sorc also uses the cleric BAB tree, which is great (at least in my opinion) if you're planning on fighting more than spell casting. What tree is the stalwart on?

Iku Rex
2007-06-25, 04:47 PM
The battle sorc also uses the cleric BAB tree, which is great (at least in my opinion) if you're planning on fighting more than spell casting. What tree is the stalwart on?Sorcerer. But in this case he can just enter Abjurant Champion a level earlier and then he'll have the same BAB.