View Full Version : iamkoolerthanu's hombrewed ideas. [VOTE]

2007-06-24, 07:41 PM
Here are all my current, very basic ideas on different settings. I would like it if you read all the choices before voting for the one that you like best, as well as post comments after or before voting to help me with me creation process. Thank you all.

Idea #1 - Most things about most rules will be changed. There will be a completely different world with zombies and other undead filling it, new classes, races, prestige classes, etc. will be made. This project may take an extremely long time to do, because everything will be changed.

Idea #2 - A lot of the rules will stay the same, mainly just a new world with different classes to fit it setting, which will be snow-covered lands, iced out oceans, and new weapons. This project will take a moderate amount of time to make, because a lot of it is staying mostly the same.

Idea #3 - The only changes will be a few new races and classes, and the setting will be a city in the older age, with no guns or electricity or anything like that. This project will be fairly simple and will not take a long time to complete at all, because 90% of it isn't changing.

Idea #4 - Your idea. You tell me an idea like the ones I made above, and you post it. You can make more detail, less detail, anything. I will not take others ideas lightly, I will give them thought. This project could take a few hours to a few years; it is all up to you.