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2007-06-24, 10:45 PM
How would a PC go about acquiring Blindsight? What's the easiest route? And what of them can be reached by a human? Low-level preferrable. Range 10ft-60ft looking for. Preferred at least 30ft.

Not looking for Blindsense, that's easy enough, looking for a replacement for sight.

2007-06-24, 11:24 PM
The easiest way I know is the Blindfold of True Darkness from the Magic Item Compendium.

Blindsight 30 ft for 9k gold. Thats not exactly low level though :smalleek: I've tried to find a better way for low level blindsight with no luck. Makes me sad, because I love the flavor of a blind fighter, but its just not feasible 'til higher level.

edit: Check out this post and do edit->find for "blindsight"


It lists a lot of ways to get it.

2007-06-24, 11:47 PM
Yet none effectivly available below ECL 11, or depedant on an item.

Fax Celestis
2007-06-24, 11:51 PM
Try the touchsight (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/touchsight.htm) power. A steal at 30,000 for 60' continuous, or 11,250 for a 50 charge. Try also one for 2,250 for one charge per day.

2007-06-24, 11:53 PM
Well, the Demon Hunter PrC from the Warcraft setting gets a weird version of blindsight that replaces their normal sight. It requires spot and listen checks as normal to see people though, baisically they get to see invisible people as long as they aren't hiding normally. The rest of the class has issues though, it's found in the Alliance and Horde Compendium. I've heard that there's a newer version where they call it the WoW roleplaying game, and rename the stats to match the MMO, the person who told me this said that the newer version is much better.

Tokiko Mima
2007-06-25, 12:08 AM
You could pick up the Hearing the Air stance from the Diamond Mind disciple in the Tome of Battle. 30ft blindsense with a +5 insight bonus on listen checks.

Or there's the Eye of Gruumsh PrC from Complete Warrior, who get Blindsight at 5th level, giving you just enough time to snag it before you get to level 12. The downside is it only has a 5' range and you have to be an orc that puts out one of their own eyes. Ouch!

2007-06-25, 12:20 AM
There's a spell in spell compendium for that, I think it's just for druids and rangers, and I don't remember the name. Maybe its blindsight :smallconfused:

Jack Mann
2007-06-25, 12:28 AM
Found it. Page 32. Cleric 3, Druid 3, out to 30', 1 minute/level.

2007-06-25, 08:42 AM
Any 4th level full BAB class can take Blindsight 5ft. Radius (http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org/35/sovelior_sage/divineFeats.html) as a Feat. It's quite useful in combat and from a roleplaying perspective, and since its a Feat, its a continuous Extraordinary ability.

The only downside is the obvious limited radius. Most of the time it won't matter, since its almost always used with a melee build, and you can just walk around until you see whatever it is that's bugging you. But obviously if you're a ranged build, you'll need something else.

2007-06-26, 02:12 PM
Listening Lorecall (SC)
Druid/Ranger 2

Grants blindsight 15' if you have 12 ranks in Listen