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2007-06-25, 06:08 AM
Everybody gets witty titles but me...

Oppertunistic Rebound

Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dex 15.

Benefit: When an enemy provokes an Attack of Opportunity from you, you may rebound the attack off of them onto any other creature that you could attack without them provoking an Attack of Opportunity. The attack is made against the final targets targets Armour Class, not the Armour Class of the creature that originally provoked the attack, and the target is considered flat-footed since the attack comes from an unexpected angle, but it may only be an unmodified melee attack (not a Rogues Sneak Attack, or a Paladins Smite Evil ability). This is as much a free action as a normal Attack of Opportunity is.

Fax Celestis
2007-06-25, 12:55 PM
The only problem I can see is the flat-footed bit. This means that rogues with this feat can now Sneak Attack of Opportunity without the epic feat.

2007-06-25, 03:18 PM
The only title I can think of is "I'm rubber you're glue", but it doesn't really apply here.

So, basically this feat lets you make an attack of opportunity against someone who hasn't provoked one, if someone else nearby does provoke one. I would rephrase the line about the attack to simply "an unmodified melee attack", that might be a little more clear. It's good that you specified that an enemy must provoke the AoO, otherwise there could be some cheesing with allies provoking so you get extra attacks.

As Fax said, the only problem is the flat-footed part.

2007-06-25, 04:38 PM
Unmodified is good, I'll edit that in.