View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Arcana Domain Cleric Revisit. Thoughts?

2016-05-07, 12:00 PM
So... Title pretty much explains it. I'm looking for feedback on an Arcana Domain Revisit I made. I have my concerns, but prefer to stay silent and see how objective or subjective they are. Tried to keep in mind what other clerics do, what the Arcana currently does, what it could be and branched from there. Again, I'm throwing it here for balance.

Here's the link: http://www.naturalcrit.com/homebrew/share/rJweiKjW


Final Hyena
2016-05-07, 12:21 PM
Domain Spells
You get to pick your own spells from the best spell list ~ very strong.

Arcane Initiate
Not sure if it's needed, but specifying the spellcasting stat for clarity might be useful.

Otherworldly Abjurer
Aside from multiclassing the main thing about this is that it makes your turn undead feature a lot better. Very powerful.

Mystical Reflector
it doesn't actually specify that it needs channel divinity meaning it can be used limitlessly. Aside from that it's a reaction to avoid any affect/spell/attack and force the creator to suffer the same affects. Very powerful.

negative/blessing affect, theses are subjective. We all know what you mean, but someone will argue over it. Maybe change it to you then choose to heal or apply force damage equal to etc etc.

Potent Spellcasting
You took an existing feature and buffed it to high heaven.

Arcane Mastery
There isn't an easy comparison for this, my gut instinct is that it's a bit too good.

In summary almost everything needs a nerf.