View Full Version : a comic died...

2005-08-31, 08:34 AM
:'( www.gameunder.com - one of teh gewd guys even, is no more?

It is a sad event. I was looking forward to them updating once again, but it seems like valentines day was the death of them...

I just felt like giving them an obit. It was a comic that always made me laugh, be it game humor, violence, or sea monkeys.

2005-08-31, 10:36 AM
It's been dead a long time, I think... Does anyone remember the old comic, Acid Reflux, where God is this little girl?

2005-08-31, 03:37 PM
Yeah, I remember that one. I never finished reading all the way through the archives, actually. (It's one of many comics I've come across that's sitting in my Bookmarks and that I'll "maybe finish reading, some day.") It has evidently been discontinued, but the archives are still available (http://acidreflux.kemayo.com/). (Yay Google!)