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2016-05-11, 06:03 PM
So, my character, a pathfinder alchemist, died recently. She was a chaotic evil, and I do stress the evil part. For example, she tortured people in her alchemy experiments, leading her to be exiled from the two largest nations in the campaign. She was brought back by a 'raise dead' spell, and the spell states coming back is an ordeal. I want to get into this role playing wise, what it means to come back from the dead.

A few notes on the world: it is a low level, low magic world, so the fact that the party were able to get a 'raise dead' spell was huge (without too much detail, the party surrendered our highly valued mining rights to the dwarves for the spell, worth much more than just the material cost). As a homebrew world, one important rule is no mortal knows what lies beyond death, no one can remember if brought back, and no spell can find out; it is a permanent mystery. She remembers dying, and then waking up alive.

Her prime motivation in all this has improving herself, fixing herself as she sees herself as broken. This seems like a good time to really hammer that plot point home, and have her double down on the 'evil' side of things. I'm leaning towards trying to beat death, like trying to willing become undead, experimenting on herself to stop aging, pacts with demons. Those are 'classics' if you will, but feel a bit cliche. I'm going to be meeting with my DM to workshop some ideas later, and I'm hoping you fine folks can help me brainstorm some alternative ideas, something bizarre direction to take things.

Thank you for your time :)

2016-05-11, 07:54 PM
Her prime motivation in all this has improving herself, fixing herself as she sees herself as broken.

I believe the Pathfinder Alchemist has a number of Discoveries available that tie into the theme of "self-improvement", usually in the form of (sometimes grotesque) permanent alterations to one's body. Examples include a limited fast healing, a prehensile tentacle, a tumor familiar, a vestigial twin with two extra arms, and self-mummification. You could develop the character into experimenting on her own body to "improve herself", with the culmination of acquiring any of these features.

2016-05-12, 03:04 PM
How about experimenting on herself to become some kind of intelligent alchemical golem? The change could be gradual: first a leg is replaced, then an arm, followed by the other limbs, until at last all that remains is her preserved brain in a glass sphere.