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2016-05-12, 05:11 PM
I am going to be running a small group (2 player) low-magic vigilante campaign set in a fictitious city based on our local area (Go, Quad-Cities!). However, I didn't want to force my players into ONLY using vigilante to fulfill their combat mechanics. To that end, here is my take at the vigilante as a variant multi-class. I wanted to get some feedback from the community to see if it is balanced compared to other VMC content. I decided to focus more on the dual identity and social talents since everything else is meant to reflect the vigilante's combat mechanics. I figured if I did it like this, it would allow the vigilante VMC to work as the face for any combat-capable class in Pathfinder, without getting bogged down by too many of the vigilante's own combat-based mechanics.

A character who chooses vigilante as his secondary class gains the following secondary class features.

Dual Identity: At 1st level, he gains the dual identity and seamless guise class features.

Social Talent: At 3rd level, he gains one social talent and treats his character level as his vigilante level for the purpose of qualifying for such talents.

Unshakable: At 7th level, he adds all his class levels as a bonus to the DC of any attempts to intimidate him.

Improved Social Talent: At 11th level, he gains one additional social talent.

Startling Appearance: At 15th level, he gains the startling appearance class feature, treating his character level as his vigilante level for the purpose of determining whether or not uncanny dodge or similar abilities defend against the effect.

Greater Social Talent: At 19th level, he gains one additional social talent.

Since this VMC focuses mainly on non-combat related mechanics, I thought it would be mechanically balanced to grant dual identity and seamless guise at 1st level. This is along the same lines as the oracle granting mystery and curse at 1st level. While dual identity and seamless guise don't have any mechanical drawbacks like curse does, the mechanical benefits they provide are limited in scope and mechanically insignificant in regards to combat. I had some trouble wording unshakable because the player's hit die is already counted in the DC to demoralize them, so I could use some help cleaning that up. I also had some trouble with startling appearance to reflect the way it interacts with uncanny dodge. Looking at it, this VMC seems pretty straightforward and bland, but it is meant to have customization options for the social talents and to be able to fit well with any pathfinder class that wishes to have an alter ego.

Any help is appreciated.

2016-05-13, 11:41 AM
Seems fine, but I'd personally love a Vigilante talent not just a social. Maybe in addition at 7?