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2007-06-26, 03:33 AM
You know the type, the rough and tough as nails barkeep who has experience survivng and quelling many a drunken fight. Lacking formal combat training doesn't prevent him from kicking ass and taking names in order to get everyone quiet and drinking again.

Alignment: Any

Hit Die: d10

Class Skills: Gather Information, Sense Motive, Intimidate, Knowledge (local), Listen, Spot, Profession (Bartender)

Skill Points at 1st Level

(2 + Int modifier) 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level

2 + Int modifier.

{table="head"]Level|BaB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Unarmed Damage
1|+0|+2|+0|+0|Experienced Liver, Improved Grapple|1d6
2|+1|+3|+0|+0|Beefy Blow|1d6
3|+1|+3|+1|+1|Duck and Cover|1d6
4|+2|+4|+1|+1|Improved Bull Rush|1d8
5|+2|+4|+2|+2|Take the Edge Off|1d8
6|+3|+5|+2|+2|Sense Trouble, Town Fixture|1d8
8|+4|+6|+3|+3|Beer is the Mind killer|1d10
9|+4|+6|+4|+4|Stunning Fist|1d10
10|+5|+7|+4|+4|Improved Unarmed Strike|1d10

A bartender is proficient with one simple weapon, no armors or shields.

Many bartender abilities only work inside the specific bar they themselves own or operate.

Experienced Liver
A bartender does not get drunk to the point it inconveniences them, at all, no matter how much they drink unless they willingly choose to. They also receive +2 on saving throws against poisons.

Beefy Blow
A bartender deals an additional +1 non-lethal damage with their fists when fighting inside their bar.

Duck and Cover
A bartender receives an additional +2 bonus to AC when behind their bar if their attacker is on the other side.

Take The Edge Off
Once a day a bartender can regain 1d6 hp by drinking a single serving of any alcoholic beverage.

Sense Trouble
The first time a bartender sees someone they may make an opposed charisma check to intuit the person's alignment.

Town Fixture
As bartender he serves as a pillar of the community and a nexus of gossip. While in his bar a bartender receives a +2 circumstance bonus to Gather Information checks and Knowledge (Local) checks.

Beer Is The Mind Killer
Bartenders are stubborn and receive +2 to their will saves against mind compulsory effects while in their bar.

2007-06-26, 04:14 AM
This feels more like an NPC prestige class, if such things ever existed. At any rate, he's more powerful than a warrior in my opinion, and thus needs to powered down a bit. Perhaps you could just change his BAB to poor to represent that fact that while he's big and bad, he still doesn't have alot of experience in formal fighting.

2007-06-26, 04:27 AM
This could easily be reworked into a PrC: just give it a few more useful abilities in the place of some of the feats (Imp. Unarmed Strike should really be a prereq.). I particularly like the Dune reference, but that's just me:smallsmile: . Also, why does he get Stunning Fist before Improved Unarmed Strike? That seems a little backward.

2007-06-26, 04:33 AM
He's almost as powerful as a fighter. What holds him back is his lack of weapon, armor, or shield proficiencies. The purpose of this class is not to kill but rather to knock out, pin, or kick out troublemakers, just like an actual bartender would. Until level 10 all his unarmed damage is non-lethal. I think I will take his Bab down a notch though, like you suggest.

Since I also want to play up the social aspect of this NPC I'm going to give him a new ability, Town Fixture.

2007-06-26, 05:05 AM
I would take the feats out. While I think any good bartender should have those feats, why can't he get them normally? This will just give him the oppurtunity to take a lot of other feats that are less appropriate. Seeing a bartender deflect arrows or something would just be too weird.