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2016-05-19, 12:53 PM
I have a few very odd items and I wasn't sure how to price them. Most of them have strange opportunity costs.

Goblin's Balm of Glorious Innocent Bait: You open the container, and a faintly electric smell subsides to the overpowering aroma of barbecue. Even as you rub the ungeant into your skin, you begin to wonder if it's worth taking a bite.
DC 20+user's con mod will save or all who smell the user abandon all to attempt to eat the user. (within reason.)

buckler of deflection: You don the buckler, and find your arm moves of it's own accord. An ally tosses a pebble at you behind your back. Your arm twists behind your back, and the pebble bounces off.
Lets user keep dex to Flat Footed AC

Vorpal Tonic
The imbiber's head unzips for 1 hour. It can fly 10' speed with good maneuverability to gain new vantage points. The head has it's user's ac plus a size category decrease by 2. If the head leaves Line of Sight, the body is considered blind. If the head is within line of sight of the body, the body cannot be flanked.

Fish's Shoes:
grant the wearer a pair of legs, the wearer either gains a 30' landspeed or add 20' to their existing landspeed, whichever is better, this does improve cmd against trip and bullrush. It also grants the ability to breath air. Occupies the Feet slot. (any attempting to wear these who has no feet may do so, gaining a feet slot for them, following nestling up to them.)

Jug of Mud Beast-Summons mud elemental once. Has int and free will after first hour of service.

2016-06-05, 08:30 PM
1. That's a pretty high dc, Scroll of Ghoul Hunger and Compel Hostility would be 400gp, so I would say around 600gp

4. The ruled for creating new magic items would dictate 75000gp-60000gp, but I would lower that to around 25000gp

5. What size are we talking? if an elemental gem summons a large elemental for 2250gp, Maybe...1850 for large?