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Gr7mm Bobb
2016-05-21, 10:49 PM
This idea was actually inspired by submortimors patron The Enhanced. I liked what he had, but ultimately decided to take a different approach.

Pact of the Aegis
You may use your action to create a set of pact armor this armor appears on your person, fitted perfectly for you. Any armor you were wearing is magically removed and appears at your feet. You are proficient with this armor, it has no strength requirement. It always appears as a full-body suit of armor made of some alien material. Your pact armor disappears if it is more than 5 feet from for 1 minute or more. You may summon part of your armor instead of all of it (like without the helmet, or just the gauntlets), gaining the protective benefits as reasonable.

Your Pact armor has an AC = 14 + your Dexterity Modifier (maximum 2), and counts as medium armor.

You may dismiss your armor as a bonus action. Should you obtain suit of magical armor, you may integrate its abilities into your pact armor; doing so requires an hour long ritual that may be completed during a short rest, after which your pact armor can be summoned using its AC or the integrated armors AC. You may only integrate one magical suit of armor at a time, and you must still attune to it, if required.


Arcane Servos
Prerequisite: 7th Level, Pact of the Aegis Feature
While wearing your pact armor you may use your Charisma Score in place of your Strength Score and your carry weight is doubled. Additionally your pact armor's gauntlets count as clubs.

Ameliorated Armor
Prerequisite: 9th Level, Pact of the Aegis Feature
You may summon a version of your pact armor that has an AC of 18 and counts as heavy armor or a version that has an AC of 15 + Dex (max 2) that counts as medium armor. While wearing your pact armor you have advantage on checks and saves against environmental effects and atmospheric hazards.

The concerns i have are the level requirements and whether or not to have them add their Cha mod to environmental saves instead of advantage.

2016-05-22, 12:48 AM
I'd limit the arcane servo's to just a couple of uses, such as attack and damage rolls and carrying capacity. leave the user to their actual stats for some things.