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2016-05-22, 04:54 PM
Hey all- this is kind of a repost, but I would love some feedback re: balancing this homebrew bard build.

This is what I have so far:

A Bard on Murrad doesn’t fall into the typical schools of Lore and Valor. With the fall of the Magocracy of Nuera and the end of academic arcane magic the last schools of the Bards fell centuries ago. It was left to the wandering Satyrs to rediscover the magic of inspiration, the magic of art and performance. These bards lose their spellcasting, bardic college, magical secrets, and countercharm abilities. Instead, the worldly Bards of Murrad employ the inherent magic of words, lore, charm, insults, and art to manipulate friend and foe.

*Add Whip to the list of weapon proficiencies.

*You gain 3 Bonus Skill Proficiencies at 4th level.

Bard Tricks are gained at the same rate as Warlock invocations with one minor change, a level 1 Bard starts with 1 Bard Trick.

Bookworm: 1/short rest, roll d20 to determine the level of success on a History or Arcana roll, instead of to determine success.

Distracting Words: A creature in earshot takes 1d4 penalty to a skill check or ability saving throw, or attack roll (at will). This increases to 1d6 at level 10 and 1d8 at level 19.

Hey look- a distraction!: Reaction, an enemy within earshot loses 1d4 to their armor class versus attacks of opportunity.

The Sun is Rising!: The Bard can give the party temporary hitpoints equal to an inspiration die. 1/short rest.

Soothing Words: Cast Calm Emotions at will.

Voice of Authority: Cast Command 1/short rest. You have an additional option available to you, All Together Now, and targets stand and sing with you for the round. Cast as in a spell slot ⅓ your level.

Word of Advice: Roll 1d4 and add the result to a skill check rolled by a party member as a bonus action.

Spooky Story: Raise the passive perception scores of all party members by 2 until your next short or long rest. 1/long rest

Enthralling Diatribe: You begin to monologue on a subject of your choosing. The power of your personality or the subtle magic of your cadence enthralls the subject, causing them to lose sight of almost everything but you, no matter what you are actually speaking of. Cast Enthrall 1/short rest

Song of Valor: Until the end of the encounter, allies get advantage on Wisdom saving throws and death saving throws, 1/short rest.

Network: Using your network of friends and acquaintances you can get a message to anyone, anywhere, GM discretion as to how long it will take (at time of ‘casting’)

Enlist: Given 1 hr, the Bard can “enlist” (similar to geas) an NPC into helping her cause as long as it does not involve certain death. (Level 10)

Inciting/Inspiring Speech: As Mass Suggestion, 1/long rest. (Level 12)

Hair Flip: cast Glibness instantly and silently 1/long rest. (Level 20)

Do Me A Favor: Cast suggestion 1/short rest (Level 6)

Winning Smile: Cast Friends at will, with a DC 15 Wisdom Check to see if they remember the effect. (level 6)

Song of Travel (AKA Song of Retreat): While the Bard is singing this, his party’s collective movement speed is increased by 10. (Level 7)

Impossible Rhyme: As Confusion 1/short rest (Level 14)

Weaver of Tales: If you talk to a creature for 10 minutes you can convince them to remember events that never happened, forget events that did, and change the details of a memory. There is no save for this if the creature is friendly to the Bard or intoxicated, but if the creature is neutral or hostile they can make a Wisdom saving throw to shake the effect. (Level 12) 1/long rest

YOU SIR! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL: Through bravado or cutting insult you compel an enemy to focus their attentions on only you, they take a disadvantage on attacks against creatures other than you. Spell ends if you focus your attention on any other enemies or one of your allies intervenes (pending a Wisdom Save) 1/long rest

Distracting Panache: An unarmored Bard can add her Charisma modifier to her AC in addition to her Dexterity modifier.

Tactical Mind: An unarmored Bard can add her Intelligence modifier to her AC in addition to her Dexterity modifier.

Other Changes: This bard get’s his extra attack at level 7, and the College of Lore Skill “Peerless Skill” is now re-titled to “Moment of Legend” and granted at level 14