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Some Android
2016-05-23, 01:24 PM
S'up. I'm always thinking of cool items for RPG, but I never find myself actually sitting down and statting them out. So that's what I'm gonna do here. Create items, share them, and hopefully people like them and use them. Feel free to modify them if they seem kind of dumb or broken. I plan to do this once a week probably on Mondays so keep a look out for new items.

I'm just gonna describe what the item does and not how much it costs or the requirements to make it as those aspects usually disillusion me from doing this. Also I'm crafting these based on D&D 3.5. Hopefully they can be used in whatever system you use or modify to fit the system (though they should be compatible for most D&D systems).

So here's my first item. Hopefully it's not that bad. And if it is, I can hopefully get better. Feel free to ask questions if you have any or make up the answers for yourself as I'm fine with people modifying them.

Cloak of Muting
This all purple cloak with a gold clasp offers its wearer both a curse and a blessing. The wearer completely loses the ability to speak while wearing this item. They can still understand languages, but their vocal cords simply cannot move. Even undead skeletal creature that can talk via the use of magic are mute. The effects of this last for as long as the cloak is worn plus 1d4 hours after it is removed. Due to this handicap your charisma score does not lower, but due to this trait people think you are anti-social and you take a -2 on all charisma based rolls when interacting with others.

That being said the cloak also has its benefits. It removes your ability to speak, but you have a heightened sense of the world. Your wisdom and intelligence increase by 2 points each. Also you are allowed to communicate with anyone within 100 feet of you telepathically so long as...
-they are intelligent creature and not just and animal (int score 3 or higher)
-you know the full name of the individual. Knowing only the first or last name or knowing a false name or nickname of the individual will not allow you to communicate with them (that being said you can discern if someone is lying about their true name).
-you must make eye contact with the individual for a few seconds at least once in your life. Eyes are the window into the soul and thus a segue to the mind. If the individual has no eyes (like they lost them) a minute of looking at their face will suffice.
You can also discern the location of someone you can communicate in this way so long as they are within 100 feet of you. A concentration check of at least 18 let's you know the approximate location of the individual. The DM then rolls a d100. The result gives you a vague idea of where that person is where the number rolled is how far off you are from knowing the exact location of the person. So a roll of 1 means the DM picks a location 1 foot away from the person and that's where you think they are. A roll of 10 means the DM picks a location 10 feet away from them and that's where you think they are. A roll of 20 means 20 feet, 30 means 30 feet, 50 equals 50 feet, etc. (Though you can always ask the person where they are if they want to be found).
The cloak also gives you a +2 bonus to move silently (because you're voice is muted so why not your movement slightly).
You cannot communicate with anyone who is unconscious in this way.