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2016-05-25, 07:00 PM
Boots of Teleport Kicking
Commissioned by a Fighter that was sick of people coming to his resident to try to sell him things, these boots function like boots of teleportation, but with an important difference.

The boots work on other people, and to active them, you have to kick the other person (preferably in the ass).

The teleportation sensation is also different from regular teleportation. No matter the distance, it feels like you were actually kicked hard enough to be sent flying to the destination chosen by the boot-wearer,which can not be hostile to the subject, and must be on a solid surface, and must be somewhere the victim has been before. The victim ‘lands’ in a sitting position. No matter how far the victim is teleported, the magic of the boot provides appropriate sensations and mental images based on their own memories.

The Boots allow a Will save of 24 to avoid their effects. More powerful versions of the boot, with higher will saves, exist, as do versions for interplanetary teleportation and planeshifting.

Construction Requirements
CL 19; Craft Wondrous Item, Greater Teleport, Trobriand's Baleful Teleport (Forgotten Reams – City of Splendors), Hallucinatory Terrain

2016-05-25, 08:40 PM

There needs to be Boots of Chronoshifting too, so you can punt people into next week.