View Full Version : Pathfinder Sanctuary Spell that allows attacking?

2016-05-28, 07:21 PM
What level would you say an improved version of the sanctuary spell would be if it allowed the subject to attack without losing the benefit of the spell, but otherwise behaved just like the level 1 spell?

Keep in mind that this doesn't completely prevent enemies from attacking, they just have to make a Will save to do so.

2016-05-30, 03:38 PM
Keep in mind that according to the actual Sanctuary spell, if you fail the save you can't try again. You are unable to attack the subject for the entire duration on the spell. Here are my suggested spell levels based on whether or how you change the effect:

-Every time you attack anyone, enemies who have already failed the save can try to attack you again on their turns but still need to roll the save: 2
-Every time you attack an enemy who had already failed the save, they get an immediate new save to break the effect (on themself only): 3
-As the original, once an enemy fails the save they can't attack you for the duration of the spell: 4 or 5

Keep in mind that these are just my recommendations and others' recommendations may differ. I am sorry if the pronouns are confusing; in the first paragraph I am addressing a potential attacker and in the options I am addressing the caster.