View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Sterling Vermin presents Strongholds & Sentinels - a stealth system for 5e!

sterling vermin
2016-06-01, 10:05 AM
D&D 5e does a great job of creating an engaging system with lots of fiddly bits for people who like that without emphasizing it too much for people who donít. Despite how great of a job it did with that, some players may be interested in having more mechanical depth to different areas of the game - say, sneaking around and being stealthy. In todayís update we introduce a modular system, Strongholds & Sentinels, that can be used to expand the role of stealth & subterfuge in your 5e campaigns.

Shh! Click here for the secret system... (https://sterlingvermin.com/2016/05/31/strongholds-sentinels/)

Final Hyena
2016-06-01, 10:33 AM
Intruder was discovered in stronghold within the last month/session.
I suspect these are in the wrong order a more recent alarm should give +2 and the last month should be a +1.
Which brings up the issue of sessions, what if sessions last weeks, months or longer? I would just change it to either a day or a week for ease.