View Full Version : Player Help Modern Path: Physician Archetype ambiguity

2016-06-01, 12:14 PM
Hey all

We're trying our first Modern Path game using the rules found here: d20modernpf.com Since we're just trying the system we didn't buy any of the pdfs and assumed this was more up to date since it has updates as recently as a week ago

Specifically I'm building a character with the Physician Archetype: sites.google.com/site/modernherorpg/characters/archetypes-and-training#TOC-Physician

The ability Healer is incredibly vague and gives no offering to when it applies, and to my knowledge there is no general "this is how Archetype trainings work" at least listed on this page or the modern hero class.

The Physician can heal Hit Point damage 1d4 per ranks the Heal skill.
In addition, for another Hero Point spent, the Physician can increase his healing dice by one (from a d4 to a d6).

Is this a new standard action the Physician can just take? Or is it an improvement to say- Treat Deadly Wounds?
How often can a Physician do this? Once per day? Once per day per creature? Once per day per level but each creature only once? Or do they burn a Hero Point every time they use it?

Just wondering if there is an errata somewhere or if perhaps the pdfs add a bit of clarity on the subject. I love the idea of being able to heal- but I don't know what the intent behind this ability is or how powerful it should be since I'm brand new to the system.

Thanks in advance!