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2007-06-27, 06:52 PM
Basically I'm compiling a list of traits/talents/edges/flaws to be used in roleplaying games to add an actual cruch effect to the flavour of characters.

As far as this first list goes I want them to be realistic and D&D based. Just things that can happen to everyday people that make them different. An example.

You have recieved a formal education at a reputible school or academy add three knowledge skills to your class skills list and add a +2 bonus on all knowledge checks.

Basically a Talent/Edge is Costs 1 Feat. A Flaw/Negative Trait costs -1 Feat so they can be balanced out.

2007-06-27, 07:25 PM
You might want to look at the cinematic feat thread, and pull out the more reasonable ones, I;ll think on this too.

2007-06-27, 07:41 PM
There's already a huge amount of these. I'll go get the ones I know of.
another one *2/4/6 represents the bonus skill points that are received for taking a flaw…remember, flaws are bad, and
must be roleplayed, and enforced by the DM.
Bad Luck 6
When your Hero rolls a one, its outcome is always the worst possible effect.
Blood Thirsty 2
Your Hero doesn’t take prisoners, and enjoys confrontation.
Cautious 2
Your Hero is not impulsive. In fact she will not do anything without thinking it out first.
Death wish 6
Your Hero doesn’t care if she lives or dies, and will take extreme chances without personal regard.
Enemy 2 – 4 – 6
This Flaw speaks for itself.
Greedy 2
Your Hero is greedy…not necessarily money, but something is very important to him.
Habit 2 – 4
You have an annoying or revolting personal habit.
Addiction 2 – 4
Your Hero is addicted to a mildly addictive (tobacco) 2, or dangerous substance (alcohol).
2 – subtract 2 from all mental based skill rolls if substance is not available every 24 hours.
4 – subtract 4 from all skill and combat rolls if substance is not available every 48 hours.
Snobbery 2
Your Hero looks down on all others that are not equal to his station.
Child 4 – 6
Your Hero has had an early start. For 4 points, your character starts at age 11-15, with –1 Str and –1 Int..
For 6 points, your character is age 8-10 years old with –2 Str and –2 Int.
Lame 2 – 4
Your character has been injured, or was born with a disability. 2 points is a limp – it reduces movement by
one quarter.. 4 points is a missing or severely crippled leg. Movement is reduced to half..
Miser 2
Your Hero must always buy the cheapest gear possible, and must haggle for all exchanges.
Cruel 4
For one reason on another, people don’t seem to like your Hero. She is hateful and mean spirited. It is
difficult for your character to be friendly.
Oath 2 – 4 – 6
Your character has sworn to perform an oath. The value of the oath, and how often it comes into play
depend on the points.
Outlaw 2 – 4 – 6
Your Hero has broken a law, and is wanted by the authorities.
Mangled 4 - 6
Your Hero only has one hand (4), or one arm (6).
Poverty 4
Roll your starting money, and halve it. Your hero can’t keep money for long. She has trouble saving, and
when she has money, she squanders it.
Pacifist 4 – 6
You will not kill unless absolutely unavoidable (4), or you wont kill under any circumstances (6).
Superstitious 2
Your Hero believes in superstitions and tries to live her life by signs and omens.
Vengeful 4
Your character must always right a wrong committed against him.
Coward 6
Your character is not one for one on one fights, in fact, she is most likely to run when the odds are against
her. She is also more likely to be frightened by un-natural fear ( -2 to fear checks).
By Henry Raab – [email protected]
3E is copywrite by wizards of the caost.
And pretty much anything from GURPS

2007-06-27, 07:49 PM
Check out GURPS lite for a bit of inspiration. That's full of advantages and disadvantages, and it's not too hard to translate most of them. As an added bonus, Lite is available for free download from the publisher.

Lord Iames Osari
2007-06-27, 07:50 PM
Here are some flaws (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2800665&postcount=21) I made up for my campaign setting.

2007-06-27, 07:59 PM
You could also use the stuff from Arcanum (http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/914155.html) click on the backgrounds link somewhere in the middle. That's got some good stuff.