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Vertu Sang
2016-06-04, 10:33 AM
I'm running my first campaign, a homebrew using Pathfinder, over Skype and Roll20, and everything has been going well. The party has enjoyed the world, the story, the sessions. The party is balanced and pretty savy, so I'm really challenged to challenge them, which is good. However, of late, two of the party members have started ripping each other's throats out, IC and OOC. Outside of the campaign, they are fine, its just when they get into the session that stuff happens. One of them is a Kinetisist who is sliding towards LG, and saying he doesn't want to be but has to to keep the antics of the Rogue in check, who is CN, but sliding towards CE. I've tried several times to get them to reconcile and work together, as well as tell the Rogue if he is joking, he needs to let us know, and the Kinetisist needs to quit being party leader/police. The rogue suggests anything not holy and good, and the Kinetisist is telling him no. For the latest example, like steal a NPC mage's artifact instead of polity ask and pay for it. When said mage is a jerk and makes outrageous demands, rogue in character suggests killing the mage and forgoing the entire ordeal. (Mage was a REAL jerk, opened the door, spell in hand, ready to nuke party because he thought they were someone else. Continued to be condescending, totally unpleasant character.) Other party members are getting effected, though they handle all of the rogue's "bad ideas" well and just say no, let him have his laugh, but no. Sometimes even theorize how I as the DM.... I mean the world will punish them for such bad ideas. (another idea included picking up a magical diamond that a skeleton was curled up around in a fetal position. Rogue went, "MONEY" and grabbed the cursed bone-coin. Lots of fun, RP, and quest to defeat the Shadow Lord there. Party was saying its OBVIOUSLY A CURSED OBJECT DONT TOUCH. Rogue is half regretting it but loving the powers it gives him... at the cost of chunks of his soul. ^.^)

So my question is, how can I handle this? Thanks for the help. ^.^

2016-06-04, 11:11 AM
The giant wrote a good article about this http://www.giantitp.com/articles/tll307KmEm4H9k6efFP.html

Basically the kineticist needs to stop being the party cop, and the rogue needs to concede that they should maybe back off on the stealing and stabbing, or at least do it where the kineticist can't see.

Honest Tiefling
2016-06-04, 11:34 AM
I think you need to sit the two down in a neutral environment away from the rest of the players, and indicate that the purpose of the game is to have fun, and there needs to be a compromise. What is the point of playing a character if it means your IRL buddies aren't having fun? Try to determine if either side is willing to compromise.

And perhaps I am reading too much into things, but it does seem as if you are somewhat annoyed at the rogue's antics.

If one party buckles, consider giving them a bone in the game. Such as an interesting race/story element for their new character if it comes to that.

Vertu Sang
2016-06-05, 12:14 AM
Thanks for the advice. I shall send both members the link and try to get them to hash this all out. Figure out how to get them to look at the situation this way, and a little less alignmenty. (Something I have stated is don't worry about alignment and its impacts. I will track that and inform you when needed. Be your character.)

Honest Tiefling, You are correct. I'm getting a little frustrated with some of the Rogue's antics. He does come up with good ideas every now and then, or a unique way to get around something, but he made his character have a grimdark personality disorder, and is playing it to the max. In hindsight, if I had nixed this in the beginning, I doubt this would have happened, but I didn't think he would push it this much. I'm more annoyed when his antics are antics of obviously bad ideas that detract from the campaign. If it is harmless stuff like an obsession with making an owlbear feather cloak and buying a 10x10x10 cubic rainbow tent, sure. That's fluff. Knock yourself out. Do what ever you want. It when he is leaving the party and, "playing with fire, brashly and recklessly," when common sense would dictate that you leave it alone, but "I'm chaotic neutral/have a personalty disorder" that I get frustrated.

In his defense, the rogue is more than willing to scrap his character and come up with a new one and he has repeatedly told me that as the DM, if I want him to stop, he will do it. I just know he has fun with challenging me and trying to come up with crazy solutions. He is also a complete noob. This is his first actual campaign. Never done anything like this before. I've talked to him about this and of the two he is the most willing to compromise.

Thanks for the thoughts, Ill sit them down and after giving the link to read, talk to them as advised. Let you know how it unfolds. Hopefully we don't have to kill anyone... O.o