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2016-06-06, 03:16 PM
After a long day of adventuring, it's time to kick back, grab a drink, and maybe see if you can't swindle some of that hard-earned gold off of your party members. Hi and welcome to Gold Dragon Tavern! This game works in phases, and they are as follows:

Draft phase: Draft three actions. These are how you will influence the game state. Any numbers involved should be positive integers from 1 to 10 for the sake of simplicity. Generally speaking, these should target somebody in particular. Ex: A generic attack: Target an enemy, blast them for 4 damage.

Bid phase: Everyone bids in secret for as many actions as they wish (limited only by their gold). Actions are then rewarded in order of high bid, with the limitation of each player only receiving a maximum of three and a minimum of one. Any remaining actions left over are binned. All money spent in bids are lost permanently, regardless of who won or lost. Any ties are resolved via least-actions-first. Any further ties are broken by least-gold-remaining. If there's still a tie, I'll RNG it.

Action phase: Every player automatically loses one gold coin and may, if they wish, complete action(s) - simply state which action(s) you are using in bold. House-drafted actions are available to all players. Actions are resolved simultaneously as much as possible; otherwise, they are resolved via RNG order if order matters. Any action(s) unplayed during this phase are discarded.

Final phase: Check for game end, give rewards, and go through all phases again if game continues. Game ends when at least one player is out of gold. Rewards given are different every round, but will be public knowledge. One round may reward the player that lost the most gold, for example, only for the next round to reward the player to have caused the most gold to be lost.

Every player starts with number of players times ten for their beginning amount of gold coins. (Minimum 3 players; maximum 10.)
The game can begin once there are three players (any such players may start drafting immediately if they so wish).
Any questions just ask please :smallredface:

Effects for this round:
Drinks are on the menu - For every drink imbibed, a player will go from tipsy (1 drink) to hammered (5 drinks). Any player that gets hammered loses five gold coins.
Want to try your luck? - If a player so chooses, they may gamble in addition to their action. A d10 is rolled, if the result is even you lose that amount of gold. If odd, you gain that amount of gold.

Starting house-drafted actions:
Have a drink: Pay 2 gold and give a drink to a random enemy.
Double down: Double the result of a random enemy's gamble, if applicable. (Will target only enemies that try their luck, if there are any.)

End of round reward:
The player that buys the most drinks will be rewarded ten gold coins.

2016-06-07, 01:14 PM
Given the complexity and rules of this game, id suggest moving it to the structured games subforrum

2016-06-07, 08:50 PM
I'm not sure I agree.

Or rather, I didn't think it was quite that structured myself, as there's no need for validation for the most part. The only possible problems occur where, at least to me, there is the most zany action. The kind of thing that has one player, for instance, trying to keep the rowdiness lawful - and of course fining gold coins for any transgressions, and another throwing darts, and yet another trying to pretend to be a bartender.

Er, sorry if I got a little carried away there, but.. this seems to be exactly the kind of speed the other games here go on, is what I'm trying to say (more or less); I just was hoping it'd have a few parameters to it to make decisions impactful instead of arbitrary and/or impulsive.

Medival Wombat
2016-06-20, 04:09 PM
Well, Ya got my attention... Say when, if I can start playing!