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sterling vermin
2016-06-07, 10:27 AM
The king of the ring, sultan of swagger, prince of pugilism has come home - the final version of the Pugilist is here!

With nothing but their wits, will, and fists, pugilists lay it all on the table every time theyíre in for a scrap. No strangers to adversity, pugilists can dish it out, take a licking and still keep coming back for more. A pugilistís unbreakable spirit and talent for fisticuffs donít come from rigorous training or high minded philosophies but are the hard won trophies of never backing down from a fight no matter the odds.

All pugilists belong to a Fight Club, an informal fraternity of brawlers with similar style, that shapes the way they fight. Pugilists in the Squared Circle are skilled at grapples and take downs, immobilizing and controlling even those opponents that tower over them. Pugilists in the Sweet Science learn to keep their fists up and punish their opponents attacks with cross counters and solid hits that will knock them flat.

Read on if youíre not a glass jaw! (https://sterlingvermin.com/2016/06/07/the-pugilist-final-version/)

Final Hyena
2016-06-08, 09:24 AM
Linking to a page, which links to a page with which you have to then download the pdf is a bit much. A direct link to the Dungeon Masters Guild page would be more pleasant.
Never the less an interesting take on the brawling variant of monks.