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2016-06-07, 08:58 PM
Dear Homebrew Design,

What follows is a .pdf file (152 pages, 3.3 MB) I have compiled of my attempts to convert the excellent Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying game into Pathfinder. My group was never too fond of the newest incarnation of the rpg and stuck with the d20 version for a time. However, the d20 version had more than its share of flaws. This is my attempt to remedy that.

I've been working on this project on and off for a couple of years now and, with 5e dominating my peers, it doesn't look like I'll be playing this any time soon (to be clear, I love 5e but I don't consider it compatible with Iron Kingdoms). I thought I'd share it with the world since I put a lot of myself into it. Besides, Iron Kingdoms has a lot of steampunk and "magitech" material in it and maybe people can draw on my work for inspiration in their own homebrew. As the foreword states, it's an incomplete document. I've halted progression on it for the time being, so be understanding of that. I also haven't fully edited it. That being said, I'm not arrogant enough to consider this work perfect, and I know that it isn't for everyone. I'll take any criticism you want to give for it, but I wouldn't expect an update any time soon.


P.S. The highlighted yellow bits are how I marked things I thought still needed to be worked on. I also compiled all of this in Google Docs, so I used comments extensively as well.

Edit: Contents include new races (such as winter elves, ogrun, the adaptable trollkin, the piglike farrow, and the Amazonian satyxis), new classes and archetypes (including the gun mage, arcane mechanik, religion specific archetypes for divine casters, the mage hunter prestige class, the bodger rogue archetype, and the fell caller skald archetype, amongst others), new feats and skills, new modifications for firearms, rules for steam-based power armor, rules for steampunk prosthetic limbs, rules for building the magic and steam powered constructs of the iron kingdoms (servitors and warjacks), a system for creating customizable, permanent undead thralls, and extensive rules for a new magitech system called mechanika.

2016-06-08, 10:32 AM
I rather like the Steam Armor mechanics when giving it a brief look over.