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2016-06-08, 04:10 PM
Hello everyone,

I am working on my own system which is more or less a copy past from roguetrader and prjected on a 17th century pirate themed system.

So it works pretty much the same as Rogue Trader/Dark heresy, with the necassary alterations ofcourse and a high as possible reality factor, as far as history concerns. The same is true for character creation. I have already made up a few options mainly the careers and the homeworld options (here homeland because there is just one world, Holy Te... uh, I mean Earth). I was hoping to get some imput from you what more I can add here. Note that the options are NOT yet in the correct order and I doubt if I can really make the same system as in RT because some of the options just cannot work for everything, so I have to find something for that, but still I need more things that I can work with. They do not need to a full description yet, but you can more or less see hwere I want to go with them.

Since I try to make this as realistic as possible, religion and race play a major part in the character creation. I do not intend to insult or offend anyone in what way whatsoever.


Homelands: So I wanted to include the European mainlands as well, sicne alot of sailors come from there. I feel Spain and England are the most important here, Ofcourse there is France and the Dutch, but I feel if I include all of there, there won't be too much of a variety in race/ethnicity).

Captain ofcourse resembles the Rogue Trader, 'nuf said.
Boatswain: someone who is in charge of the daily routine on the ship and who is in charge of all the materials and supplies.. I think Voidmaster would be something that would come close to this
Surgeon: The game will pre pretty lethal and I intend to let deseases play a part in the game as well and there is fighting ofcourse.. this would be some kind of Sister Hospitaller, or Adept maybe. This would also be a carpenter.. I eman what's the difference between a log and a leg, right? Seriously they often did both.
Missionary: maybe not very common on board of a pirate vessel, but still alot of religious men went to the new world to convert the locals. I think it would be handy to have a holy man on board to do daily prayers, confessions and ofcourse funerals. They would also be literate and could do several jobs on board.
Clerc, someone who keeps the book in order, although this would more befit a navy vessel than an actual pirate vessel. Still there should be someone on board who handles the cash, writes letters possible keeps the captains log.
Master Gunner: more like a better soldier, someone who knows all about the canons, who is in change in ship to ship combat and so on. Highly skilled in strategic matters and combat in general.

Other Options.. I havent had a very good look at those, and I feel they have some overlay. Maybe I should rework these options into something else, like I added religion I can remove maybe one of them.

There should be added:
Career - clerk
Birthright - Slave
Religion - Atheism
You see that I put a big question mark at Islam, animalistic and shamanistic.. I simply am not sure how big a role African and native americans should play in this game. Also I was thinking of Asia as homeland, whcih would add Buddhism to the religion options (Think Pirates of the Caribbean 3)

I mainly struggle to find fitting careers, because a 18th century sailing ship is smaller than a 40K battleship and the ranks are also more a hierarchy than a clear distiction between roles on board although there is ofcourse, I know that, but you can not really make an entire career around a normal sailor who's main job is to scrub the deck, knot the ropes and when engaging a hostile vessel to shoot at enemies.You know what I mean.

Anyway I hope you got some suggestions for me!

Final Hyena
2016-06-08, 04:43 PM
Firstly, France. Poor poor Fra-
Activating national hatred chip.
HAHAHA, stupid French peasant, never win anything!


As for careers;
Quarter Master
Navigator, could overlap with a captain, but not always and a crucial role.
First Mate, (really just a lesser captain, dunno if you can do something with him, maybe he's not as good as a captain, but has some sort of rare chance of being really good?)
Officer ~ A pure combat career?