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2007-06-28, 07:18 PM
This is another prestige class based on Duchess_of_Elysian's Animorph (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44643). It's good. Check it out. And if you like this, check my sig for other things I've used that class for.

The Aerialist
A specialist in airborne combat, the aerialist excels at rapid, powerful strikes at critical areas. They strike suddenly, dive-bombing their enemies into submission. Out of combat, flying is still useful and the aerialist has other benefits.

Prerequisites: Battle Morph (any creature with a Fly speed), Favored Morph (any creature with a fly speed), Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Focus (Natural weapon of Battle Morph with fly speed)

HD: d6
Class Skills: Balance, Craft, Handle Animal, Listen, Spot, Survival
Skill points: 4 + Int modifier
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Flyby Attack, Skirmish (+1d6 damage)

+3|Dive-Bomb, Skirmish (+1 AC)

+3|Collision, Skirmish (+2d6 damage)

+4|Raking Attack, Skirmish (+2 AC)

+4|Death From the Sky, Flight Expert, Skirmish (+3d6 damage)[/table]

Flyby Attack: The Aerialist gains Flyby Attack as a bonus feat. They cannot use this feat while they do not have a fly speed.

Skirmish (ex): Whenever the aerialist moves 10ft or more in one round, they dain the listed benefits. Bonuses to the same value (damage or AC) overlap.

Dive-Bomb (ex): At 2nd level, the Aerialist can make potentially devastating dive attacks. When diving and charging, the critical range of their natural attacks becomes 19-20. This is treated as their base critical range for the duration of the charge attack.

Collision (ex): The aerialist gains the ability to start a dangerous plunge with another flying creature. The aerialist initiates a grapple as normal with any creature that cannot hover and whose flight is not supernatural or spell-like in nature. Both creatures fall at 60ft per round. Each creature is entitled to a reflex save (DC 10 + distance fallen/10) to pull out in the round you would otherwise hit the ground. If you fail, you take falling damage. If you save, you are flying at ground level and take no damage.

Raking Attack (ex): When the Aerialist makes a successful diving charge and has movement remaining in the round, they can continue in a straight horizontal line, making additional attacks at a -5 penalty per attack. You gain the benefits of the Fly-By Attack feat against each opponent you attack. If any attack misses, you can make no more attacks as a part of this action.

Flight Expert (ex): As an expert flyer, the aerialist can fly well in difficult conditions. The aerialist's maneuverability is treated as one category better for turning and climbing. In addition, the aerialist can, with a DC 15 reflex save, move unimpeded through an area that would otherwise require you to squeeze through. An aerialist who ends their turn in such an area falls.

Death From the Sky (ex): The critical multiplier of the Aerialist's natural attacks in any Battle Morph with a fly speed become x3.

This class could be easily adapted to a non-Animorphs setting. Remove the Morph requirements, and add Fly Speed, natural weapons and a BAB requirement to the prerequisites.

2007-07-01, 03:48 AM
:bumps: Wish I didn't have to do this all the time...

2007-07-01, 04:00 AM
I would really like to use this sometime.

But "Death from the sky" should be named "Death From Above"

Mostly for the joke. :P

2007-07-01, 04:21 AM
I was pointedly avoiding the joke. Do you like the base class? Or just the adapted version?

2007-07-02, 08:48 AM
Hmm, I wonder which character this one was inspired by...:smallwink:

I like it a lot, but it seems like it should have more non-combat abilities...maybe the ability to hold things in your talons that form normally wouldn't be able to hold? Or something. Also, what if your aerial morph doesn't have claws? In the average D&D world a lot of things besides birds fly, it might be better to have the pre-req as Weapon Focus(natural weapon), and the player can just substitute its morph's natural attack.

2007-07-02, 04:08 PM
Good point, Duchess. It's just... I can't make sense of these for anything but claws. Still, I'll change it. It makes sense in D&D. Oh, and Duchess? Are we trying for a new modern setting or a standard D&D hybrid?

2007-07-03, 11:01 AM
hmm, I was thinking of making a setting based of airial combat, maybe I'll modify this to include people on flying mounts as well.