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Lucky Kobold
2016-06-12, 03:45 PM
Let's Create a Post-Apocalyptic Setting for the heck of it! To keep things organized, here are the Rules:

You ask a Question about the Setting, and answer the Question the Poster before You asked. Put this, (Q), before each Question, and Put this, (A), before each answer, for cohesiveness. Eventually, the Setting will be very detailed.

If two or more Posts contradict one another, I'll startup a Poll to determine which is Canon to the Setting. When One of the Options receives 10 or more Votes, it becomes Canon to the Setting.

Lastly, Please have detailed Posts. Preferably with one or more Sentences. Examples:

Incorrect Response:

(Q) Where where the Nukes launched in the Endwar?


Correct Response:

(Q) Where where the Nukes launched in the Endwar?

(A) Mostly Industrial and Population centers, but some targets were Prioritized, including the Hudson Dam, and Iceland.

No Cliches, if at all possible.

I'd appreciate it if the Setting was kept at least somewhat realistic. I'm completely fine with anything You come up with, but I'd prefer it was at least somewhat plausible and detailed. Don't think in terms of Hard or Soft Science necessarily, but, in terms of Squishy Science. For Example: There can be Mutants, but their origin must follow the fact that Radiation is extremely poisonous and more likely to give someone cancer than another arm.

Now that that's all out of the way, I'll get the Ball rolling with a, (fairly obvious) First Question.

(Q) How did it all End?

Black Socks
2016-06-12, 04:07 PM
A) The world erupted in a war fought with bio-weapons. Eventually, they all destroyed each other- no nation is still intact, except Switzerland (it stayed out of the conflict).

Q)What fraction of the population survived?

Mister Tom
2016-06-12, 05:04 PM
A) depends on your definition of survived. The world population which could have passed for human at the start of this century is down to around the level it was at in the 15th century worldwide- but it's much more concentrated and urbanised. Maybe twice that could pass for human in the dark.

Q.) given the fall of most of the world's governments, what are the major authorities, and who is running them?

Lucky Kobold
2016-06-16, 06:10 PM
Honestly, I'd expected more Thread Activity than this, but...

(A) Mister Tom, I don't think that the Setting is detailed enough to start on the Setting's Factions, for one, we don't even have a Timeline, or even know what wiped out almost all of Humanity. For now, I'm not going to answer, but You can post the Question again at any time.

(Q) What sort of Bio-weapons were unleashed in the Plague War, and how long has it been since the War ended?

Black Socks
2016-06-16, 06:22 PM
The bio-weapons were diseases that had been developed by scientists. They varied from country to country, but they all spread fast and killed quickly. However, they mostly died out by killing all the hosts quicker than infecting new ones. Two diseases remain: Virus-Q (developed by the US) and Patogeno (developed by Italy).

It has been around 15 years since the war ended.

Medival Wombat
2016-06-20, 03:52 PM
To Black Socks: Ya forgot to ask a question...

Black Socks
2016-06-20, 03:55 PM
Oh, yeah, oops: What is the technology level?

Medival Wombat
2016-06-21, 07:26 AM
A: Most engineers, scientists, leaders and other persons, who could have rebuild sociaty after its downfall were brought in biohazard-save vaults. Unfortunatly, those vaults had severe malfunctions and they starved to death. Thatīs why almost all computing technologie is lost for now, until some smart people figure it out again. basic electronics, gunpowder, fuel and stuff like this is are still in common use. Medication is very rare, and the few people who know more than basic fist aid have a high place in sociaty. The new generations have a fear of science, because they connect it with the bioweapons, that made the crapsackworld they were born to.

So mostly, the techlevel is like the late 19th century. Exept for swiss of cause, but they are not sharing their knowledge and build a wall between the mountains to keep the wastlanders out.

Q: What happened to the enviroment, after the impact of the bioweapons?

2016-06-21, 08:27 PM
A) Widespread ecological damage and extinctions occurred due to some of the bio-weapons jumping from humans to other species, but their fast-spread, fast-kill nature, along with how these viruses were designed to kill humans and not animals, allowed ecosystems to bounce back relatively easily.

Q) What do the people whom could pass for humans in the dark look like when a bright light is cast on them?

Ninja PieKing
2016-07-27, 04:03 PM
A) It varies from person to person and region to region. Claws (retractable and non-retractable), Thick gator-like skin, Absurd amounts of hair, A complete lack of hair, Webbed fingers and toes, and Cancerous masses that cover the body and other such mutations are commonplace. Things like gills, tails and wings are not. There are also some groups of mutants popping up that seem to have a variety of common traits and may be new human subspecies.

Q)What are some of these subspecies?

2016-09-02, 06:44 PM
(A) Well, you have the Crays, the Inerios, and the Vores.

The Crays are colorful people, born the various colors of the rainbow, the rarest among them being born with swirling multi-colors. They reminded the people after the war of crayons, hence why they are called Crays. They are spineless creatures, literally, and can 'melt' into a goop and move like the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

The Inerios have rarely been seen, if they truly exist at all. It's up for debate. Pictures have been taken of them, but many in the smarts community have called the images fakes and claim them to be hoaxes. Most of the images show them to be invertebrates with a thin skeleton covering their outer bodies, the skin underneath it a green-blue hue. Supposedly they are naturally invisible, but can be seen using a green incandescent light source.

Vores are what most of the human population has mutated in to. If you've seen any zombie apocalypse movie, here they are. Well, originally. Over the decades since the Biowar, they have bred and birthed younger, stronger generations. They no longer resemble the typical walking dead, with open wounds, broken limbs, and open rib-cages. They are now pale-grey in skin tone, with dead-looking yellow eyes. Their mouth are now naturally distended, and they have longer arms, though shorter legs. They are usually slower than humans, but have incredible strength and are not as dumb as many think they are.

(Q) Has there been any advances in horticulture/farming?