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2016-06-12, 09:10 PM
So I have recently started a 5e D&D campaign set in the Multiverse of Magic: The Gathering that focuses on the adventures of a group of Planeswalkers. As of right now I have a story reason for their planeswalking ability to be inactive but I will eventually set them loose with some restrictions. I'm not sure how to go about formatting the act of Planeswalking into the campaign or guiding them on the storyline with so many places they could go after setting them loose. Anybody have an Idea how to tidy this loose end up?
PS. What have I gotten myself into? lol

2016-06-13, 03:41 AM
One measure you could use is to find out in advance what kinds of places your players will want to go to, and then arrange for there to be clear and present reasons for the characters to go to those places the moment they're free. So for instance if one of them wants the adventure to take them to Tarkir, you'll have some time to prepare some Tarkir stuff and arrange for the characters know that Tarkir is the place to be the moment the plot reason for their inability to planeswalk clears.

2016-06-13, 04:07 AM
Depending on what sort of campaign you're planning on running, the simplest way to guide your players to where you want them to go (or at least have prepared material for) is to send the BBEG there ahead of them, preferably after he's stolen something from them (or set some kind of horrible disaster in motion that requires his defeat/death to stop, depending on how altruistic your players tend to be).

... although, if you're using a canon BBEG, make sure you prep at least a little material for the plane(s) where the folks who hate him/her/it live, since those are the obvious first places to look for allies (... or distractions >.>).

Of course, there's the other old standby of 'Plane X has the Wonderful Widget of Y', i.e. there's a treasure/magic item/power/whatever that they want to get their hands on present in whichever plane it is that you have material for.

One other useful bit is the Standardized Minion Setup, where, as an example, your prepped badguys can be used on just about any of the planes, with the only change being their elemental typing and name- for example, flame/ice/shadow/thunder/etc. mephits. That way, they could go to the whichever plane they liked, and you'd have at least a few encounters prepped.

And finally, if they decide to be smartalecks and try to go to Sigil, just have the Lady of Pain kill them all :smalltongue: